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Gary Busey Is 78, Look at Him Now After He Lost All His Money

Gary Busey is a legendary actor and personality, known as much for his talent as his bizarre antics. But did you know that he faces health issues and addiction, but he dies several times? And that he had to declare bankruptcy in 2012. Join us as Facts Verse presents: Gary Busey is 78, Look at Him Now After He Lost All His Money!

Gary Busey has led quite a tumultuous and legendary life. In fact, you could argue that he’s lived 2 or 3 of them already. Busey’s reputation as an eccentric oddball with talent, charisma, and dynamism is well known. He uses all of these attributes for success in the world of entertainment. Also, he cultivates an aura of mystery and fascination around himself. But his eccentricities and penchant for going his own way come back to haunt him several times in his life. 

Sex Crime Charges

Gary Busey is 78 years old now, but that doesn’t mean he’s immune from potential allegations of bad behavior. In August of 2022, Gary was charged with three counts of sex crimes in New Jersey. Busey attends Monster-Mania Con in Cherry Hill, New Jersey a few weeks prior, he gropes at least two people. While Gary lives in Malibu, California, he was charged in New Jersey and will have to potentially stand trial there. Reportedly several people came forward and said that the actor had touched them inappropriately. This led to local police bringing several charges against him.

There were two counts of fourth-degree criminal sexual contact, as well as one charge of attempted criminal sexual contact. He’s been charged additionally with harassment. Police stated that they received multiple accusations from an assortment of people, after Busey’s participation in the convention. The event takes place at a Doubletree Hotel. Most conventions of its type are a place for fans to meet their acting and creative heroes in person. Sadly, it seems that some Gary Busey is now 78. His fans got a lot more than they wanted from the actor. The case is still pending, so we’ll see if it goes to trial, or if it settles out of court.


This is far from the first kerfuffle that Busey has been involved in over the course of his life. Some of his issues have been financial. In 2012, Busey declares bankruptcy, and it reports that he gets $50,000 in assets and over $500,000 in debts. The bankruptcy was the result of several factors, including failed business ventures, legal disputes, and medical bills. Busey starts a production company in the early 2000s, but it fails to make a profit, leading to significant debt. He also had a legal dispute with a former business partner, which resulted in a $1.5 million judgment against him.

Busey’s bankruptcy was also related to his health problems. In 1988, he suffered a severe motorcycle accident that caused a traumatic brain injury. He later developed a crippling addiction to cocaine and underwent multiple rehab stints. In 2010, he was diagnosed with cancer, which led to significant medical bills. We’ll touch on these various medical issues in a minute.

Gary Busey’s Take on Bankruptcy

In typical Busey fashion, Gary Busey is now 78, made the most out of the situation, and used one of his famous acronyms, sometimes referred to as “Busey-isms” He had previously been quoted as saying that the word ‘failure’ is an acronym, standing for: “Finding An Important Lesson Inviting Needed Growth.” There’s a declaration of Bankruptcy. Gary announces that the word bankruptcy is an acronym for “Banks Ask Nothing Knowing Recompense Under Profits Today Cannot Yield.” You’ve got to give it to him, he’s pretty creative with these acronyms.

After declaring bankruptcy, Busey was required to liquidate his assets, which included his home in Malibu. He was also forced to pay back a portion of his debt through a payment plan. It’s also interesting for fans to find out about his assets, which he forces to state publicly for the bankruptcy. At the time, his debt to the IRS is around $500K, and his monthly income is close to $20K. But unfortunately, at that point his expenses every month are almost $23K, leaving him further in debt every month. But perhaps most interesting were some of the many Native American items he listed as part of his possessions.

These includes things like, an old bull’s head, a bald eagle figurine, bows and arrows and two small decorative teepees. Busey has embraced a Native American-based spirituality over the years, as he’s tried to recover from his motorcycle accident and drug addictions. Busey also listed various assorted items like 300 VHS tapes, and 200 cassette tapes, all of which were presumably collected in the 1980’s and ‘90s.

Gary Busey’s Accident

As we mentioned, Gary’s life was forever changed when he got into a serious motorcycle accident in December 1988. Busey, who was not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident, suffered severe head injuries and was in a coma for several days. Despite undergoing multiple surgeries, Busey’s injuries left him with long-lasting effects, including impaired speech and memory loss. However, Gary has since become an advocate for helmet safety and has spoken out about the importance of wearing helmets while riding motorcycles. The accident was a turning point in Busey’s life and career, and a life-changing event for him and his family. He had to undergo a lengthy rehabilitation process to recover from his injuries and regain some of his cognitive abilities.

Despite the challenges, Busey remained determined and worked hard to overcome his limitations. He also became more spiritual and began to see life from a different perspective. In interviews, he has often credited the accident with teaching him valuable life lessons and making him a better person. Following his accident, Busey has also become an advocate for traumatic brain injury (TBI) awareness and has worked with various organizations to help promote education and research on the topic. He has used his platform to raise awareness about the importance of early intervention and rehabilitation for individuals who have suffered from TBIs.

Busey’s accident serves as a reminder of the importance of safety measures, such as wearing helmets, while engaging in potentially dangerous activities. It also highlights the significant impact that TBIs can have on individuals and their families, and the importance of ongoing research and education to improve outcomes for those affected.

Gary Busey’s Addiction Issues

Gary’s journey has included dealing with drug addiction. In 1995, he was arrested for drug possession after he accidentally overdosed in his Malibu home. According to Busey, he only remembers waking up in the hospital, and had liquid pouring out of his eyes, mouth, and nose. He heard the doctors saying that they’d found cocaine in his pocket, so they were assuming it was a cocaine overdose. He ended up being charges with some possession counts for cocaine, marijuana, and psilocybin, as well as a count of being under the influence of cocaine. But those were only a drop in the bucket compared to what they did to Gary emotionally. While it obviously was a tragedy that he even got to the point where he was overdosing, the incident changed him profoundly.

Hospital Days In 1995

In an interview, Busey talked about how when he got home from the hospital that day in 1995, he realized that he’d been “dancing with the devil in a circle that’s very tight.” He then mentioned that the devil always leads that particular dance, and it wasn’t one he wanted to be involved in anymore. He likened cocaine to a mineral sent from Satan himself, and that it was robbing him of his freedom. From that day on, he vowed never to give in to the temptations of addiction again. He also talked about how he felt like healing angels had come into his life, and they made him realize that his thoughts while on the drug were not creative, and were actively stupid. He spoke to his fans, and anyone who would listen, saying, “If you’re doing cocaine now, you gotta stop immediately, no matter what it takes.”

But despite this revelation in 1995, addiction issues have still plagued the actor. Busey has spoken openly about his struggles with addiction, including his addiction to cocaine and alcohol. He has described himself as being in a state of denial for many years, even as his addiction issues worsened. In the years since his arrest, Busey has made a number of efforts to get clean and sober. He has been involved in various rehabilitation programs, including Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, and has also undergone a number of medical treatments to help him overcome his addiction issues. He has also been a vocal advocate for addiction recovery, speaking out about his own experiences and encouraging others to seek help if they are struggling with addiction.

Pet Judge

In 2020, Gary appeared in court several times. Only these were paid appearances. Busey starred in the show “Pet Judge,” which had the veteran actor playing a fake judge who presided over cases involving house pets. In the show, a variety of problems were brought before the honorable Judge Busey, and he had to decide which of the claimants would win jurisdiction over their pet-related issues. For example, a woman wanted to bury their family cat in a mausoleum, while her husband was in favor of giving it a Viking Funeral.

There was also the case where a woman, convinced that her dead husband had been reincarnated as the family dog, was suing her insurance company who won’t permit the dog to be included in their policy. So, you know, very down to earth and relatable content. Busey doled out his usual bizarre and oddly calming advice, making the show a fun and quirky one to watch. The only season aired in 2020, and there’s no word if there will be more made.

Now it’s time to hear from you. Did you know that Gary Busey is now 78. He’s in an accident that nearly killed him, and he had also overdosed in 1995? Let us know in the comments section below!

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