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Grace Kelly Tried to Warn Princess Diana, but It Was Too Late

Princess Diana and Grace Kelly are two of the world’s most famous Royals during their time on this earth. But their lives mirror each other in very strange ways. This video will explore the close friendship between the pair and their eventual fates. Make sure you stick around to the end for the entire story, as the similarities between the princesses are shocking.

Princess Diana Is A True Inspiration

Fondly regarded by many as ‘the people’s princess, Princess Diana was a true inspiration. She uses her status as a member of the Royal Family to raise awareness for countless issues and charities. Such as the National Aids Trust and Centrepoint, a homeless charity for poverty-stricken Young Adults. Her work with the HALO Trust, which saw her advocate for an international ban on landmines, is especially notable. Her walk through an Angolan minefield resulted in a global landmine treaty signed later that year.

Grace Kelly, meanwhile, used her position as princess of Monaco to engage in numerous charity endeavors. The former Hollywood actor establishes the Grace Kelly Foundation in 1964 to help young child performers who aspire to pursue a career in the arts. She is also the founding member of The World Association of Children’s Friends. Which aims to support the health, development, and education of kids across the globe. Grace Kelly’s work helped improve the lives of many children and ensured that they had a happy childhood.

Diana And Grace’s First Meeting

Diana and Grace meet in 1981 at a charity gala concert at the Royal Opera House in London. She’s only 18 at the time, during her first Royal engagement, the event proves fairly daunting for the young princess. Fortunately, Grace Kelly was on hand to offer her advice. By this point in her life, Kelly experiences a member of Monaco’s Royal Family marrying into the family in 1959. She knew exactly the kind of pressures Diana was facing, who had only recently announced her engagement to Prince Charles.

The Royal event is a bad start for Diana, who embarrasses herself that she accidentally breaking Royal protocol. The princess had shown up to the event in a beautiful black dress. However, her Royal advisers were less than impressed. According to the Monarchy’s rules, black supposes to wear at funerals, and the dress’s neckline considers too low. Diana is anxious about the news, Grace takes Diana alongside and offers her advice on adjusting to her new life. Diana is grateful as Grace listens and explains how she experiences the same problems when she first becomes a Royal.

Grace’s Wise Word to Diana

Grace Kelly’s wise words were never forgotten by Diana. Monaco’s princess sarcastically informs Charles’ fiancee not to worry and that “It will only get worse”. Grace spends her life since marrying Prince Rainer at the age of 26 dealing with invasion from the press. Which is something Diana is especially concerned about. The Monaco princess, in fact, ends up in a serious car accident upon meeting Rainer for the first time. Years before, they collide with the paparazzi who are chasing them. Of course, foreshadow Diana’s fatal car crash years later, which transpires after she harasses by photographers from the press.

Ultimately, the press would go on terrorize Diana in a similar manner and cause many problems for the young woman. Even during their first encounter, however, Diana recognized a kindred spirit in Grace. Like Diana, Grace troubled childhood in spite of her family’s wealth and abandons by one of her parents. Both Diana and Grace had been shy introverts as children, making their early years especially lonely. They had a shared experience of isolation which ironically brought them closer together.

Diana And Grace’s Cheating Scandals

Perhaps one of the most striking similarities between Princess Diana and Grace Kelly is how they both ended up at the center of cheating scandals. Kelly’s husband, Prince Rainer, was discovered romancing three other women within a month of marrying the Hollywood star. According to Royal biographer Wendy Leigh, Grace Kelly was left humiliated after learning about what her husband had been up to. Despite Rainer’s wandering eye, however, he chose not to remarry following Grace’s death, as he decided nobody could replace his glamorous wife.

Diana, meanwhile, found herself in the middle of her own love triangle. Her partner Prince Charles started seeing his first love Camilla Parker-Bowles five years into their marriage. This incensed Diana, who chose to air her feelings regarding Charles’ betrayal on UK television many years later. Appearing with host Martin Bashir on the BBC current affairs program Panorama, she lamented about how there were “three people in this marriage,” as she explained the reasons behind her divorce from Charles. Like Grace Kelly, Diana’s marriage had not provided the loyalty and commitment which the wedding had promised.

Neither Diana nor Grace were entirely innocent, however. News site Livingly claims that Grace Kelly had affairs with fellow Hollywood star Marlon Brando and the iconic jazz singer Frank Sinatra. Meanwhile, Princess Diana became romantically involved with her riding instructor James Hewitt. One conspiracy theory even suggests that Prince Harry’s birth was the result of the princess’s affair with Hewitt, which would explain why Harry bears little resemblance to his birth father. Grace and Diana were, therefore, equally as guilty at breaking their respective wedding vows.

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Grace And Diana’s Deaths

Perhaps the eeriest comparison between Grace Kelly and Princess Diana is how their deaths were so similar. Both princesses passed away following horrific car crashes in countries different from where they were born and were mourned by millions across the globe. Diana and Grace were international sensations who left the world before their time. Their funerals were among the most-watched television broadcasts, as many paid their respects to these beloved figures.

Grace Kelly’s sad demise came after she was driving her daughter, Princess Stephanie, back to their home in Monaco. The pair had just been staying in a country house in Roc Agel, and Grace had decided to drive Stephanie to the palace herself after realizing that with Stephanie’s luggage on the back seat, there would not be enough room for Grace, Stephanie, and her chauffeur. It proved to be a fatal decision, as the car careered off the side of the cliff on the mountain road. Whilst Stephanie survived with only minor injuries, Grace was less fortunate.

Grace’s Death Affects Diana

Princess Diana was greatly affected by Grace Kelly’s death. Upon learning about the crash, she pleaded with Charles to allow her to attend the funeral on the Queen’s behalf. Charles was reluctant to accept Diana’s request, however, failing to see any good reason why she should be there.  The Princess Of Wales disagreed completely, as she reasoned that Grace, much like herself, had been an “outsider who married into a big family.” Charles remained unconvinced. But, Diana was nothing if not a determined figure, though, and so when her husband wouldn’t agree to her proposition, she sought a higher authority.

Unhappy with Charles’ attitude towards her request, Diana marched straight to the Queen and asked for her permission. The Queen was bemused as to why Charles had denied his wife the chance to pay her respects and reportedly told the young princess that she saw no reason why she shouldn’t attend. Princess Diana was a key figure at Grace Kelly’s funeral, as she said goodbye to her close friend.

Diana’s own passing came 15 years later, following her driver’s attempts to evade the paparazzi on the way back to London. As they approached the Pont de l’Alma Tunnel with her new partner Dodi Fayed beside her in the vehicle, they were bombarded by press photographers. The driver’s efforts to escape were in vain, as he crashed into a pillar inside the tunnel. These members of the paparazzi showed no remorse as they gathered around the damaged car to photograph the dying princess. The doctors tried their best to save Diana, but her injuries were too severe, and the beloved Royal died a short while later. Dodi and their driver also lost their lives in the horrific crash, making this a truly tragic moment in history.

Grace And Diana’s Legacy

While Grace Kelly and Diana may no longer be around to tell their tales, their legacy lives on in other ways. Both princesses have awards named in their honor, with the Diana Award celebrating the work of young individuals who engage in humanitarian work and the Princess Grace Awards aiming to celebrate new talent in film, dance, and theater. Both also have living relatives who continue their charity work in their absence. Grace Kelly’s eldest child Princess Caroline, for instance, works with the children’s charity UNICEF, whilst Diana’s first son Prince William is the founder of the mental health campaign Heads’ Together.

Perhaps one of the most impressive charitable endeavors in Diana’s name is the Archewell Foundation. Launched by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in 2020, Harry’s not-for-profit charity organization honors his mother by targeting issues that were close to her heart. The Archewell Foundation aims to support homeless pregnant women and those struggling with mental health issues, topics that Diana attempted to raise greater awareness of many years before.

Grace Family

Grace Kelly’s youngest daughter, Stephanie Of Monaco, is herself a major charitable figure. The Monacan princess is the founder of the charity “Fight Aids Monaco”, and has recently released her own fragrance, entitled the “Princesse de Coeur”, to raise money for those suffering from aids. It’s an impressive move from Stephanie Of Monaco, which displays much of the heart and humanity of her late mother. Diana and Grace’s physical presence may be long gone, but they both live on in spirit.

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