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He Bought A Painting For $2 – But Couldn’t Believe When He Heard How Much It Was Worth

Antiques Roadshow

Antiques Roadshow is a popular show in the United States, but it started in the United Kingdom in 1979. It was inspired by a documentary series that follows traveling appraisers and the antique collectors who went to them for advice. The documentary was so popular that soon, it was turned into a show.

Antiques Roadshow In the United States

When the show gained popularity in the UK, it came to the United States. People love the show because there are times where the treasures that a person brings are worth nothing, but there are times where the person is shocked to hear that they have been sitting on something worth a great deal of money.

David Weiss

David Weiss is one of the experts on the show. His area of expertise is in European art, and he has been doing it for three decades. His specialty is 19th and 20th-century European sculptures, drawings, paintings, and Oriental rugs. David, like other appraisers on the show, worked on a volunteer basis. His primary source of income comes from his job at the Freeman Auction House. There, he is the Senior Vice President. He got his position due to his extensive experience. When he isn’t volunteering on Antiques Roadshow and working at the auction house, he teaches art appraisal at Drexel University. He also happens to be the appraiser who changed a young boy’s life forever.

The Young Boy

The youngest guest on the show sat down with David in Richmond, Virginia. When he heard that the show would be filming there, he begged his parents to take him. He was hoping that a painting that he bought for just $2 would end up being worth $100. It took him a while to convince his parents to drive several hours from their home in South Jersey, but finally, they gave in. They even helped him choose a t-shirt that would look great on camera. They went with red.

An Avid Collector

When David sat down with the boy, he was surprised that the painting wasn’t just a one-time purchase. In fact, the boy had been collecting for longer than David imagined. He asked the boy what his favorite items to collect. The boy told him that he liked glass, art, and sterling silver. As David asked the boy questions, he was surprised that someone so young had so much knowledge regarding art. David says that the boy was able to answer each of his questions with answers he would expect from an experienced collector. David asked the boy what his favorite piece to date was, and he said that it was a large silver serving platter. This piqued David’s interest in the boy even more.

Where He Collects

David asked the boy where he goes to find his treasures. He told him that he goes to a junky auction in his hometown. David assumed that the boy loved holding onto his many finds, but the boy surprised him with his answer. Unlike most children who tend to hold onto things, the boy told David that he likes to sell his objects online. David says that this boy was the most exciting and memorable guests he had ever had on the show.

Business Sense

David asked the boy how much money he got for his silver platter. He was shocked when the boy told him that he was holding onto it until September when the market would fluctuate. He couldn’t believe that he was hearing this from such a young boy.

The Painting

When the subject of the painting in question came up, David assumed that the boy found it at a yard sale. Again, the boy’s response shocked him. He told David that he dragged his father to a junky auction house in town. He begged him to wait for him to bid on a piece of art. It was so hot that day that his father didn’t want to stay long. Finally, he bid on a painting the nobody really wanted, and he got it for just $2.

The Details

The canvas was covered in earth tones. The subject was a mother sitting in a chair, reaching for a child. David asked the boy what he thought about the painting. He told David that he believed that it was done in watercolors, but he couldn’t be sure because it was encased in glass. David told him that he was correct and continued to question the boy. He mentioned seeing the signature at the bottom, but couldn’t read it. Little did he know that David recognized the signature immediately. It was an Albert Neuhuys painting. Neuhuys was a 19th-century artist. As David discussed the artist and his life, the boy was absorbing every word.

The Appraisal

When David asked the boy what he thought the painting was worth, he said about $150. When David told him the value of the painting today, the boy was shocked. He Bought A Painting For $2 – But Couldn’t Believe When He Heard How Much It Was Worth. David told the boy that today, it would be worth between $1,000 and $1,500. It was the most valuable piece that the boy owned to date.

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