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He Looks Inside A Closet In His Grandparents’ House – What He Finds Next Is Truly Amazing

Messy Storage Areas

Many people don’t keep their garages, attics, and closets clean and organized. Many people use their garage for storage, and over the years, it is easy to forget what is in all of the boxes. One man discovered just how messy a garage could be when he had to clean out his grandparent’s home. His grandfather had passed away, and his grandmother asked him to organize the closet for her. When he opened up a closet, he found something shocking.

The Closet

The man is a user of the website Imgur, and he goes by the name, Todirerl. He was at his grandparent’s house, and he opened up a closet door. Inside, he saw his grandmother’s ceramics projects. Some were completed, and some weren’t. The closet was full of artwork. It was difficult to see everything because there were things piled up everywhere. When Todirel looked closer in the closet, he saw something that piqued his interest.

A False Bottom

When Todirel was in the closet, he stepped in the corner of the closet, and it sounded hollow. He discovered that the closet had a false bottom. Underneath a board, there was a pace that was filled with gravel. He knew that his grandparents wouldn’t have cut out their closet floor for no reason, so he decided to investigate. He swiped the gravel away to see what was underneath. He Looks Inside a Closet In His Grandparents’ House – What he finds next is truly amazing.

A Dial Safe

When he moved all of the gravel, he found that it was hiding a dial safe. He pulled it up and wanted to open it. His grandmother had no idea what the combination was, and since his grandfather had passed away, he had to find another way to get into the safe. Fortunately, the safe was old and rusty, so he decided to turn to power tools. He figured that a grinder would be able to get the safe open. Since his grandmother didn’t know about the safe, there was a good chance that she had no idea what was in the safe.

Inside the Safe

When Todirel finally got into the safe, he that there was something wrapped in cloth. There was also a note inside. It was written by his grandfather. The note read, “Abandon all regret, ye who enter here.” Todirel realized that he heard that line before. It is a passage from the play, Dante’s Inferno. In the play, the same message was written on the gates of hell. His grandfather was always a quirky man; therefore, he wasn’t surprised that his grandfather left such a note on top of the contents of the safe.

A Leather Pouch

Inside the cloth, Todirel found a leather pouch. It wasn’t your average pouch. It was from the year 1776. Inside the pouch was a pocket watch. Even though it was very old, it was in excellent shape. The British army issued the cloth that the watch was wrapped in. When Todirel posted the photo, history lovers and collectors were in awe.

A Stamp Collection

Inside the pouch, Todirel also found a stamp collection. He realized that they were very old. He found stamps from countries that don’t even exist anymore such as Zaire, Czechoslovakia, and the Soviet Union. Since the countries no longer exist, Todirel was sure that the stamps were worth a lot of money. He also found a strange looking lamp that resembled the magic lamp from Aladdin. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a magic lamp and a genie didn’t come out when he rubbed it. It may have looked cool and interesting, but it was just an incense burner.

Old Family Photos

Also inside the safe was a photo. It was Todirel’s great-great-great-grandmother. The picture was at least 100-years-old. There was also a photo of his great-grandfather looking incredibly stylish. Many Imgur users commented on this.

A Storage Container

After digging in the safe, Todirel found a storage container. Inside, he found several gold coins and a gold key. He didn’t know if they were junk or actually valuable. Many coin collectors’ who saw the man’s post on Imgur commented on how valuable the coins were. There was also World War I Memorabilia in the container. One was given to Commonwealth troops that served in theater. The key was still a mystery. His grandmother had no idea what it unlocked.

You Never Know What You Will Find

Todirel’s story is proof that you never know what you might find when you clean out an old closet, attic, or garage that haven’t been touched in years. He found a safe filled with objects that were centuries old. If you are putting off cleaning out your closets, don’t. You never know what you might find.

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