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Heartbreaking Photo From China Shows A Scene They Don’t Want The Rest Of The World To See


Pollution is a real problem on our planet. Whether it is pollution from people dumping garbage where it should be dumped or pollution in the air from towering smokestacks or emissions from cars, pollution is destroying our planet. Due to its size and the population, China has the worst pollution problem in the entire world. Here are some pictures that make it impossible to deny that pollution is a significant concern on Earth. Each heartbreaking photo from China shows a scene they don’t want the rest of the world to see.

A Fake Skyline

In China, if you want to take a beautiful photo of the skyline, you have to use a fake photo. The real skyline is so smoggy that you can barely see the landscape. Since you can’t really see the sights, what is the purpose of traveling to China? The backdrop looks real, and the real skyline is depressing. It is photos like these that should bring attention to the pollution problems in China.

Safety Masks

This photo looks like something out of a disaster movie where something just exploded, or there is a serious outbreak of disease. This is actually everyday life in China. There are days in China where pollution and smog is so severe that commuters cannot see two feet in front of them. Also, the air isn’t safe to breathe, so people wear safety masks while walking the streets of China. This photo alone is proof that something needs to be done. Lately, in China, the days where citizens need to wear masks outnumber the days where they don’t need the masks. It makes you wonder if the Chinese government is doing anything, or if they plan to do anything, to help stop the pollution.

Polluted Water

It is not uncommon for chemical waste to be poured into China’s rivers. Judging by this picture, it is clear that the chemicals poured into the rivers is causing irreparable damage. The woman in this photo is filling up a bottle of water to prove to others how serious the problem has become. It looks like she is standing in front of a river of blood and not a river of what is supposed to be water. Hopefully, she is taking her water sample to someone who can do something to stop the chemicals from being dumped into the river. If someone doesn’t do something, the conditions will only worsen.

The Fish

The water pollution isn’t just causing problems with the water; it is also causing problems with the fish. This is a photo of a man trying to sift through thousands of poisoned fish. The chemicals and the pollution are so severe that the fish are dying. These thousands of fish that died due to pollution could have fed thousands of people. The pollution in China’s water is killing off various types of marine life. In time, there will be no fish left in China that are safe to eat. If someone doesn’t do something soon, the people who rely on fish to keep from going hungry won’t have anything to eat at all.

Oil Spills

It isn’t just pollution caused by illegal dumping and the carelessness of people that are causing China’s waters to become so polluted. It is also massive oil spills. Sadly, oil spills in China aren’t that uncommon. The man in this photo is working to clean up after an oil spill. His suit is covered in oil, so you can only imagine what the marine life is going through.

An Oil Spill Off the Coast

Here is a photo of a different oil spill that occurred off the coast. There is a team working to clean it up, but judging by the oil in the area, they have their work cut out for them.

The Beijing Skyline

Looking at this photo of the Beijing skyline, you would think that the weather is terrible and the sky is filled with clouds. The weather wasn’t bad that day. What you are seeing is actually smog caused by pollution. The smog is so thick that it just looks like a cloudy day. In this photo, the smog is so severe that it is challenging to see two-feet in front of your face.

A Sad Photo

Kids all over the world love to go swimming on a hot day. In many parts of the world, kids can find clean bodies of water. This photo is sad enough to make you cry. The water is polluted with trash, including old playing cards, discarded food, and other nasty items. The pollution in the water didn’t stop this young boy from getting in the water to go for a swim. It is devastating what the children of China have to deal with. Children should have the ability to swim in clean water. Swimming in polluted water like this is dangerous, and it takes all of the fun out of being a kid.

After a Flood

There was a flood in this city after a major storm, and after the water receded, the pollution from the ocean was left behind. The citizens are so used to the streets being polluted with the trash that nobody tried to clean it up. Instead, they make their way through the streets, trying to avoid the garbage if possible.

Factory Pollution

The factory in the background of this photo sends off massive plumes of smoke all day long. The folks riding their bikes nearby don’t seem to phased by the pollution in the air. It is so severe that they can barely see where they are going despite the fact that this photo was taken in the middle of the day.

A Freshwater Lake

When you look at this photo, it seems as though this is a murky pond of mud. This is actually a freshwater lake that is so polluted that it can’t sustain life. This fish couldn’t survive in the water, and it died. The green color is enough to make anyone’s stomach turn. It doesn’t seem right to call this a freshwater lake because there is nothing fresh about it. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only lake that looks like this. There are lakes all over China with this type of pollution. If you are able to find a natural body of water that isn’t polluted, it would be surprising.

Chemical Waste and Sewage

This is a photo of sewage and chemical waste that has turned a once beautiful area into an unsightly mess. The bright pink color of the sewage is shocking, and the waste piling up around it is devastating. This is happening to beautiful places all over China. The woman in the photo doesn’t seem too concerned about the chemicals and pollution around her.

Waste In the Ocean

The oceans of Earth belong to all of us; therefore, this photo should make every person on the planet angry. You can see a pipe intentionally pouring human waste and whatever else made its way into the sewers. This type of thing should be illegal all over the world. China appears to be doing nothing about the pollution in the ocean, and they aren’t even trying too hard to hide it. This is one of the most dangerous forms of pollution because sewage and waste is being pumped into the ocean daily. If this isn’t stopped, there will come a time that every ocean on the planet is polluted to the point where no marine life can survive.

The Great Wall Of China

The Great Wall of China is one of the most fascinating wonders of the world. Unfortunately, this doesn’t exempt the wall from being overcome with pollution. This massive trove of discarded plastic bottles is located at a forgotten corner of the Great Wall. This is not uncommon, and it is genuinely heartbreaking. If there is one part of China that should be protected from pollution, it should be the Great Wall Of China. Over time, such serious pollution could cause the rock that makes up the walls to decay.

This Is Not An Explosion

At first sight, this photo looks like an explosion scene in a movie. This is actually a picture of pollution in China. The pollution is worse in some areas than others, and the area in this photo has a severe pollution problem. The building in the background is a plant where old cars are burned down. The pollution released from the plant is causing severe damage to the environment. Sadly, this isn’t the factory of its kind in China, which has contributed to the pollution in the air that has made it dangerous for the people there to breathe. If someone doesn’t do something about these types of plants soon, it will never be safe to leave the house without a mask.

A Polluted Canal

In many parts of the world, canals are essential in transporting goods around the city. Canals are also fun ways for people to get around the city. This is a significant tourist attraction. In China, there are canals, but they aren’t capable of carrying goods, tourists, or anything because they are so polluted. The water in the canal looks like sludge, and it is full of trash and debris. The pollution is so severe that it is eating away at the buildings by the water’s edge. The people looking at the water should be looking at beautiful water complete with gondolas, but instead, they are all standing there in shock.

Helping Out

The pollution is so severe in China that acres and acres of the ground are covered with trash and debris. Some people will go to these areas to try to clean up the trash the way this man is. Most people discover shortly after that the job is just too much for one person. Other people carry sticks like this man’s, but they use their sticks to create a path in the trash to walk through. These are the people who don’t bother to try to clean up the trash because they know that the problem is much too severe for just one person. There is trash as far as the eye can see, and it is more proof of how devastating the pollution in China really is.

Practicing Tai Chi

Tai chi has been practiced in China for thousands of years, as well as many other parts of the world. These three students gather to practice tai chi in the early morning hours before class. While practicing this form of martial arts will keep you healthy, doing it out in this kind of pollution isn’t. Breathing is essential in this form of martial arts, and judging by this photo, there is so much smog that breathing cannot be healthy.


The manufacturing demand in China is tremendous, and it is responsible for high levels of pollution. For a while, it was just the big cities that were affected by the pollution. Today, even the countryside is being destroyed due to pollution. Between the effects of air pollution and the deforestation that has been taking place to build manufacturing plants, no part of China is safe anymore.

A Chinese Bride

Most brides want their wedding photos to come out perfect. The wedding photos will allow the happy couple to remember their special day forever. The place where the photos are taken is just as important as how the couple looks in the picture. This is a photo of a Chinese bride on her wedding day. Unfortunately, she didn’t get a perfect photo suitable for framing thanks to pollution. The air conditions on the day of her wedding were so bad that she had to wear a mask to breathe safely. This certainly won’t provide fond memories of her wedding day that this bride will want to hold onto forever. g

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