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Here’s Why People Are Giving Up Toilet Paper – And Replacing It With ‘Family Cloth’

Toilet Paper

Toilet paper was invented in the mid-19th century, and since them, people cannot live without it. Can you image going to the bathroom and not wiping after? Sounds pretty disgusting right? For decades, people have been relying on toilet paper to stay clean after using the bathroom. Toilet paper is simple. It sits by the toilet, and it is there each time a person uses the bathroom. When they are done, the toilet paper does down the drain, never to be seen again. Since toilet paper is biodegradable, it won’t stop up the pipes or clog the septic system.

As long as toilet paper is used correctly, you don’t need to worry about it, causing any problems with your plumbing. This has remained true until Joseph Gayetty came around. He is an entrepreneur, and he invented the “family cloth.” Here’s Why People Are Giving Up Toilet Paper – And Replacing It With ‘Family Cloth’. Some people really believe in the family cloth, while others find it to be disgusting and bad for the environment.

The Family Cloth

The family cloth is made up of strips of fabric that are used instead of toilet paper. The fabric is used once and then washed so that it can be used again. Many people find this to be a good idea. One woman who has made the switch said that every time she uses toilet paper, in her mind, she is flushing the money down the toilet. She wanted people to understand the family cloth better so that they wouldn’t think that she was gross. She says that she has dozens of stops of fabric, and each visit to the toilet gets its own cloth. The family cloth comes in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing the consumer to choose what would match best with their bathroom décor.

Helping the Environment

Many of the people who have switched to the family cloth say that they have done so because it is better for the environment. In the United States alone, 15 million trees need to be cut down to make the 36.5 billion toilet paper rolls that Americans use each year. Later, it is just flushed away. While some believe that the family cloth is better for the environment, some disagree. Running the strips through the washer and dryer constantly comes with its own impact on the environment. The amount of water and energy that is wasted by continually washing clothes is also harmful to the environment. Also, the cost of the consumer’s electric bill and water bills will increase because the washer is being used much more frequently.

A Disgusting Option

There are some who have heard about the family cloth, and they find it to be disgusting. Even though the materials are washed between wipes, people are still grossed out that they would be using something to wipe that has previously touched another person’s parts. If a person is sick with intestinal issues, it can result in diarrhea. This can make for a very messy family cloth. Who would even want to wash a cloth with waste like this on it? Then there is the fact that the family cloths are thrown in the hamper with the other dirty clothes until laundry day. This can result in a really smelly and disgusting situation inside the hamper. Whoever is responsible for doing the laundry may not think that the family cloth is the best idea.

Same As Washing Dirty Underwear?

Some of the people who use the family cloth say that washing it is no more disgusting than washing a pair of dirty underwear. The naysayers say that this makes no sense. When you wash dirty underwear, you are washing something that has come into contact with the wearer’s private parts. However, they aren’t peeing or pooping in the underwear, so there is no nasty waste left behind. The whole point of the family cloth is to clean this nasty waste; therefore, it is nothing like washing a pair of dirty underwear. It is similar to washing underwear that has been worn by someone who had an accident, but this rarely happens.

Weighing the Options

If you are thinking about making a switch to the family cloth, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when weighing your options. As mentioned above, the first thing that you need to consider is using the same cloth that others have. You also need to worry about washing the cloths after each use. If you have a strong stomach and don’t mind washing the cloths, you need to consider what guests will think when they visit.

Do you believe that your friends and family members will be okay with using a cloth to wipe when you use your bathroom? For many, the family cloth sounds gross. Finally, consider the cost. It will likely cost less to buy toilet paper. You can buy a roll of toilet paper of as little as 50 cents. Washing the cloths daily can end up being much more expensive. Overall, the choice is your own.

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