Historic Findings Frozen In Time Are Leaving Scientists Flabbergasted


There are clues hidden all over the world to give us an idea of what life was like hundreds, even thousands of years ago. Historic findings frozen in time are leaving scientists flabbergasted.

Iron Water

This area is known as “blood falls,” for a good reason. It looks as though bloody water is covering the area, but it is actually just frozen iron-rich water. Nobody knows why the water contains so much iron. That part still remains a mystery.

Mammoth Brains

Mammoth fossils have been found all over the world; however, it wasn’t until they found mammoth brains still intact that researchers really got excited. It was found deep inside the permafrost off the Siberian coast. The woolly mammoth in question is believed to be 39,000-years-old.


Glaciers tend to crush everything in their path. The dirt and debris that glaciers drag along with them act as a protective barrier for the forests underneath. In one case, the glacier moves on and what you can see if a frozen forest in perfect condition.


The Nodosaur is 110 million years old. It lived during the Mesozoic era and has tough skin that is covered with spikes. This was how it protected itself from predators. Researchers were shocked when they found one perfectly preserved in ice.


It may sound strange, but volcanoes can freeze over. They can freeze when the volcano is inactive and is at a high altitude. The rapid change from hot to cool makes for a pretty interesting sight.

Message In a Bottle

Back in 1959, a geologist named Paul T. Walker hid a bottle with a message inside in a glacier. The message was instructions to measure the distance where the bottle started to where it was when it was found. When the bottle was discovered many years later, it gave scientists an idea of how severe climate change actually is.


In 1952, a military plane was headed for Alaska when it crashed into a nearby glacier. Sadly, all 52 people on board were killed. What was even worse was that their remains couldn’t be salvaged from the wreck until 50 years later when the ice had melted. This is a long time to wait before laying loved ones to rest.

Viking Skis

Historians believe that skiing was invented in Scandinavia. When they uncovered a 1,300-year-old pair of skis beneath the ice, it supported their theory. It was one of only two pairs of skis that were found and still had the bindings attached. For the person who discovered the skis, this was huge.


Alligators can slow their hearts down significantly, which makes it possible for them to survive during blizzards. When the water that an alligator is in freezes, they stick their snouts above the freezing water.

Strange Photos

Ernest Shackleton led an exploration in the 19th century. During his final expedition, he crashed his ship and lost his lock box. In 2013, the box was found, and it revealed a strange picture of the crew and the mission.


Our ancestors didn’t have guns; therefore, they used spears to hunt large animals for food. Because of this, it shouldn’t be too shocking that spears have been found all over the world. Many of the spears found in the ice had barbed copper heads, which showed how advanced our predecessors were.

Giant Mountains

Many people believe that Antarctica is flat because the mountains are covered underneath layers and layers of ice. The Gamburtsev range is 750-miles across, and the highest peak is 10,000-feet, and you would never even know it.

Virus Frozen In Time

Trapped under the ice are plenty of viruses that we don’t have vaccines for or even a natural tolerance. This is why global warming is so dangerous.

Otzi the Iceman

Ozti is the most well-preserved person ever found in ice. He was found in the Alps and died 5,300 years ago. It is believed that he was murdered.

Sabretooth Tiger

Deep in the ice in Siberia, a prehistoric sabretooth tiger was found. Since they have been extinct for 10,000 years, he has been there a very long time.

A Live Woman

Anna Bagenholm had a skiing accident, and she was submerged in freezing ice water for 80 minutes. When she was pulled out of the water, her body temperature was 56.7 degrees. Shockingly, she lived.

A Fox

A fox was trapped in a block of ice. Today, he is a decoration at a German hotel.

Birds Frozen In Time

It got so cold in Germany that a group of birds froze over instantly.

Fish Eating Fish

Scientists found a basketball-sized block of ice that held a fish holding a fish.

Incan Woman

The Incas believed in human sacrifice. They sent a woman with tuberculosis to the top of a volcano. She was found perfectly preserved in ice. She never jumped in.

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