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Hollywood Stars Who Almost Have Too Many Children To Count

Some celebrities go their whole lives without having kids, while others have more than they can keep track of! From Mia Farrow to Mel Gibson, join Facts Verse as we explore Hollywood stars that almost have too many children to count.

Mia Farrow (14)

Mia Farrow has had 14 children throughout her lifetime, though only 11 of those children are currently alive. Three of Mia’s 14 children have sadly died tragic deaths. One of the most notable deaths was the death of adopted son Thaddeus, who committed suicide. Mia adopted the boy in 1994, and he was 27 years old at the time of his suicide.

Mia welcomed her very first children during her marriage to second husband André Previn. Those first children came in 1970, and they were twin boys Matthew and Sascha. In 1973, the couple adopted a child from Vietnam, and the adopted child’s name was Lark. Daughter Lark went on to lead a troubled life. She became tabloid fodder in 1991 after a shoplifting incident during her young adulthood, and died of AIDS-related complications at the age of only 35.

In 1974, Mia and her second husband gave birth to a third biological son, named Fletcher. They adopted a second daughter from Vietnam in 1976, this time named Summer. In 1978, they adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn from Korea. Mia divorced her second husband in 1979. Soon afterward, she would become romantically involved with Woody Allen. During the late 1980s, Woody Allen would leave Mia for Soon-Yi Previn, causing a good deal of controversy.

After starting a romantic relationship with Woody Allen in 1980, Mia adopted a boy from Korea named Moses. Moses was two years old when Mia adopted him, and he suffers from cerebral palsy. Moses is one of two children that Mia adopted during her relationship with Woody Allen. The other child is Dylan Farrow. Woody would go on to adopt both children himself in 1991. Dylan was a baby from Texas when Mia adopted her, and she went on to claim that Woody Allen molested her while he and Mia were together. Meanwhile, brother Moses has claimed that the molestation didn’t occur.

Mia Farrow and Woody Allen tried for years to conceive before Mia eventually gave birth to a child named Satchel in 1987. The child would go on to have his name changed to Ronan, becoming one of Mia’s more successful and notable kids. It was initially thought that Woody was Ronan’s father, though many have subsequently theorized that his father is actually legendary crooner Frank Sinatra. Frank Sinatra was Mia’s first husband, during the 1960s.

After finding out that Woody Allen was leaving her for adopted daughter Soon-Yi Priven, Mia found solace by adopting another Vietnamese child, this time a little blind girl named Tam. In the year 2000, at the age of only 19, Tam tragically passed away due to heart failure.

Mia continued adopting children throughout the 1990s, including the aforementioned Thaddeus. Other children she adopted during the decade include Isaiah, Quincy, and another blind Vietnamese girl, this time named Frankie-Minh. In the wake of this adoption streak, Mia seems to have settled down. With 11 surviving children to look after, the 76-year-old actress certainly has her hands full!

Marlon Brando (at least 11)

Marlon Brando had plenty of children in his lifetime, with most believing that the legendary actor fathered a total of 11 kids. However, it may have been even more! Marlon’s very first child came during his first marriage, though the marriage was short-lived and didn’t result in any more kids. Things were a bit more productive for the star during his second marriage, as he had two children with second wife, Movita Castaneda. Marlon later had a third marriage, resulting in two more children. Marlon’s third wife was an actress by the name of Tarita Teri’ipaia. In addition to having those two biological children with her, Tarita also adopted her niece and daughter. Another child that Marlon adopted around this time was the unwanted son of his assistant.

Besides his wives, Marlon also had children with his housekeeper. Marlon and his housekeeper had three children together, starting in 1989. Two of Marlon’s 11 children have died, with one committing suicide in 1995 and another passing away a few years after Marlon’s death. Though Marlon was fine with adopting and having all of these kids, he infamously forced longtime lover Rita Moreno to get an illegal abortion during their relationship.

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Clint Eastwood (8)

Over the course of his long and successful life, Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood has had eight children. The actor’s eldest child is daughter Laurie. Laurie’s mother never told Clint she was pregnant, and gave Laurie up for adoption. Laurie tracked Clint down several decades later. Clint fathered first son Kyle in 1968 with wife Maggie. Their second child is Alison Eastwood, though they divorced after she was born. After that, Clint had a relationship with a woman named Jaclyn Reeves, who gave him two more kids. Their names are Scott and Kathryn.

In the 1990s, Clint had a relationship with a woman named Frances Fisher while she was working on his film Unforgiven. This resulted in the birth of daughter Francesca in 1993. Later, Clint fathered a child by the name of Morgan with second wife Dina. Clint and Dina divorced in 2014, and Dina was awarded full custody of Morgan. After Morgan, Clint seems to have decided not to father any more children.

Charlie Chaplin (11)

Over the course of legendary comedic actor Charlie Chaplin’s lifetime, he had a total of 11 children and three different wives. Charlie’s first wife was Mildred Harris, and she was only 16 years old when she met the comedic icon. Charlie was 13 years her senior, and she gave birth to his first child in 1919. Sadly, the child died after three days.

Charlie divorced from his second wife and married an even younger teenager. This teenager was Lita Grey, whom Charlie had cast in his classic comedy The Kid. At the age of 15, Lita became pregnant with Charlie’s second child. Over the course of Charlie’s marriage to Lita, they had two kids. Charlie’s last wife was actress Paulette Goddard, whom he met in 1932. The marriage was short-lived and resulted in no children. Though Charlie never remarried, he did find another love and had plenty of more children with her!

Though Charlie never married Oona O’Neill, the actress arguably ended up being the love of his life. Charlie got together with her when she was 18 and he was 54. Despite the massive age difference, the young woman went on to give the legendary comedian eight more kids.

Mick Jagger (8)

Mick Jagger is another celebrity that has a plethora of children. However, given the rock musician’s reputation, many may be surprised that he only has eight! Mick’s first daughter was born in 1970, and his second in 1971. He didn’t have children again until the 1980s, fathering two more children over the decade. Mick then had three children throughout the 1990s. One of these children was a lovechild, the revelation of which put the singer’s relationship with his current romantic partner to an end. Recently, Mick fathered an eighth child in his 70s.

Kevin Costner (7)

Kevin Costner has seven children from three different relationships. Kevin’s first wife was Cindy Costner, and they had kids Lily and Joe during their marriage. He divorced from Cindy in 1994, after which point Kevin struck up a relationship with a woman named Bridget Rooney. Kevin and Bridget had one child, and then Kevin moved on to current wife Christine Baumgartner. Kevin and Christine have had four children together since getting married.

Eddie Murphy (10)

Legendary comedian Eddie Murphy has a total of 10 different children with five different women. Ex-wife Nicole Mitchell, whom Eddie was married to from 1993 to 2006, mothered five of his children. Current partner Paige Butcher is the mother of two of Eddie’s children, and the other four of Eddie’s 10 children each have different mothers.

Mel Gibson (9)

Finally, action star Mel Gibson has nine children. Mel’s first child was daughter Hannah, born in 1980 from his marriage to Robyn Moore Gibson. Robyn gave birth to six more children after Hannah. After Mel and Robyn separated in the 2000s, Mel began dating a woman named Oksana Griogrieva, who gave the actor his eighth child. Despite having a child with Oksana, Mel’s relationship with her did not last very long. Infamously, Mel left some threatening voicemail messages for Oksana during the fallout period of their relationship, and she leaked those messages to the public. After Mel’s prior anti-Semitic rant directed towards a police officer during his 2006 DUI arrest, these leaked voicemail messages further damaged Mel’s reputation.

After breaking things off with the mother of his eighth child, Mel hooked up with a screenwriter named Rosalind Ross. Their romance started in the 2010s, and Rosalind went on to give birth to Mel’s ninth child in 2017. That child’s name is Lars Gibson, and it remains uncertain if Mel and Rosalind are planning on having more kids together!

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