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Home Improvement Stars Are Reuniting for a Real-Life Tool Time Series

Home Improvement was inarguably one of the biggest and most influential sitcoms of the 1990’s. Starring Tim Allen, Patricia Richardson, Richard Karn and many other talented actors. The show was a hit with a huge demographic, and even made stars of unknown talents like Pamela Anderson and Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

As most will remember, Home Improvement featured a “show within a show.” That, of course, “Tool Time” which hosted by Allen and Karn’s characters, Tim Taylor and Al Borland, respectively. In addition to the at-home dynamics of Taylor’s large family, Tool Time served as the wheel that made Home Improvement go. And it was a big part of why fans loved the show so much. Thematically it designed around Tim Allen’s brand of goofy, ‘manly’ stand-up comedy, and it fully resonated with audiences all around the country. But the good news for fans is that Tim and Richard are joining forces once again. Join Facts Verse, as these two Home Improvement stars are reuniting for a real-life tool time series!

More Power

Fans of Tool Time and Home Improvement will be thrilled to find out that Tim Allen and Richard Karn are once again teaming up to star in a show about tools! They are the new co-hosts of “More Power”, a show that literally takes a look at various construction tools. Airing on the History Channel, “More Power” will look at all kinds of tools, from small and handheld ones to giant, industrial ones. They’ll use them and test their limits, as well as go on journeys together to meet the most talented craftspeople in the United States.

The Basics of the Show

“More Power” will happen at least to start, in Tim Allen’s home workshop. There, he and Richard Karn will examine a large variety of tools. They’ll describe how they work, what they’re used for, and more. They’ll then use them in the workshop to see if they can put these tools to the test. Following that, they’ll head out into the real world, where they’ll get the chance to experiment with huge machines that are used to power all of our everyday lives. While there, they’ll interact with the experts in the field who use each tool. To get a look at the proper ways to use them, as well as the types of people using the tools.

Allen talked about how Albert Einstein referred to himself as “passionately curious” and refused to believe he was a genius. Allen takes that sentiment to heart, and tries to be passionately curious about his own life, and the items on the show. He says he’s genuinely excited to learn about new tools, as well as the people who operate them. And he’s doubly excited that he gets a chance to work yet again with his good buddy, Richard Karn.

There will be ten episodes of thirty minutes each. Every episode will focus on one particular tool. After they introduce the tool and use it, then head to the field to watch and interact with the experts. The two men will then lead “Tim’s Maker Challenge.” It’s where they’ll ask people who use the tool from the episode to make something unexpected. Examples they gave in the press release were a battery-powered mobile kitchen, and an automatic lead-vacuum rake. Sounds like it’s gonna be a wild time! Join Facts Verse, as these two Home Improvement stars are reuniting for a real-life tool time series!

The Nostalgia Factor

Even though the show will be filmed in 2022, it’ll have more than a few nods to the 1990’s, when Home Improvement all the rage. For starters, the great banter between the two characters from Home Improvement will captured somewhat by the equally fun banter between Allen and Karn. For example, the More Power trailer has a fairly classic interaction between the two. As Karn asks Allen what things about himself he’d like to improve. Allen’s response? “Why mess with perfection?!”

So clearly their witty repartee will continue into More Power. Hopefully it’ll also include fun jokes, catch phrases, and at least a few of Tim Allen’s famous grunting sounds.

How To Watch It

More Power will be airing on the History Channel at 10 pm on Wednesdays. In fact, the first ep aired on June 29th. So whenever you’re watching this, you’ll already have a chance to check out the show. It’ll be great for people of all building and tool experience. Whether you’re a DIY-er, a total rookie, or even do construction for a living, there’s still going to be elements of the show that you’ll dig. And if you don’t catch it live, you’ll be able to check it out the next day streaming online. Join Facts Verse, as these two Home Improvement stars are reuniting for a real-life tool time series!

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Assembly Required

Long time fans of Home Improvement and the pairing of Tim Allen and Richard Karn will likely remember that this isn’t the first iteration of this show. In 2021, The History Channel aired a very similar show called “Assembly Required.” The show was a challenge-style reality series where home builders went toe to toe in a competition to renovate and repair homes that were in bad shape. Tim and Richard played the role of co-hosts, and they would discuss the types of tools the builders were using, their history, and more. They also had a DIY specialist and YouTube star, April Wilkerson as their on-screen partner. She was their go-to person for more technical aspects of the tools.

Unfortunately, Assembly Required hit a pitfall that many other shows did… the pandemic. Because of quarantine protocols, they weren’t able to film the show as planned. Instead everything was shot remotely. The home builders worked from their homes and tried to complete the jobs quickly, while Tim and Richard filmed back at Tim Allen’s garage.

Allen said in an interview with Parade Magazine that he was very grateful for Richard’s help with the hosting duties. Since the two have been longtime coworkers and pals, it made the grueling shoot schedule during a pandemic a lot less difficult. He also pointed out how the nature of their dialogue, which heavily ad-libbed, was a lot easier to do with Richard, since they have such a long history together. And are often on the same wavelength.

While they filmed, Allen was concerned that the remote nature of the filming would take away from the essence of the show. But he said that instead he found it to be inspiring and motivational to watch the incredible workers. And home builders doing their thing safely and professionally during some incredibly hard times.

Richard Karn almost wasn’t on Home Improvement

Of course, neither More Power nor Assembly Required would have ever been created had it not been for the incredible chemistry between Richard and Tim. But did you know that Richard Karn was not originally supposed to be on Home Improvement? The role was originally written for talented character actor Steven Tobolowsky. But due to schedule constraints, Tobolowsky was suddenly not available to shoot the first few episodes of Home Improvement.

The writers set out to create a role of a neighbor who would be a temporary fill in for Tobolowsy’s character, Glen, until Tobolowsky was available to shoot. But when they cast Richard Karn in the role, and then watched as the first episodes came together, it was clear to the producers and writers that Richard shouldn’t be temporary at all. His obvious chemistry with Tim Allen popped on screen. So they made the tricky decision to cut Tobolowsky’s role, and replace him full time with Karn’s character of Al. Join Facts Verse, as these two Home Improvement stars are reuniting for a real-life tool time series!

Although that’s not the only fortunate break that Richard Karn got on his way to being a sitcom legend. Before the show was on the air, Karn got a ticket for running a stop sign on the way home from rehearsing for a performance of King Lear. Because of that, he had to go to traffic school in L.A. County. As it turns out, one of the people also taking the traffic school classes was a talent agent. They got to talking, and the agent told Richard about the new show, “Home Improvement” that was currently casting. Karn got so excited about the potential of the show and the role of the neighbor, that the next day he pestered his agents about it until they managed to get him an audition. And the rest is history!

Home Improvement was a legendary sitcom in the 1990’s, due in large part to the incredible work and chemistry of Tim Allen and Richard Karn. And fans of the show were of course disappointed when it finally came to an end. While More Power isn’t a reboot of the show, it’s a great chance for fans to see two of their favorites at it again. And with tools! Whether or not the show gives the History Channel a mega hit remains to be seen. But starting with two actors who have a huge built in fanbase seems like a pretty decision to us. And frankly, we can’t wait to check out these cool tools they’ll be taking a look at!

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