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Homeless Ex-Adult Film Star Found Living In Vegas Tunnels

Fortunes can change. One minute you’re successful, enjoying a thriving career and looking forward to a successful future, the next minute you are homeless and living in the streets. This is a scenario that sadly so many are familiar with, like a homeless ex-adult film star.

This is exactly the same story that former adult film star Jenni Lee is living right now. Born Stephanie Sadorra, Lee was a famous adult film star who undoubtedly was the object of thousands of male attention at the height of her career.

This Homeless Ex-Adult Film Star Found Living in Vegas Tunnels

Success in the Adult Film Industry

Jenni Lee starred her career as a model when she was 19 years old. She transitioned into adult films when she turned 21, amassing a loyal following of 45,000 subscribers which she still has today. She starred in hundreds of adult films throughout her career. At 5 foot 3 inches, she was a petite bombshell who masterfully played virtually every female adult film character out there. Lee shot her last adult film in 2016. Today, she still ranks 119th among the best adult actresses in the world, not bad for a homeless former actress.

How She was Discovered

Jenni Lee’s current living situation came to public consciousness when a Dutch film crew braved the Las Vegas tunnels to shoot a documentary. The Las Vegas tunnels is a 200-mile long labyrinth that is home to about 300 people. Tents, individual areas fashioned in sleeping quarters and lounges are common here, especially in the sections far from the exits where police are not likely to check. Aside from the homeless, the tunnel is a haven for drug dealers and users.

This is exactly why the Dutch film crew was filming in the tunnels that day. They were doing a story about the tunnels, the people living there, and the dangers of living underground. Lee was one of the inhabitants who agreed to speak in front of the camera.

Lee, who sported short hair, appeared bashful, almost embarrassed to be seen on TV. However, she seemed honest when asked about the living conditions there.

According to her, living underground wasn’t as difficult as everybody thought.

“Everybody’s really respectful,” she told the interviewer. “Everybody’s good to each other, which I don’t think you find much.”

After a few more questions, Lee divulged that she used to be in the porn industry. The interviewer, who was probably unaware of her history in adult film, asked her if she was successful in pornography. With a bashful smile, Lee replied,

“A little too successful, maybe.”

“I used to be so hot,” she added sheepishly.

Lee looked gaunt, wearing a brown coat and biting her fingernails which were black with grime. It was hard to recognize that this was the glamorous and sexy star who exuded confidence and sex appeal on screen. However, loyal fans would have no trouble confirming that the unassuming brunette living under the Las Vegas tunnels was indeed the former adult film star.

What now?

When the interviewer asked her about plans to return living above ground, the 36-year old replied that she had no plans to do so. She actually preferred living in the tunnels, saying that she had formed genuine friendships with the people living there.

She acknowledged that having no running water was a problem, but she has everything she needs. Then, she added that hardships build camaraderie, and these hardships help her forge real connections with the people in the tunnels.

Documentary footage reveals that Lee, like the rest of the inhabitants in the tunnels, has carved a space for herself in the dark and often damp passages, including a place to sleep and eat. She added that people are adaptive creatures, implying that she may have found acceptance of her current life and relationships with her family in the tunnels of Las Vegas.

It is unclear what caused Lee’s drastic reversal of fortune since the documentary never delved deeper into her personal life. However, it is true that the porn industry is not as lucrative a profession as many think it to be.

Many stars often struggle to find other sources of income once they quit the adult industry. Transitioning to life as a regular person can be difficult after a career in the adult film industry, especially if you have achieved a certain level of fame. This difficulty can be compounded by mismanaged finances, alcohol or drug use. Numerous other adult actors and actress have found themselves penniless and destitute, although few have gained such viral notoriety as Lee had with this documentary.

However, not everything about this story is bleak. Fans have started fundraising campaigns on GofundMe and for the actress in a bid to help her get back on her feet. Hopefully, these Good Samaritans can give Lee the help she needs.

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