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Hugh Hefner’s Death Reveals Secrets

Hugh Hefner Secrets

Hugh Hefner’s death was the subject of many legends and rumors. However, someof his secrets that have been revealed since have called into question just how legendary of a status he deserves. Though Hugh did his best to hide it, his health was failing greatly in his final years. He likely hadn’t been a very potent lover for quite some time. Continue reading to see when and how Hugh Hefner died.

In addition to the secrets of Hugh’s last days, there’s also the fact that he didn’t treat the Playboy Bunnies respectably. Instead of treating them with dignity, he reportedly viewed them as his property. Still, there are those who continue to revere the late Playboy mogul. One such individual that evidently still holds in high regard is his widow Crystal Harris. Join Facts Verse as we look at a few secrets that came out after Hugh Hefner’s death.

When Did Hugh Hefner Die

Hugh Hefner’s death was on September of 2017 at 91 years of age. While the late Playboy mogul’s death may have come as somewhat of a surprise to the public, it wasn’t shocking to those who were close to him. According to those that knew Hugh best, they were not at all surprised when he finally passed away. Hugh’s health had been failing for many years, and it was only a matter of time before he succumbed.

Loved ones expressed that they believed the late Playboy mogul still lived an incredibly full life. 91 years is certainly a pretty healthy lifespan. Though, according to his late mother, Hugh hoped that he would live past 100.

Given Hugh’s legendary status, many members of the public likely viewed the magazine founder as being somewhat immortal. His efforts to keep himself surrounded by youthful and beautiful women certainly promoted this idea. All the money in the world can’t undo biology, and it gets exceptionally hard to perform as impressively as you did during your peak. Still, Hugh tried his best to convince the public he was the same young man he used to be.

Pamela Anderson and Hugh Hefner

Pamela Anderson remained close to Hugh Hefner after their time working together professionally. He was one of many close to the mogul that remarked on his failing health during his last years of life. According to Pamela, Hugh tried his best to prevent the former Playboy model from seeing the true ramifications of his failing health. However, he couldn’t hide from her the obvious fact that he was using a walker. Pamela also shared that Hugh could barely hear the last time she saw him, and she could tell death was close.

Declining Health

While Hugh was doing his best to appear as healthy as possible to the public, he knew that death coming. However, that didn’t stop him from doing everything in his power to defy it. For years before his death, Hugh took many health precautions meant to ensure a long and healthy life. One of these precautions saw the late mogul only eating food specially prepared for him by his own designated chefs. Whenever Hugh was traveling, he would have his chefs package his favorite meals so that he could take them along.

Despite Hugh’s efforts to hide his failing health, rumors of his death were rampant in the year leading up to the day he passed. Hugh could often be found combatting these death rumors publicly, often utilizing his trademark wit to make it seem as if the very notion of him passing away was absurd. In one famous instance, Hugh remarked to the news of his supposed death by saying he wished he had known about it because he would’ve canceled his plans.

In addition to taking his favorite healthy Playboy Mansion meals with him wherever he went, Hugh also made sure that his personal physician accompanied him on every trip. This habit began back in 2006, and continued up until the time of Hugh’s death in 2017. The physician saved his life on at least one publicly documented occasion. He stepped in to save the day when Hugh began choking on a piece of food during a public meal.

How did Hugh Hefner Die

As Hugh Hefner’s health began to decline, one of the ways that he hide this from the public was by decreasing the number of public appearances. Hugh tried to keep his health a secret from the public. The last time that he was ever photographed professionally was at the Playboy Mansion’s Halloween party in 2015. The mogul was photographed alongside his wife Crystal, who remained married to him up until his death.

While that photo may have been the last professional photograph of Hefner, the party didn’t end up being Hugh’s last public appearance. Instead, his last public appearance was made the next year, in May of 2016. The appearance coincided with the official announcement of that year’s Playmate of the Year, a model named Eugena Washington. For the next year leading up to his death, Hugh remained mostly out of the public eye. However, there was an Instagram post made by Hefner’s sons in June of 2017 that showed him involved in a game of backgammon.

Many close to Hugh Hefner have claimed that the late mogul had a crippling fear of death. Which was a huge reason why he worked so hard to live a life of excess and indulgence. The mogul reportedly kept detailed diaries of everything he did during his lifetime, leaving behind nearly 2,500 distinct scrapbook volumes. Hugh felt that documenting the details of his life would lend him some sort of immortality.

Hugh Hefner died at the playboy masion on September 27, 2017. His cause of death was sepsis brought on by an E.Coli infection.

Tying the Knot

While Hugh Hefner is remembered by some as a womanizer that had seemingly infinite sexual partners throughout his life, there were a few women that the mogul actually tied the knot with.

Hugh’s last wife was Crystal Harris. They were married just before Hugh Hefner’s death. He was said to have been worth around $50 million dollars at his passing, though none of this money went to his wife.

Instead, it all went to Hugh’s kids. However, Crystal did get a modest inheritance of her own. This was in the form of a $5 million house, Hugh had purchased her. After Hugh’s death, Crystal sold the house and has been living off of that $5 million dollars ever since. Crystal remains close to Hugh’s kids, though she has moved on romantically since the death of her late husband. She has been seen recently dating one of the engineers from Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

While Crystal Harris still has some respect for the late Hugh Hefner, there are many other women that were involved with him, that have since expressed that he wasn’t always the best person. Especially in regards to the way that he treated women. The reality series The Girls Next Door gave the public an intimate look at what it was like to be one of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends at the Playboy Mansion. Years after the show came to an end, many of the so-called girlfriends that had been featured on the series spoke ill of the legendary Playboy founder.

Holly Madison and Hugh Hefner

Holly Madison is one of the three main stars of The Girls Next Door. She has talked the most poorly about Hugh Hefner in the years since the show came to an end. Though Holly Madison was never actually a Playboy Playmate, she did live with Hugh for many years. From what the series showed, it appeared as if Holly was happy with her and Hugh’s arrangement. However, Holly has since come out and expressed that living at the Playboy Mansion and being one of Hugh’s multiple girlfriends wasn’t the most positive experience for her or anyone else involved.

According to Holly Madison, Hugh would often pit his various girlfriends against each other. Holly would regularly feel incredibly insecure during the time that they dated. This led to her developing an eating disorder. Being romantically involved with Hugh Hefner also appears to have been a miserable experience for Kendra Wilkinson, who was one of Holly’s costars on The Girls Next Door. According to Kendra, making love with Hugh Hefner was such a miserable experience that she had to be sedated in order to perform to his liking. In addition to this interesting tidbit, Kendra also shared that lovemaking with Hugh only lasted about a minute.

After Hugh Hefner’s Death

Years after his death, Hugh Hefner is as much of a polarizing figure as he ever was. Hefner has often been credited with such altruistic accomplishments as leading the sexual revolution of the 20th century. However, there were many areas of his life where the mogul held some fairly backward beliefs.

Hugh Hefner’s death was a surprise to people around the world. While he was noticably aging, many people thought he was imortal.

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