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Husband Leaves Wife And Baby After Fire Burns Away Her Looks— But Her Comeback Was Extraordinary

A Happy Life

At the beginning of 2016, Courtney Walden had everything she ever dreamed of. She and her husband, Mitch Cobb, were just married. They shared a home together and were raising Courtney’s daughter, Caroline from a previous relationship, together. The couple enjoyed doing things outdoors. One of their favorite things to do was have fires outside in their fire pit. The young woman from Tallapoosa, Georgia had everything she ever dreamed of.

The Tragic Event

One night, in September 2016, Courtney and Mitch were sitting out by the fire. Courtney was planning to prepare dinner for the two of them over the open fire. When Mitch saw that the flames were beginning to go out, he poured gasoline on the fire. This was a huge mistake. Within seconds, his wife was engulfed in flames. She tried the “stop, drop, and roll” method to put the fire out, but it didn’t work. Courtney says that the pain was horrific and she thought that she was experiencing her death. She remembers screaming to Mitch to call 911.

Emergency Care

When the ambulance got Courtney to the hospital, the doctor immediately saw how severe her injuries were. According to the doctor, if the ambulance had arrived just a minute or two earlier, she never would have made it. Courtney suffered 4th-degree burns on her face, and 3rd-degree burns over 40 percent of her body. To save Courtney’s life, they had to put her in a medically induced coma. She remained this way for a month. The doctors believed that this was the best way for her to begin to heal.

The Surgeries

During Courtney’s 51-days in the hospital, the doctors used skin grafts and laser surgery to save her life. Each procedure was more excruciating than the last. During her first stint in the hospital, she had 20 procedures. Although she was in extreme pain, she tried to stay positive. She had her husband and her daughter to live for.

A Horrible Man

Just after Courtney and Mitch’s four-month anniversary, Mitch told her that he was leaving her. He told her that he couldn’t handle her and he wanted to end the marriage. He admitted that it was his fault that Courtney was burned so badly, but he was still leaving. Courtney was devastated. It was bad enough that she was disfigured and in constant pain. When Mitch announced that he was leaving her, all she felt was despair. According to Mitch, he left because Courtney threatened to shoot her. She denies this and nobody believes his story. He made this up so that he didn’t look bad.

Trying To Move On

Without her husband by her side, Courtney had to move on. She had Caroline to think about. During her stay in the hospital, Courtney didn’t see her daughter. She thought that it would be too scary. When she went home, and she was reunited with Caroline, she didn’t recognize her mother. She ran away from her mother. It wasn’t until she heard and recognized her mother’s voice that she felt better. When Courtney saw herself in the mirror, she became physically ill. The doctors told Courtney that she might never walk again, but she refused to accept it. She had a daughter to live for, and she fought hard to prove them wrong.

Things Start Looking Up

Courtney panicked about her future. With no husband, no job, no money, and over $2 million in medical bills, Courtney moved in with her parents. Her church set up a GoFundMe page to help the 27-year-old mother to get back on her feet. With some of the $320,000 that they raised, they started building her a new home on her parent’s property. A high school friend of Courtney’s was one of the volunteers who helped build her home. When the two reconnected, they fell in love. Finally, things were turning around for her. People who donated money to Courtney left positive messages about her strength. They also had nothing nice to say about Mitch abandoning her.

The Butterfly Necklace

An anonymous person sent Courtney a butterfly necklace. She wore it every day. She thought of herself as a caterpillar before the fire and after, she became a butterfly. She knew that she was the same person inside and what people saw on the outside didn’t matter. People often stared and pointed at her when she was out in public, but she didn’t let it get her down. She often took photos of herself and shared them on Instagram. She often shared loving photos of herself, her new boyfriend, and her daughter together as a family.

Courtney’s Revenge

Husband Leaves Wife And Baby After Fire Burns Away Her Looks— But Her Comeback Was Extraordinary. Courtney managed to survive the fire that Mitch caused. She has millions of people in her corner supporting her. She is even looking forward to moving into her brand new home. Courtney says that the great things that she has in her life today are the perfect revenge for Mitch leaving her. As the saying goes, “The best revenge is living well.” This is exactly what Courtney is doing today.

Courtney’s Future

Courtney’s battle hasn’t ended. Over the next two years, she will still need to undergo 20 surgeries to help her get back to the person she was before she was burned. She says that she is ready for everything that the doctors have planned. With her daughter, parents, her new love, and her supporters behind her, she can handle anything. She says that Mitch leaving her was the best thing that could have happened. She says that him leaving gave her the strength that she needed to pull her life back together. Today, she has something that she never thought that she would have again. Hope.

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