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Jackie Chan Disowned His Daughter, This is the Sad Truth Why

Jackie Chan, a name that has become popular with martial arts, slapstick humor, and breathtaking stunts. Jackie remains one of the most known figures in international cinema. Born as Chan Kong-sang in 1954, this Hong Kong-native actor, martial artist, film director, producer, and singer. Worked his way up from being a stuntman to an icon in the global film industry. His unique blend of humor and action, coupled with his incredible dedication to performing his own stunts. And have seen him become a household name worldwide.

Despite his professional achievements, Jackie Chan’s personal life hasn’t always mirrored his on-screen success. Many fans were taken aback when news about his estranged relationship with his daughter, Etta Ng Chok Lam. This video aims to peel back the curtain and explore the uncomfortable. And indeed, sad reality of this complex father-daughter dynamic. It’s an untold story that underscores the complexity of human relationships and challenges the way we perceive our idols.

Facts Verse Presents: Jackie Chan Disowned His Daughter, This is the Sad Truth Why

Jackie’s Estranged Daughter

At a time when the phrase ‘nepo-babies’ has been firmly making the rounds on social media, Etta Ng Chok-lam. The 23-year-old daughter of Jackie Chan, presents a stark difference to the glamour and success associated with celebrity kids. Born on November 19, 1999, as a result of Chan’s affair with the 1990 Miss Asia winner, Elaine Ng Yi-lei, Etta’s life has been anything but straightforward or privileged.

When news broke of Jackie’s affair with Elaine, a beauty queen 19 years his junior, it sparked a massive scandal. After publicly acknowledging the affair and apologizing to his wife, Taiwanese actress Joan Lin, and his son Jaycee, Chan immediately distanced himself from Elaine and the yet-to-be-born Etta. As a consequence, Etta grew up without her biological father’s presence or even his surname.

Over the years, the hardship of Etta’s life became evident. The financial struggles she faced were particularly glaring when juxtaposed against her father’s continual success and wealth, with his net worth estimated at around US$400 million. In one notable instance, Chan was confirmed for another multimillion-dollar project with Disney. And Etta was sighted in Toronto, Canada, lined up for free meals, evidently struggling to make ends meet.

Etta, who publicly announced she was a lesbian in 2017, married Canadian social media influencer, Andi Autumn, in 2018. Despite having found a loving and committed partnership, their financial woes persisted. Not long after tying the knot, the couple reported to have been homeless and sleeping under a bridge due to alleged homophobia from their parents. The couple was also seen in a supermarket on CCTV footage, with Etta expressing a desire to find her dad.

Despite Chan’s fortune, no financial aid seems to have extended to Etta or her mother. Although there were suggestions that Chan might financially assist Etta when she turned 21, it’s unclear whether this ever transpired. On his part, Chan, when asked about supporting Etta financially, dismissed the issue. And stating that he believed she didn’t need his inheritance.

Further, Chan has publicly stated that he plans to donate his wealth to charity rather than pass it onto his son, Jaycee. While Jaycee has enjoyed a life of luxury, Etta’s experiences are starkly different. This seemingly unjust discrepancy has stirred considerable public criticism. And with social media users expressing their disappointment at her parents’ lack of support. Yet, amidst the criticism and hardship, Etta continues to brave her struggles. And a timely reminder that not all celebrity children lead lives of privilege and luxury.

Chan’s Shocking New Film

Jackie Chan’s latest film, Ride On, offers a poignant scene that gives an apparent paradoxical glimpse into his personal life. In the movie, Chan, playing the character Lao Luo, a former stuntman, shares a tearful moment with his on-screen daughter, Xiao Bao, played by Liu Haocun. It is as they watch a montage of some of his most memorable stunts from his career. This scene led to a surge of emotional reactions on social media. But also sparked discussions about the iconic actor’s real-life relationship with his estranged daughter, Etta Ng Chok Lam.

When the scene surfaced online without the movie’s context. And it evoked strong responses from viewers who mistook it for a real-life interaction between Chan and his daughter. This assumption fueled emotional outpourings and shared memories of Chan’s enduring contributions to the film industry. However, the reality of Chan’s relationship with his actual daughter stands in stark contrast to the poignant portrayal of father-daughter bond in the movie.

Etta Ng Chok Lam, as we’ve already noted, has lived a life largely devoid of her famous father’s presence. Etta confirmed in 2015 that Chan never ‘existed’ in her life. “I will never regard him as a father,”, she lamented.

Moreover, Etta and her wife, Andi Autumn, claimed in 2018 that they had been left homeless due to their “homophobic parents,”. And an allegation that further highlights the stark divergence between Chan’s on-screen father-daughter relationship and his real-life one.

Chan’s complicated personal life also extends to his relationship with his son, Jaycee, born from his marriage to Joan Lin. Jaycee’s arrest and incarceration for marijuana possession in 2014 marked a downturn in their relationship. Especially given Chan’s role as China’s anti-drug goodwill ambassador since 2009. Despite that setback, however, Chan and Jaycee were able to reconcile, albeit not wholly, following Jaycee’s stint in prison.

The profound irony of Chan’s latest movie scene lies in the glaringly uncomfortable contrast it draws with his real-life familial relationships. While the film showcases a touching and supportive father-daughter relationship, Chan’s estranged relationship with his daughter, Etta. And his historically strained relationship with his son, Jaycee, suggest a different reality. This contradiction has brought a new layer of conversation to Chan’s legacy, highlighting the sometimes uneasy intersection of on-screen portrayals and off-screen realities.

Chan Feels He “Failed” His Son

One of the darker chapters of Jackie Chan’s life, the arrest of his son, Jaycee Chan, for drug possession, was a profound blow to the martial artist and actor. Chan has always been an emblem of discipline and resilience in the industry, but his son’s past misconduct caused him to question his parenting skills, leading him to consider this incident as a failure on his part.

Chan’s memoir, Never Grow Up, provides a candid insight into the actor’s feelings of guilt and responsibility over his son’s conviction. He reveals how his constant absence due to his demanding work schedule contributed to a distant relationship with Jaycee, who grew up fearful of his father. Chan’s feelings of guilt intensified when Jaycee was arrested in 2014 for hosting friends at his property who were in possession of drugs.

The incident sent shockwaves through Hollywood and led to a very public mea culpa from Chan. The action star felt the weight of his son’s actions keenly, stating to the media, “I failed to teach my son and I must also bear responsibility. Jaycee and I bow deeply to apologize to society.”

Chan was adamant that Jaycee’s story should serve as a cautionary tale for other young people. In an act of parental tough love, Chan refrained from visiting his son in prison and intentionally distanced himself from him even after Jaycee’s release.

Chan’s philosophy as a father was heavily influenced by his Asian upbringing. And which emphasizes personal responsibility and consequences for one’s actions. While he acknowledged that he might not have been the ideal father, he viewed himself as a responsible one. Chan didn’t believe in protecting Jaycee from the effect of his actions. Instead, he encouraged his son to recognize and understand his mistakes before receiving help to rectify them.

Despite this stern approach, Chan was quietly helpful of his son through his trials, embodying a tough-love approach to parenting. His belief in self-reliance and personal responsibility extended to his financial philosophy. Now well known and perhaps a touch infamous for his statement about not leaving his wealth to his son. And Chan has long been a proponent of earning one’s keep and creating personal wealth.

The conflict relationship between Chan and Jaycee has been a cause of interest for fans. Their dynamic embodies a blend of discipline, tough love, and silent support. Yet, despite the tumult, Chan’s belief in the importance of personal responsibility has remained steadfast. And his handling of Jaycee’s misconduct reaffirms his dedication to these principles.

There are hopes that Chan will eventually put aside his prejudices and extend his heart to his daughter. As someone with immense influence, reconciling with his daughter could send a powerful message of acceptance, transcending societal norms and challenging outdated stereotypes.

But what do you think? How has your perception of Jackie Chan changed after knowing more about his personal life? Do you think he should reconcile with his children? Could he leverage his influence to challenge societal norms and stereotypes?

We want to hear from you! Share your thoughts and opinion in the comment section below. Whether you’re a Jackie Chan fan, a critic, or someone exploring the layers of this multifaceted persona for the first time, your voice matters. Let’s keep this conversation going and delve deeper into understanding the man behind the legend.

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