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James Corden is Actually a Jerk in Real Life

Best known for being the host of The Late Late Show on CBS since 2015, and for being the brains behind his fan favortite Carpool Karaoke sketch, James Corden is a British actor, comedian, singer and television personality who first rose to prominence for co-writing and starring in the acclaimed BBC situation comedy Gavin & Stacey. Throughout his career, Corden has rubbed elbows with more celebrities than we can count, has taken to the stage countless times to do standup and host award ceremonies, and has developed quite the following among fans both in the United Kingdom and the United States.

In addition to being a massive television star, Corden has also appeared in a handful of feature films, including 2010s Gulliver’s Travels, 2014s Into the Woods, 2014s Kill Your Friends, 2019s Cat’s and both of the Peter Rabbit films, which hit theaters respectively in 2018 and 2021.

For his performance in 2020’s The Prom, Corden was honored with his first Golden Globe nomination. For hosting The Late Late Show, Corden has been nominated for a staggering 22 Primetime Emmy Awards, winning a whopping 9 in total. In 2015, he was appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire. Clearly, this guy has accomplished quite a bit throughout his 25+ years in the spotlight.

His comedy is hilarious, and much of his film work has been pretty decent, but especially in recent times, Corden has faced intense criticism from his fans. Some have questioned whether or not he’s been the right pick for some of the film roles he’s been given while others have cast shade on Corden for reportedly being quite a jerk in real life. Regardless of how you view Corden, you’ve got to admit that at least he’s someone that’s willing to speak his mind. That being said, his lack of filter has gotten Corden into trouble more times than he’d probably like to admit.

Join Facts Verse as we discover why so many people dislike James Corden. In fact, he’s so universally disliked that there have even been calls for Hollywood to boycott him. Not only that, but a restaurant owner in New York City recently called him out and banned him for allegedly being an abusive customer. Stay tuned to get the full scoop on that scandalous story.

Corden’s Disastrous Reddit AMA Session

James Corden isn’t the first nor will he be the last celebrity to hop into a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” discussion only to end up disappointing his fans. In fact, he really didn’t have to do much to get commenters up in arms.

The most upvoted comment in Corden’s AMA thread is a story that calls James’ out for his alleged bad attitude and notoriously lousy behavior. Not only that, but that comment was far from the only one that suggested that the comedian isn’t quite as kindly as he puts on.

The rubbed-the-wrong-way fan called Corden ‘massively entitled’ while referring to pop star Harry Styles, whom he was joined by, as being ‘so cool’. This was just one of numerous complaints made by Redditors that honed in on Corden’s real-life personality as opposed to his professional work.

Corden Snubbed His Wife

A lot of folks chimed in on James’ AMA with their retelling of stories that pertained to personal encounters that they supposedly had with him, but if that wasn’t alarming enough, some Redditers also attempted to back up their claims by linking to articles that described Corden nasty attitude and irritable demeanor when out in public.

For example, at one point, Corden apparently was quite rude to his own wife while on a plane. Allegedly, he snubbed her and their crying child so cruelly that onlookers thought that it was just some random woman and her kid rather than Corden’s own wife and child.

He Wants To Pay His Employees LESS

If there is one story that best sums up why people can’t stand James Corden, its probably the one about that time that he actively campaigned against his own writers. That’s right, as the story goes, Corden and another executive producer once showed up to a writers’ union meeting just so they could advocate for paying late-night talk show writers lower wages. Yup, instead of standing up for his workers and fighting for their fair pay and treatment, Corden literally went out of his way to fight against them.

Now, at this point you might be wondering whether or not all of these terrible stories are true. And to be honest, a lot of information making the rounds right now detailing how allegedly awful Corden is can’t be verified. Much of this intel falls within the category of hearsay and rumor. That, however, brings up a serious question that demands to be examined.

If James Corden isn’t as awful as everyone says, then why isn’t he and his PR team doing everything they can to clean up his tarnished image ? After all, after seeing the dumpster fire that was his AMA, you would think that would have been a wake-up call for at least a few members of his team. But no, James nor anyone in his circle seems to be doing anything at the moment to try and save his tumbling reputation.

Corden Was Banned From A NYC Restaurant

A prominent New York City restaurateur, Keith McNally, recently called James Corden out for exhibiting abusive behavior toward his wait staff. Not only did McNally put Corden on blast for allegedly mistreating his employees, but he also permabanned him from his SOHO establishment, Balthazar.

McNally, the culinary genius behind the beloved Manhattan institution, took to Instagram to call out the entertainer. He started off by calling the Late Late Show host a ‘hugely gifted comedian’, but he followed that up by referring to him as a ‘tiny cretin of a man’.

McNally went on to call Corden the most abusive customer that his servers had come across in the 25 years since the restaurant had been open. He further said that it was exceedingly rare for him to 86 a customer but that he had banned Corden from that day on from stepping foot into his eatery.

McNally backed up his claims by detailing two instances in which Corden mistreated his staff. He further noted that several years ago, the comedian had behaved in a similarly poor way at another restaurant that he previously owned, Cafe Luxembourg.

One of the most damning examples of Corden’s abysmal behavior involved a time that he had apparently found a hair in his food. After eating his main course, James showed the hair to the manager on duty, who evidently was very apologetic and offered to help make it right.

Referring to the manager in question simply as “G”, McNally said that Corden was ‘extremely nasty’ with him and barked an order at him demanding that he immediately get everyone in his party a round of drinks ‘this second’. Corden reportedly then insisted that G should comp all the drinks that he and his dinner guests had already consumed; otherwise, he would resort to writing nasty reviews of the establishment on Yelp. Yeah, good job James. People respond exceptionally well when you subject them to threats!

On another occasion just a few months later, Corden visited Balthazar with his wife, television producer Julia Carey, for brunch. Julia ordered an egg yolk omelet with a  side salad. Just a few minutes after they had received their meals, Corden called over their server and told her that there was a bit of egg white mixed in with the yolk.

The server then informed the manager, G, about his complaint, and the kitchen subsequently remade the dish. Unfortunately, when it was time to send it out to the table, the kitchen accidentally plated the omelet with fries instead of a salad.

When Corden saw the fries, he immediately began yelling at the server and making a big scene. He screamed at the poor girl like a Karen while telling her that she wasn’t capable of doing her job. He then reportedly said that he should go back to the kitchen and cook the omelet himself.

McNally insists that his server was deeply apologetic and brought the floor manager over to Corden’s table in an attempt to smooth things over. G evidently ended up returning with the dish as ordered and offered Corden and his wife complimentary champagne.

While Corden treated G pleasantly, he communicated with his server as if she was some kind of slave. After he left, Corden’s server was evidently ‘very shaken’ by the experience.

Critics Don’t Buy His “Nice Guy” Image

James Corden experienced a meteoric rise to fame after taking over as host of The Late Late Show in 2015. The James Corden that viewers see nightly on their television screens is deeply charismatic and witty, but many critics aren’t convinced that Corden really is as pleasant as he projects. Many have referred to him as being quite rude and fake in interviews. Corden’s also been criticized for talking down to some of his guests, at times even abruptly interrupting and talking over them.

With his fan-favorite sketch comedy segment, Carpool Karaoke, Corden has been further accused of constantly needing to sing over his guests. Others firmly believe that on more than one occasion, Corden’s crossed that fine line between being funny and offensive on his show.

A great example of Corden’s nasty behavior caught on camera involved him awkwardly clashing with Star Trek’s Patrick Stewart at the 2010 Glamour Awards. The two exchanged a few low-blow jabs at each other, and honestly, they both were a bit out of line that evening. Even so, at one point, Corden told Captain Jean-Luc Picard that he would be happy to see him die on stage.

His Portrayal Of Characters Onscreen Has Come Under Fire

In the 2020 musical comedy film The Prom, Corden played a gay character. His portrayal of the character has been seen by some as being stereotypical and offensive. When he ended up getting nominated for a Golden Globe Award for his performance, this decision only succeeded in enraging the audience even further.

So many people dislike Corden, that when it was announced in November of 2021 that director Jon M. Chu had begun casting for a film adaptation of the Broadway musical Wicked, a petition was formed on just four days later with the intention of keeping James Corden out of the movie. The Late Late Show host has been criticized for seemingly appearing in every new musical. Not only was he in The Prom, but you might also recall he was cast in Cinderella and that ghastly abomination known as Cats as well. At this point, the public simply is getting tired of seeing him.

Just two weeks after the petition went live, it had already collected close to 100,000 signatures.

At this point, you should have a pretty good idea of why the public hates James Corden so much. Sure, not everything that we discussed in this video can be confirmed, but as the old saying goes, when there’s smoke, there’s fire. Some accusations made against Corden very well could be fabricated, but considering the sheer volume of complaints lodged against him, it’s reasonable to assume that he’s brought some of his ills upon himself.

Do you think James Corden really is as bad as people say he is, or do you think that he’s simply gained a bad rap just because of how big he’s gotten? Let us know in the comments.

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