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Jane Seymour Is In Her Prime But 4 Men Divorced Her

Jayne Seymour to prominence in the 70s. Also, a healthy career that lasts to this day. Likewise, the actress herself has managed to stay fairly healthy. She still radiates charm, especially notable for a woman nearly 70 years of age. Jane does a lot in her time, thriving through numerous career stages and four separate marriages. Through it all, she has maintained her youthfulness in a way that few before her have managed to do. Come with Facts Verse as we explore how Jane Seymour is in her prime – but four men divorced her.

Jane Seymour was born Joyce Penelope Wilhelmina Frankenberg on February 15 of 1951. It is perhaps understandable that she decides that she likes to be famous by her stage name. She was born in England, and took to acting at a young age. She features in some notable roles through the 1970s and the 1980s. Then she rises to prominence during the 90s as the titular character in the American television Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Through her steady career, Seymour’s love life has seen numerous ups and downs. However, she has maintained both her staggering good looks and her charm through it all.

In regards to her acting career, Jane Seymour’s biggest break came from being a “Bond girl” in the 1973 James Bond film Live and Let Die. This is where she would gain the public’s attention, and she would soon put it to good use. She appeared in other notable films throughout the decades, including East of Eden in 1981 and War and Remembrance in 1988.

However, what is arguably her most iconic role won’t come until 1993, when she receives an offer a starring role in a new made-for-television film. That’s the role less than a day before filming would begin. Not only that, but there was a caveat to her signing on that the project could potentially turn into a television drama that she would star in should the film be successful. The film was successful, and that show would eventually go to air. That show calls Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

Although Seymour had maintained a steady amount of work in various film and television roles, she was grateful for the constant gig that Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman provided. The show, which ran from 1993 to 1998, saw the star more popular than ever. Not only that, but it went on to make her the highest-paid actress in television for a short period of time. The show was a period drama following the titular character, a physician in Colorado, practicing medicine in the years after the Civil War. It was a serious role for Seymour, and one she put her heart into. The show notably transcended her status as a sex symbol, and reinvigorated her image for the audience. However, as great as she was at medicine, she would still maintain her looks underneath her modest gown. Surely, Jane Seymour is more beautiful now than ever at the age of 69.

When asked about her age and vitality, Seymour responds that “69, to [her], just appears to be a number”. However, she doesn’t think of herself as a “sex symbol”, but instead as someone who just wants to be “feeling incredibly healthy and well”. She also points out that her youthful looks help increase the number of roles that she can play. Still, despite her hesitance to don the “sex symbol” moniker, Seymour claims that she feels “much sexier now that [she] ever did when [she] was younger”, and she’s even got some photographic evidence in her favor!

Jane Seymour has been no stranger to Playboy magazine over the years, having appeared in three photo shoots since her first in 1973. After that first photo shoot, she didn’t appear again until 1987. This may seem like a long gap between photo shoots, but she followed that up with an even greater gap when she didn’t appear in her third photo shoot for the magazine until 2018. At the time, the actress was 67 years old! She says that she feels comfortable in her own skin, and she’s got the photos to prove it!

Surely, from becoming a Bond girl in 1973 to posing in Playboy in 2018, Seymour hasn’t skipped a beat in 45 years! If you’re enjoying this video so far, hit the like button to show your support! As well, be sure to subscribe to Facts Verse if you want to know when more videos are on their way.

From starring as a Bond girl in the 1973 film Live and Let Die to starring in the recent Hallmark holiday movie A Royal Christmas, Jane Seymour’s career is still going strong. Not only that, but her stamina and looks are as youthful as ever! Throughout her long career, the actress has gone through many roles, but has also gone through many love interests. Over the decades, Seymour has been through four husbands. Not only that, but her dating days still aren’t behind her! Both her love life and her career are still growing strong after all these years. Perhaps one key to her vitality is that she is always looking for new ways to follow her passions, whether that be through charity work or through her own self care.

On top of her groundbreaking role in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Jane Seymour has also tried to help the less fortunate in real life. She has been involved with the Open Hearts Foundation, providing on-hand aid to those in need. The actress is passionate about helping others, though there are few people she cares about more than her family. She has four children and is a proud grandmother. She maintains close relationships with them all, and those are arguably the successes she cares most about. However, these successes haven’t been mirrored in her own personal love life.

Jane Seymour’s first marriage was to a theater director by the name of Michael Attenborough. His name might sound familiar to film buffs, as he was the son of actor Richard Attenborough. She was married to him from 1971 to 1973. Four years later, she would enter into a new marriage with a man by the name of Geoffrey Planer. This marriage would only last for one year.

Jane Seymour wouldn’t get married again until 1981. She married David Flynn, who was a business manager. They had two children, a son and a daughter. This marriage would last much longer than Seymour’s previous marriages, but it still wouldn’t last forever. After over 10 years, the marriage would come to an end in 1992. According to Seymour, the marriage ran into trouble due to her immense workload. She said she “was providing for the whole family, so [it was] very hard”.

After Seymour’s marriage with David Flynn ended, it didn’t take her long to find a new match. This came in the form of an actor and filmmaker by the name of James Keach. The two would go on to have a pair of twins in 1995. This marriage lasted over twice as long as her marriage to David Flynn, but it also wasn’t meant to last forever. The two would end up divorcing in 2015. According to Seymour, the marriage ended as the result of her husband having an affair. She says that she felt “horrible [and] devastated”. However, few wives who get divorced in their 60s go on to pose in Playboy a few years later! Surely, when all is said and done, Jane Seymour’s love life has nowhere to go but up! After almost 70 years, Jane Seymour is still in her prime, and is currently dating.

On top of still getting roles in films such as 2017’s Sandy Wexler and 2020’s The War with Grandpa, Jane Seymour has been seen in a new romance. Since her divorce, she has been seen dating English producer and director David Green. David Green, like her, has had divorce in his past. Seymour has never been one to shy away from the difficulties that have come along with her love life, but she maintains a positive demeanor through it all. She knows that life brings with it obstacles, but there’s always something new around the corner! Whether that’s a new acting gig or a new notch on her belt, that’s for her to decide! Seymour will definitely be making her mark on the world for years to come, in any role that comes her way.

Jane Seymour has done some much over the years, it’s hard to include it all in one video! Comment down below to share your favorite moment from her career in film and television, or if you think that one of her marriages ended too soon! As always, like the video to support more content, and subscribe and hit the notification bell to be among the first to know when more content is on the way!

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