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Jeff Garlin’s On-Set Behavior Just Got Him Kicked off the Goldbergs

As the hit ABC series The Goldbergs nears the end of it’s ninth season; fans are wondering what the future might hold. The show has had to overcome some hurdles in recent years; from a change in showrunners to the death of a beloved cast member. However, the hardest challenge that The Goldbergs has had to face in recent times has inarguably been the controversy surrounding Jeff Garlin. Last year, it announced that some anonymous people had accused Jeff of behaving inappropriately on the set of the show; which resulted in him taking a reduced role in the series’ current season. Now, Jeff is gone from the show for good, and fans are wondering whether or not the series will continue. Join Facts Verse as we explore how Jeff Garlin’s on-set behavior just got him kicked off The Goldbergs.

Jeff Garlin Has Exited The Goldbergs

Towards the end of 2021; it officially announced that Jeff Garlin no longer going to be returning to play his part on the hit ABC series The Goldbergs. Prior to the announcement, Jeff had played the character of Murray Goldberg on the series for more than eight seasons. Jeff’s official exit from the show came as a result of numerous allegations that had come out against the star; over the course of the preceding year. With anonymous sources insinuating that it could oftentimes be a little intimidating being around Jeff on set due to his demeaning sense of humor and his penchant for giving unwanted hugs.

At the time that Jeff’s exit from The Goldbergs announced; the decision didn’t come as too much of a surprise to fans of the series. Many expected Jeff to quit following the filming of the show’s ninth season; but few expected Jeff to bow it while that season was still in production. The entirety of the ninth season had scripted with Jeff’s involvement in mind. Though his character had given a reduced presence in order to necessitate less filming days for the star in the wake of the allegations.

While one might assume that the producers wanted Jeff to be on set as little as possible as a result of his poor behavior; it seems that Jeff was actually the one who didn’t want to work on The Goldbergs anymore. As a result of the accusations, Jeff felt inhibited while shooting the series and no longer considered the set to be a fun work environment. No specific party has ever come forward; and claimed credit for the anonymous accusations that led to Jeff exiting from the series. And it seems that the star had positive relationships with the majority of his coworkers.

Jeff Will Continue Performing on Curb Your Enthusiasm

All in all, it seems that Jeff Garlin’s sense of humor never quite fit in on The Goldbergs or it’s set. According to Jeff, the kind of things that the HR department got mad at him for on the set of The Goldbergs are the same kind of things that make him such a valuable asset on shows like Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. Jeff claims that it’s in his improvisational work ethic as a comedian to constantly be firing on all cylinders. And this sometimes results in him saying things that might come off as slightly offensive.

According to Jeff Garlin, he had been the subject of an HR investigation for three years in a row leading up to his exit from The Goldbergs. However, it wasn’t until just before his official departure that the allegations against the star truly started making waves amongst the public. The controversy came to a head when Jeff was interview by Vanity Fair about the allegations. During the interview, Jeff claimed that he was completely ignorant about whatever it was that he had done that had upset the anonymous accusers. But that he was actively working on being a better person in general. He also claimed that he was making a lot of changes to his overall workplace demeanor. And that he had completely ceased all of his improvising on The Goldbergs’ set.

It seems that Jeff Garlin’s decision to leave The Goldbergs was a mutual one. There less than a dozen episodes of the show’s ninth season left to film after Jeff’s departure. And it seems that these episodes have all rewritten to accommodate for the actor no longer being available. Once the ninth season is over, it remains unclear if ABC is going to renew the series for a tenth season. However, a recent deal that ABC made with series star Wendi McLendon-Covey suggests that a tenth season without Jeff Garlin is a very good possibility. If you’re enjoying this video so far, be sure to hit the like button to show your support! Also, subscribe to the channel if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

Will The Goldbergs Return for a Tenth Season?

The Goldbergs revolves around it’s titular family, with that family being led by parents Murray and Beverly Goldberg. While patriarch Murray played by Jeff Garlin until his recent departure, actress Wendi McLendon-Covey plays Beverly Goldberg. While both stars started out on equal footing when the series began; Beverly Goldberg has slowly grown to eclipse her husband as the fan-favorite character. Because of this, Jeff leaving the series arguably didn’t make as big of an impact as it could have during earlier seasons. Prior to Jeff’s exit from the series; many fans predicted that he was going to quit after season nine. And that the show would continue for a tenth season revolving predominantly around the character of Beverly. Now that Jeff has exited the show early; people are even more curious about whether or not this Jeff Garlin-free tenth season will happen.

The Goldbergs’ ninth season is set to wrap up soon, and there won’t be much time left for ABC to announce a new season. A new season of the series has premiered every fall since it’s premiere in 2013. While the show has yet renewed for a tenth season, ABC has renewed it’s contract with series star Wendi McLendon-Covey. If this contract renewal is any indication; the network is interested in the prospect of at least one more season of The Goldbergs.

Other Controversies The Goldbergs Has Faced

The controversy surrounding Jeff Garlin is not the only controversy that The Goldbergs has had to overcome since it’s 2013 premiere. Early on in the series, comedian Bryan Callen brought on to portray the role of Coach Mellor. While the role initially small, the character became more and more popular over the course of The Goldbergs’ early run; leading to Coach Mellor given an increased presence. Later, Bryan Callen would given a starring role in the 2019 spin-off series Schooled. Sadly, in 2020, allegations came out against the comedian claiming that he had engaged in some sexual misconduct. Schooled cancelled following it’s second season in 2020, and Bryan hasn’t made any more appearances on The Goldbergs.

Despite the fact that Bryan Callen’s career seems to have put on hold as a result of the allegations that came out against him in 2020. The comedian maintains that the allegations were completely false. Besides the loss of both Bryan Callen and Jeff Garlin; The Goldbergs has also recently suffered the loss of George Segal. George had played the character of Pops since the show’s beginning. With the loss of both George Segal and Jeff Garlin, The Goldbergs has no patriarchs left. And it seems it will be up to Wendi McLendon-Covey to make things worthwhile for fans should the show end up coming back for a tenth season.

Besides the fact that The Goldbergs is hemorrhaging cast members; there’s also the fact that many fans of the series simply don’t think that it’s current episodes meet the same quality standards as the earlier ones. Adam F. Goldberg, who also served as the series’ showrunner for it’s first six seasons, created the show. Since those first six seasons, other writers have served in the role of the series’ showrunner; and fans have noticed the difference. Fans seem to be particularly unhappy with this latest season; though Wendi McLendon-Covey claims that the poor quality of the show’s recent episodes has come as a result of Jeff’s early exit messing up the writers’ plans. According to Wendi, if The Goldbergs is allowed to return for a tenth season. That tenth season will go down much more smoothly than this one, which should make it much more rewarding for fans.

Fans of The Goldbergs Call Out Fake Jeff

Fans grew particularly outraged during a recent wedding episode; where it appeared as if Jeff Garlin’s face had digitally imposed onto a stand-in in order to make it appear as if the actor really in the same room as his family. Footage of this scene went viral, and many people surprised to learn that The Goldbergs was still on the air. It seems that, while there are still plenty of diehard fans that are looking forward to the continuing adventures of the show’s titular family; most of the world has long-since moved on. This is another reason why it’s hard to blame Jeff Garlin for taking his early exit from the series.

If The Goldbergs is going to renewed for a tenth season, we will likely hear about it any day now. Every season of the show, except for one, has premiered in September; meaning that there are only a few months for a new season to start production in time. Regardless of whether The Goldbergs continues, Jeff Garlin’s time with the series is over. However, he’ll continue appearing on Curb Your Enthusiasm!

Jeff Garlin claimed that he was the subject of an HR investigation three years in a row before making his exit from The Goldbergs. Now it’s time to hear from you: did you know that Jeff Garlin is afraid to hug anyone in the wake of the accusations that got him kicked off The Goldbergs. And that he’s not the only one of the show’s former stars that has ever accused of on-set misconduct? As always, like this video to show your support, and subscribe and hit the notification bell; if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

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