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Jessa Duggar’s New Photo Of Her Sons Has People Worried

Celebrity Parents

Celebrities are always in the public eye, which means that people get to see them when they are at their best and at their worst. Thanks to social media and technology, we are able to see more of celebrities than ever before. Unfortunately, all of this exposure comes with some internet trolls. Many of these trolls do their fair share of parent shaming.

Kylie Jenner

Ever since Kylie gave birth to her daughter, Stormi Webster, she has been dealing with internet trolls. When she took a photo of Stormi on her first birthday, many of the comments weren’t about how sweet Stormi looked, they were directed towards Kylie’s long nails. People wondered how Kylie dressed her daughter and changed her diapers with nails so long.

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan’s wife, Blake Lively, took a sweet photo of Ryan and their daughter on Father’s Day in 2015. Ryan was holding the baby in a carrier, but instead of commenting on how cute the two were, internet trolls attacked. They complained that the baby’s head wasn’t high enough and that her legs weren’t at a proper 90-degree angle.


Pink is used to people mommy shaming her. When she took a photo of herself cooking with her son James in 2017, people didn’t comment on sweet it was that she was spending quality time with her son. Instead, they commented on the fact that her son could have been injured while she was cooking.

Kristin Cavallari

Kristin has her own show, but she tries to keep her kids out of the public eye. She and her former football star, Jay Cutler, have decided to let the kids decide if they want to be on TV. Kristin does post photos of her kids on social media and people parent shaming her. When Kristin and Jay took the kids on vacation to the beach, she took a photo of her sons standing by the ocean. Rather than commenting on the sweet family moment, trolls commented about her sons’ weight, saying that they looked starved and unhealthy.


Former Jersey Shore party girl, Snooki brought her daughter to co-star, Mike’s wedding. Snooki’s daughter was photographed with J-Wow’s daughter, but the comments were far from friendly. Trolls complained that her daughter wasn’t dressed nice and that Snooki didn’t take the time to do her hair. After a long day, it is impossible to keep a child that age looking perfect.

Megan Fox

In 2008, Megan Fox was named the sexiest woman in the world by FHM. Today, she is best known as a mom of three and wife to Brian Austin Green. Megan allows her children to express themselves the way that they like, and she received a lot of flak for it. It 2018, her six-year-old son, Noah, decided to be a zombie cheerleader for Halloween. When Megan posted the photo, internet trolls had a field day. Megan didn’t back down, and she still believes that her children should have the freedom to dress the way they like.

Olivia Wilde

Two days after the deadly 2017 Las Vegas shooting, actress Olivia Wilde took a photo of her son, Otis in the bathtub. The black and white photo shows her kissing her son. She added a caption that read, “Finding hope in this.” Rather than seeing it as a sweet photo, trolls complained that she kissed her son on the lips.

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel try to keep their son, Silas’ face away from the camera as much as possible. In 2018, the couple took their son on a trip to Paris, and Justin took a photo of Jessica kissing her son. Internet trolls didn’t see the picture as a cute mother/son moment. Instead, they complained that the little boy’s hair and romper were too feminine.

David Beckham

Soccer star David Beckham is a wonderful father and husband. In 2017, he posted a photo of himself kissing his daughter on the lips. People criticized him for the kiss, calling it gross and inappropriate.

Jessica Simpson

In 2018, Jessica Simpson posted a video of her sin, Ace, flipping in a swimming pool. Many of the comments were positive, but not all of them. Some people worried that Jessica allowing her son to do a flip like that could have caused him to break his arm. They went on to insult Jessica’s intelligence by bringing up the infamous, “Is this chicken or fish that I have” fiasco.

Jessa Duggar

Jessa Duggar’s new photo of her sons has people worried. In April 2019, Jessa Duggar took a photo of her two sons, Henry and Spurgeon. She was shopping for gardening supplies, and her sons were hanging off the carriage. Internet trolls were angry that her older son could have knocked the carriage over while hanging on it. What they failed to notice was that there was a stack of bricks in the carriage heavier than both boys put together that would have held the carriage down.

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