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Joan Collins Holds Nothing Back About Her Former Lovers

Joan Collins is a television actress best known for her decade-long portrayal of the character Alexis Colby on the hit soap opera Dynasty. The 89-year-old star has been married to the same man for two decades, though she had a string of failed marriages and relationships before that. Join Facts Verse as Joan Collins holds nothing back about her former lovers.

Joan Collins Is Happily Married to Her Fifth Husband

Former Dynasty actress Joan Collins is doing incredibly well for herself today at the age of 89. For the past two years, she’s been in a loving marriage with a man by the name of Percy Gibson. Joan and Percy met while the former figure was working on a touring stage production in the early 2000s. According to Joan, she got along so well with Percy that she initially assumed that he was gay. However, she realized that the man was heterosexual after she sent him to pick up some eyeliner and he came back with mascara.

Though Joan and Percy had been friends for a significant time period before becoming romantically involved, the actress didn’t waste much time once she realized that the man was straight. The two ended up tying the knot in 2002, and they’ve been happily married ever since! In addition to being husband and wife, the two have continued to work together in a professional capacity. Nowadays, Percy is just as much Joan’s business manager as he is her husband. While this isn’t always such a good thing in husband-and-wife relationships, it seems Joan and Percy make it work.

At 57 years old, Percy Gibson is a good deal younger than his wife. Joan treats the age gap between the two of them with a flippant sense of humor. Percy would have a hard time finding a woman in her late 50s that looks quite as stunning as Joan Collins does at 89. The actress has taken great care of herself over the years, and she claims that she rarely touches meat. Despite the fact that the woman seems to have defied typical human aging, she claims that she has never gone under the knife in any circumstance. According to her, she tried Botox injections once, but she ended up not enjoying the experience due to her fear of needles.

Joan Is Still a Natural Beauty at the Age of 89

Joan Collins looks beautiful at the age of 89, though she was something else during her prime! When Joan was at her most beautiful and popular, men courted her left and right. This is evident not only in the relatively high number of husbands that Joan had before marrying fifth husband Percy, but also in the alleged three-dozen romantic partners that she held besides these husbands

Joan has been asked on numerous occasions what makes Percy Gibson so special in relation to all of the lovers that she held previously. According to Joan, Percy is simply a good deal nicer than the rest of them. Though Joan is averse to going under the knife to increase her sex appeal, she does wear a good deal of makeup. The actress also claims that she oftentimes wears wigs during public events, as she doesn’t like how long it takes her to get her hair looking the way she wants it to. The actress’s preference for wearing wigs in public even led to her developing her own wig line.

When Joan Collins first showed up in Hollywood, she claims that none other than Marilyn Monroe herself gave her advice on how to deal with men. According to Marilyn, Joan needed to be careful on how she dealt with men in the industry if she was interested in having a successful career. Joan took this advice to heart, but she wasn’t willing to sleep with anybody to get ahead in the entertainment industry. Joan oftentimes jokes that she could’ve become even more famous if she had allowed herself to be passed around to Hollywood executives. However, Joan is plenty famous enough as it is.

Joan Collins never slept around to get ahead in her career, but she did have an unfortunate incident where a notable Hollywood figure drugged and took advantage of her on a date. Shockingly, this figure would then end up becoming the actress’s first husband! If you’re enjoying this video so far, be sure to hit the like button to show your support! Also, subscribe to the channel if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

Joan’s First Husband Was Also Her Rapist

From 1952 to 1956, Joan Collins was married to her first husband. This first husband was an Irish actor by the name of Maxwell Reed, and the circumstances surrounding their marriage are certainly shocking! According to Joan, she was a virgin when she went out on her first date with the actor. The actress had no intention of sleeping with the man, but she ended up doing so anyways against her own volition. It seems that Maxwell slipped a drug into Joan’s cocktail that caused her to pass out. At this point, he took advantage of the incapacitated actress. When Joan woke up, she realized what had happened and became ill. However, these were different times, and there wasn’t any recourse for Joan to take in order to get back at the perpetrator.

Not only did Joan have no way of getting back at Maxwell Reed, but she also felt marked by the man because of what he had done to her. Joan believed that it was her duty to marry the man that took her virginity, which is how she ended up tying the knot with Maxwell after the crime. As should come as little surprise, the marriage didn’t end up working out very good. However, it’s still impressive that Joan managed to spend five years married to her rapist.

Maxwell Reed was 32 at the time that he met Joan Collins, and Joan was just barely out of her teens. After divorcing from Maxwell, Joan would stay unmarried for the next several years while hooking up with several notable figures in Hollywood. One of these figures was Harry Belafonte, who was married at the time. Joan claims that she couldn’t help herself from starting up an extramarital affair with the man, and the calypso singer felt a similar way. Their affair only lasted for a short period before Harry started feeling guilty.

Warren Beatty Couldn’t Get Enough of Joan

After hooking up with Harry Belafonte, a 26-year-old Joan Collins was said to have had a pretty serious relationship with a 22-year-old Warren Beatty. The two became hot and heavy for a time period, but Joan alleges that she couldn’t keep up with the young actor’s libido. According to Joan, Warren wanted to have sex seven times a day. Joan would’ve liked to fulfill the actor’s request, but it wore her out too much. A friend of Joan’s warned her that not satiating Warren’s desires might lead to the actor seeking fulfillment elsewhere. It seems that his ended up becoming the case, as Warren cheated on Joan multiple times. According to legend, some of the actresses that Warren cheated on Joan with include Natalie Wood, Diane Keaton, and Goldie Hawn.

Perhaps as a result of Warren’s exceptional libido, Joan Collins ended up becoming pregnant with the actor’s child towards the end of their relationship. Joan felt that she wasn’t ready to start a family yet, and she also felt that Warren probably wasn’t the right man to do it with. Because of this, the actress ended up getting an abortion around the same time that the pair’s relationship came to an end.

In 1963, Joan Collins married second husband Anthony Newley, and they were married until 1971. She was then married to a man by the name of Ron Kass throughout the majority of the 1970s. In 1985, she entered into a two-year marriage to a man named Peter Holm. Upon Joan and Peter’s divorce in 1987, the actress remained unmarried for around 15 years before finally wedding Percy Gibson.

Joan Collins Turned Down a Few Members of the Rat Pack

Besides all the husbands and boyfriends that Joan Collins has had over the years, there have also been some notable figures that the actress wasn’t too keen on hooking up with. According to legend, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Richard Burton each pursued Joan. Frank Sinatra allegedly tried to get the actress to accompany him on a flight to Hamburg so that he could take her out to dinner. When Joan told the famous crooner that such a flight couldn’t be worked into her schedule, he allegedly hung up on her immediately.

Frank Sinatra’s pal Dean Martin seems to have had even less tact in romantically pursuing Joan Collins than Frank did. According to Joan, Dean simply showed up at her door one day and began banging on it while exclaiming that he wanted to take the actress out for a drink. Understandably, Joan didn’t take Dean up on the offer. Finally, Joan Collins was famously said to have turned down the chance to hook up with Richard Burton because she didn’t want to end up becoming just another notch in the actor’s bedpost.

Joan Collins remains best known for her work on Dynasty, though she never received equal pay in comparison to male costar John Forsythe. According to Joan, John received nearly twice as much as her during the early days of the series. Towards the end of the series, Joan finally managed to convince the studio to give her around the same amount as John per episode. However, the studio simply worked their way around this by putting her in fewer episodes!

Joan Collins claims she never slept with a man to get ahead in her career, but she still has had plenty of negative experiences with members of the opposite gender in the entertainment industry! Now it’s time to hear from you: did you know that Joan Collins had her virginity forcibly taken while on a first date with Irish actor Maxwell Reed, and that she later decided to take him as her first husband? As always, like this video to show your support, and subscribe and hit the notification bell if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

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