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Joanne Woodward is FURIOUS About Paul Newman’s Affair

Prior to his death in 2008, esteemed Hollywood actor married to second wife Joanne Woodward for many decades. Although Paul consider a decidedly family-friendly figure in the entertainment industry; It has long-since been rumored that the star engaged in a notable extramarital affair with actress Nancy Bacon early on in his marriage to Joanne. Paul and Joanne refused to comment upon these rumors while Paul was alive. Now that Paul has passed away, Joanne is looking to finally put these rumors to rest! Join Facts Verse as we take a look at why Joanne Woodward is furious about Paul Newman’s affair.

The late Paul Newman remains known for many things. Not only he was one of the most popular Hollywood actors of his time. But he was also a political activist and charitable figure that became equally well known later in life as the figurehead of the brand Newman’s Own. On top of all of these many hats that the esteemed figure wore during his life. He was also seemingly always a loving husband to second wife Joanne Woodward; whom he married in 1958 and stayed with for half of a century until the event of his 2008 death.

Although Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward were married for five decades, their marriage wasn’t always a perfect union. In fact, when Paul first met Joanne, he’s still married to his first wife! Many have theorized that Paul and Joanne actually became intimate while Paul still married to first wife Jackie Witte. However, Joanne and her late husband have always remained adamant that they waited until Paul divorced to start canoodling.

Paul Newman met first wife Jackie Witte in 1949, shortly before becoming a big Hollywood star. During their decidedly short-lived marriage, Paul and Jackie had three children together. Jackie was apparently always supportive of her husband’s aspirations to become a Hollywood star. Those aspirations paid off later in the decade. Paul made his big screen debut in 1954 with a role in The Silver Chalice. And later became a star thanks to his starring turn in the 1958 boxing biopic Somebody Up There Likes Me.

While Jackie Witte should’ve been happy about her husband’s success, it came with a caveat. Just as Paul was breaking out into the industry; he was also slowly falling in love with fellow star Joanne Woodward. Paul and Joanne first met in 1953. It is when they were both working in New York City on a Broadway production by the name of Picnic. Joanne apparently didn’t find herself initially impressed by the actor, though Paul allegedly instantly taken by her.

The thing that first struck Paul about Joanne were her incredible looks. Though he would later come to realize that the actress was capable of much more than just looking good. What had started out as infatuation quickly turned into legitimate admiration. As Paul found himself falling sincerely in love with Joanne. The actress found herself being similarly won over by his charms, as well. However, the fact that Paul married at the time allegedly prevented them from taking things further during the production of the play.

After the production of Picnic came to an end. Paul and Joanne apparently parted ways before meeting back up by chance a few years later. By that time, the two realized that they still had strong feelings for each other and that they didn’t want to let them fall by the wayside. Feeling that he had found the new love of his life, Paul talked his first wife into getting a divorce so that he could marry Joanne.

After meeting back up in 1957, Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward officially tied the knot in 1958. They would remain married for five decades, though it has been rumored that Paul became unfaithful to Joanne in their marriage numerous times. Despite the rumors, the late actor remained adamant up until his death that he never cheated on Joanne. Today, more than a decade after her late husband’s death, Joanne is still fielding rumors about Paul’s alleged infidelity.

Despite the fact that they successfully married for five decades. Many considered Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward to be an odd couple. Paul Newman known as a sex symbol for living life in the fast lane; whereas Joanne had a much more subdued personality that didn’t quite jive on the surface with her husband’s more exciting way of life. Still, the two seemed to make things work. Even amidst rumors that Paul was being unfaithful to her with numerous other partners. If you’re enjoying this video so far, consider clicking the “join” button below to become a Facts Verse member. Doing so will give you access to exclusive videos featuring content too risqué for YouTube!

Paul Newman always denied that he cheated on first wife Jackie Witte with second wife Joanne Woodward. But these rumors were far from the only rumors of infidelity that the star had to continuously refute over the course of his lifetime. It has been alleged that Paul Newman had extramarital relations with many. Many figures over the course of his lifetime, with these figures including both men and women. Some of the many figures that Paul rumored to have been romantically involved with during his time married to Joanne include Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Judy Garland, and Marlon Brando. Before her death, actress Shelley Winters alleged that she had relations with both Paul Newman and Marlon Brando at the same time.

Part of Paul’s image was his clean-cut sensibility. And it would’ve been disastrous for the star’s career if the American public had been successfully convinced that he’s an adulterer. Thankfully, Paul’s fans seemed to remain blissfully unaware of the possibility that the actor could be unfaithful to his wife. In one memorable interview, when ask about whether or not he ever got a wandering eye when it came to his wife; Paul claimed there was no reason for him to go pick up a hamburger when he had steak at home. Fans ate this up, and Paul remained popular.

Paul’s hamburger line came back to haunt him; when it started being rumor that he’s involve in an affair with fellow actress Nancy Bacon. Tabloids started claiming that maybe Paul was too good to pick up a hamburger. But he wasn’t above picking up some bacon! Out of all the allegations of infidelity, the rumors that Paul had an affair with Nancy Bacon remain the most prominent. According to legend, the two romantically involve for well over a year, with their affair apparently being a poorly kept secret.

Besides rumors of infidelity, another thing that tainted Paul Newman’s family-friendly image during the 1970s was the fact that one of his sons from his first marriage died from intoxication during the decade. That was Scott, who had followed his father’s footsteps into the entertainment industry before becoming addicted to substances and passing away in 1978. Paul had used his industry connections to help secure Scott a position as a stuntman. Though this didn’t stop Scott from drinking himself to death not long after.

When Paul found out that Scott had passed away, the Hollywood star felt devastated. Of course, there was a part of Paul that blamed Scott’s death on the fact that he had left first wife Jackie for second wife Joanne so many years prior. According to Paul, he felt immense guilt for Scott’s death until his own death three decades later. In 1980, only a few years after the death of Scott, Paul created the Paul Newman Foundation in an effort to quell some of his guilt. The foundation created with the expressed purpose of addressing the issue of substance abuse in young adults.

The creation of the Paul Newman Foundation was far from the only charitable endeavor that Paul Newman became known for later in his life. The actor advocated numerous charitable causes over the course of his lifetime. And loved using his star power to do what he felt was the right thing. He created the food brand Newman’s Own, which is still around today! After tax, all of the company’s profits go to charity. The brand has been incredibly successful, and has donated hundreds of millions of dollars since it’s inception.

Despite the rumors of infidelity that plagued the actor over his lifetime; Paul managed to make things work with second wife Joanne Woodward up until his death in 2008. It has been said that Paul still madly in love with Joanne Woodward even as he was lying on his deathbed, and would still light up every single time she entered the room.

Over a decade after her husband’s death, Joanne Woodward is still having to field rumors about her husband’s alleged year-plus affair with Nancy Bacon. Joanne still remains adamant that no such affair ever occurred. Legend says that Paul Newman was drinking heavily during the time period. The drinking likely exacerbated his infidelity, and the guilt that he felt afterwards only made him drink more.

At the story goes, Joanne Woodward became sick of Paul Newman coming home drunk and decided to give him an ultimatum. It was apparently at this time that Paul decided to put his affair with Nancy Bacon to an end. And also made a considered effort to escape his habit of heavy drinking. If Paul Newman was unfaithful to Joanne at certain times during their marriage; it seems that he made an effort to be a better husband later in life, yielding their long marriage.

Although the late Paul Newman remained adamant up until his 2008 death that he was never unfaithful towards either of his wives, second wife Joanne Woodward is still fielding rumors of an alleged affair between her late husband and actress Nancy Bacon. Now it’s time to hear from you: did you know that the late actress Shelley Winters alleged that she had sexual relations with Hollywood stars Paul Newman and Marlon Brando at the same time, and that Paul married to his second wife for five decades?

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