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John Malkovich Made a Film We’ll NEVER See

John Malkovich is a one-of-a-kind actor and that’s because he is able to get into the skin of every character he plays and make every role his own, the way very few other actors can. Malkovich spent years honing his craft within the theatre circuit before making it big into the films. He was a member of the Chicago-based Steppenwolf Theatre Company, which takes credit for many other incredibly talented actors of this generation, including Laurie Metcalfe and Gary Sinise. Malkovich’s genius lies in the fact that he cannot be fit into any ‘type’ — he is unique in every way. Over the years, this legendary American actor has impressed audiences with the unique roles he has played. However, what many people do not know is that Malkovich is as fascinating in real life as he is on screen. In this video, we tell our viewers some interesting facts about this special actor. Did you know that Malkovich has made a film that you’ll never see or that he hasn’t voted since 1972? Hit the play button to hear more such interesting facts.

John Malkovich Has Made a Film We Will Never See

Trust John Malkovich to do the weirdest, most bizarre things. Do you know the actor has made a film that we will never see? Yes, that’s true. In 2015, to celebrate 100 years of Louis XIII Cognac, Malkovich collaborated with director Robert Rodriguez to create three versions of the same film titled 100 Years: The Movie You Will Never See. After completing the film, Malkovich and Rodriguez locked the film inside a vault. This vault will now be opened in 2115. A thousand people from around the world have been given tickets to the 2115 premiere of the film and it is up to these people to pass the tickets to the members of the next generation so that they may enjoy what we will never see.

He Last Voted in the 1972 Elections

Currently, most of you must be religiously following news channels, curious to know who will win the current war unraveling between the Democrats and Republicans. However, John Malkovich is above all that. The man voted last in 1972 and since then, he has refrained from casting his vote. Why? Well, according to Malkovich, contrary to what your local and national leaders are telling you, politics does not solve any real problems.

His Political Views Will Baffle You

Most of the actors in Hollywood lean towards the left. So, it is very surprising to know that an actor like Malkovich is actually a conservative and his views stand with the far right. In 2002, Malkovich had threatened the life of a politician after the man spoke against the Iraq War. He had also once expressed his desire to shoot eminent journalist Robert Fisk for his political opinion on Israel. William Hookins who had worked with Malkovich in the late 80s once said in an interview that Malkovich’s views are so far right that one would think the actor is kidding.

He Once Saved the Life of a 77-Year-Old Pensioner

In 2013, while in Toronto to perform the imaginary opera The Giacomo Variations, Malkovich saved the life of a 77-year-old pensioner, Jim Walpole. The elderly man was on a bus holiday to Toronto when he tripped and fell into the scaffolding outside his hotel and registered a deep cut on his neck. Malkovich saw the man and immediately came to his rescue. The legendary actor pressed the man’s neck to stop the bleeding. Those who were around and saw the situation unfold thought that Malkovich had very good control over the situation and knew what he was doing.

Are you enjoying these facts about one of Hollywood’s most eccentric as well as talented actors? Well, John Malkovich may have saved the life of a 77-year-old pensioner but he couldn’t save his life’s savings. Yes, back in the late 90s, John Malkovich lost every penny he had made, but the actor bounced back. We will tell you more about this in a short while. So, stay tuned. Meanwhile, if you are enjoying this video, do not forget to like and subscribe to our channel.

At 16, He Lost 70 Pounds on a Jello Diet

John Malkovich was a chubby kid and that was mostly because both of his parents worked round the clock and left their five kids to fend for themselves. Malkovich ate anything and everything he liked and all the calories he consumed daily began to eventually show on his face. Thus, at the age of 16, Malkovich decided to go on a diet. He ate jello and only jello for four months. Surprised, right? What’s even more surprising is that he lost 70 pounds while on this weird diet and never gained back those pounds.

Before Becoming an Actor, He Worked as a Bus Driver to Support Himself

John Malkovich is a famous actor now who has made a lot of money and lives a comfortable life in Cambridge, Massachusetts. However, he went through his fair share of struggles. Being before recognized for his acting talent, Malkovich undertook several odd jobs to pay the bills and support his dreams. Other than working as a cabbage cutter at a fast-food restaurant, Malkovich also worked as a school bus driver. In an interview, he shared that he enjoyed driving the bus. When asked if the students on the bus were fascinated by him, his answer was a straight no.

He Is a Fan of Knitting and Embroidering

The more you read about Malkovich, the more convinced you become that the actor is as fascinating in his real life as he is on screen. One of Malkovich’s passions is knitting. His friends say that the man can sit for hours in one place and just knit. He also enjoys embroidering, decorating his home with flowers, and cooking. It is said that Malkovich indulged in needlework between takes on the sets of Sheltering Sky and that the director of the film, Bernard Bertolucci, found the habit quite weird.

He Once Went After His Stalker

For many years, Hollywood offered only the creepy roles to John Malkovich and that was primarily because the man was so convincing as the psychotic murderer in In the Line of Fire and the unprincipled Vicomte Sébastien de Valmont that all roles that bordered on creepy or psychotic went to Malkovich. The man also did almost nothing to change this image. In fact, the stories he shared only reinforced this image of the actor. In an interview, Malkovich shared that he once confronted his stalker with a knife. However, before he did this, he first went to his home and got out of his expensive designer suit and into a normal pair of clothes.

He Turned down Spider-Man but Had Agreed to Play the Vulture in Spider-Man 4

In the 2002 hit film Spider-Man, John Malkovich was offered the role of Green Goblin. However, he turned the role down because of scheduling difficulties and more importantly, because the role did not excite him enough. However, he agreed to play The Vulture in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 4. Unfortunately, Sony canceled the film. It would have been so much fun to see Malkovich bring The Vulture to life.

He Had Suggested Changing Being John Malkovich to Being Tom Cruise

Charlie Kaufman conceived Being John Malkovich as the story of a man who is in love with a woman who is not his wife. It wasn’t Kaufman but Francis Ford Coppola’s daughter’s boyfriend Spike Jonze who approached Malkovich for the role. Malkovich loved the script but suggested the name of the film be changed to Being Tom Cruise. He was of the opinion that if his name appeared in the title, then he may across as an actor with some serious narcissistic issues. However, Kaufman and Jonze convinced Malkovich to let them use his name in the title and the rest is history.

He Has His Own Fashion Company and Is a Successful Fashion Designer

John Malkovich studied costume designing in college and loved the subject. He is also quite well-known for his unique style. Thus, after he made some money, one of the first things that Malkovich did was set up his fashion company. Mrs. Mudd was established in 2002 and released its first line of menswear collection titled Uncle Kimono in 2003. In 2010, Malkovich came up with the concept of another line called Technobohemian. Malkovich’s line is quite a hit and the actor designs all the clothes himself.

He Hates His Voice

John Malkovich may be known for his soft and buttery voice, but the truth is the man cannot stand his own voice. In an interview, Malkovich shared that when he listens to himself, he feels like he is listening to someone who has spent years doing drugs and whose voice has become labored due to narcotic abuse. Thus, the actor tries his best to never listen to himself.

He Once Lost All His Life’s Savings

In 2008, John Malkovich shared with an interviewer that he lost close to $50 million, i.e. his life’s savings after his business manager invested all his money with a guy named Bernie Madoff who defrauded investors around the world of $64.8 billion. Though Bernie got 150 years in jail, his sentence did not bring back the money Malkovich had earned after working in close to 90 films. However, Malkovich did not lose heart. He worked hard, did films that paid well, made some lifestyle changes, and is back on his feet again.

This Is Why He Spent Years in France

Most of the A-list actors and Hollywood celebrities either choose New York or Los Angeles as their base. However, Malkovich is different. He may be a brilliant actor who enjoys facing the camera, but he absolutely hates facing the shutterbugs and likes to live a private life. It is primarily because of this reason that Malkovich spent many years in France until a tax dispute impelled him to come back to the United States. The actor currently lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and is probably the only actor to have inhabited the area.

John Malkovich is one of the most famous, talented, and eccentric actors in Hollywood today. His years of acting training reflects in every movie he does — the man makes every role his own. That apart, of course, his low voice, intense gaze, and thin lips have been pivotal in making him the most popular Hollywood villains. Are you a fan of John Malkovich? In which role, did you like him the best? Which is your favorite movie of the actor? Please let us know in the comments section. Also, before you move to the next Facts Verse video, do not forget to like and subscribe to our channel and press the bell icon to stay updated about our latest videos.

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