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Judge Judy Secrets That They’ll NEVER Show You On TV

When it comes to fake television judges, Judith Sheindlin considered as the cream of the crop. Despite the immense popularity that she has been able to achieve thanks to her hit show Judge Judy. It appears that the celebrity judge is somewhat of a controversial figure in real life. Besides numerous allegations of there being a toxic work environment behind the scene of her popular programs. Judy has sued by her talent agency due to her insane salary demands. Join Facts Verse as we take a look at Judge Judy secrets that they’ll never show you on TV.

Judge Judy Show Journey

Since 1996, television audiences have known Judith Sheindlin as the celebrity judge behind the hit program Judge Judy. The program became a massive success soon after it’s debut, but has sadly come to an end just recently. Thankfully, the final episode of Judge Judy wasn’t the end of Judy herself. The celebrity judge has a new show, titled Judy Justice, which features much of the same creative team. This fact comes for better and for worse. However, as many of these figures have been the subject of allegations from former employees.

There have been numerous allegations made that working on Judge Judy wasn’t a positive experience for various production staff. It is allegedly that the show had a toxic work environment. Like replete with racism, sexism, and a generally unmanageable amount of pressure put on the team. These accusations directed at many high-profile members of Judy’s staff. Including several producers working on her new show.

While none of the allegations directed at Judy herself. They’ve included the insinuation that the celebrity judge might need to exercise her power more in deciding what kind of behaviors are allowed to be exhibited behind the scenes of her shows. For her part, the celebrity judge has claimed that she was completely unaware of any of the alleged behaviors. However, she never take action against the allegedly toxic individuals continuing work on her show. Now, that she has been made aware of them.

Judge Judy Show Allegation

Allegations of there being a toxic workplace behind the scenes of Judge Judy have been around for years. But they are coming to a head now that Judy has moved onto a new show and making more money. And is choosing to carry on much of her allegedly problematic production staff. People are now looking back on the judge’s sketchy history with renewed interest. And many are wondering if they should tune into Judy’s new show. The targets of the allegations brought forward include executive producers Randy Douthit, Amy Freisleben, as well as supervising producer Victoria Jenest. All three parties have denied the allegations put forward against them and appear to be continuing to work on Judy’s new show.

Who was Randy Douthit?

Randy Douthit was a director and executive producer on Judge Judy that carried over to Judy Justice to continue performing these roles on the new show. The producer accused on various occasions of inappropriate behaviors. Including sexual harassment and racism. It allegedly saying that Randy made numerous inappropriate comments to various women working on the set of Judge Judy. And was adamant that the production staff be picky about how many black people should be allow. Despite multiple allegations, Randy has continuously denied that he exhibits these behaviors in the workplace.

The accusations that have been directed at Randy Douthit may be the most severe of the allegations that have presented. But they aren’t the only ones. Numerous employees from the show have alleged that producers Amy Freisleben and Victoria Jenest encouraged a toxic work environment. Due to drinking on set and forcing people to ruthlessly compete for job security.

What Happened in the Allegation?

In defense of the three producers and Judy herself, a spokesperson for Judge Judy suggested that Randy, Amy, and Victoria’s long-standing professional relationship with Judy showed that the work environment behind the scenes of the show was properly functioning. In their reasoning, if the show was able to function for so many years under the guidance of these three figures, than they must have been doing something right!

These three producers are people that Judy has been working with for many years, and it makes sense that she’d want to carry her winning production team over to her new show. Despite the rumors of an allegedly problematic work environment on her previous one. It remains to be seen how the celebrity judge handles the increasing scrutiny that is being directed at her and her professional compatriots. But the three producers appear to be continuing to serve the same function on Judy Justice as they did on Judge Judy.

These allegations of a toxic work environment are far from the only surprising secrets that have been revealed from behind the scenes of Judge Judy. With other secrets including the lawsuit that came about from the celebrity judge’s hefty salary demands. If you’re enjoying this video so far, be sure to hit the like button to show your support! Also, subscribe to the channel if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

How it Ended ?

Although none of the aforementioned allegations were directed at Judith Sheindlin. The celebrity judge was still annoyed by them because they insinuated that she wasn’t exercising enough control behind the scenes. In response, Judy has called the allegations ludicrous. If the celebrity judge doesn’t exercise a lot of control behind the scenes of her programs. By the time Judge Judy ended it’s run just recently, Judy was making nearly $50 million dollars a year! This exuberant salary came as a result of the celebrity judge making increasingly large demands over the course of her time on the series. The staggering figure has made her the highest-paid woman currently on television.

Judy was actually making so much money from Judge Judy that her salary inspired a lawsuit from her talent agency. Apparently, her talent agency had struck a deal with the CBS network that a certain amount of money that went into the show had to be given to them. When the network increased Judy’s salary as a result of her exuberant demands. They failed to increase the amount of money being allocated to the star’s talent agency. They were able to get away with this thanks to a loophole. When the talent agency sued, Judy herself countersued. The lawsuit ended up turning out in the favor of Judge Judy’s producers. And it was decreed that no one involved in the show had done anything wrong.

Judge Judy Show Debut

Judy is currently 79 years old, and has been at it since she was in her 50s. The celebrity judge was in her mid-50s when Judge Judy made it’s 1996 debut. With the show quickly becoming a massive success. Prior to becoming a celebrity judge, Judy had been an actual judge working within the family court system of New York City. During her time as a functioning judge. Judy developed a reputation for her exuberant personality, and for her lack of patience. When Judy started her hit television series both of the aspects is exaggerated to a comical degree.

Although the cases featured on her shows have always been real, Judy was no longer a real judge by the time she showed up on television. This means that the decisions made by her on the programs have never represented actual judgments of the law. Instead, Judy’s shows are merely facsimiles of actual courtrooms. When Judy decrees that a defendant has to pay up some sum of money, it’s actually the producers of the show paying money to the plaintiff.

Is Judy A real Judge in the Show?

While Judy hasn’t been a real judge for some time. Cases that feature on the show is an actual cases from small claims court. The producers of her shows scour all current cases in small claims court looking for ones that would make interesting television. And then proceed to contact those involved to ask them if they’d be willing to drop the case in exchange for the opportunity to appear on television and make a little bit of money. Of course, the fact that no one involved in the case will ever end up having to pay any of his or her own money out of pocket regardless of determined innocence sweetens the deal for candidates.

People are often surprise when they learn that Judy has no any affiliation with actual law enforcement. The same fake formula established on Judge Judy has continued in full-force on the celebrity judge’s new show, which is being produced by Amazon. Another aspect of Judy’s shows that many people might not have ever realized was being faked is their location. Although clever editing may have led many in the television audience to believe that Judy’s shows are filmed in the former judge’s native New York City. But it actually filmed on a soundstage in California, like most other television series.

Judith Sheindlin Popularity

Judy reportedly spends around 52 weeks a year filming episodes. In order to film, the celebrity judge flies to California from her home on her own private jet. Despite the fact that Judy Justice continues to fake a New York City setting. Judy hasn’t called the city her home in quite a while. During the winter months, Judy lives in Florida, while she lives in Connecticut during the summer.

Despite the fact that Judith Sheindlin remains the most popular celebrity judge on all of television. Most of the above information likely came as a surprise to even the biggest fans of the decidedly controversial figure. Now it’s time to hear from you: did you know that Judge Judy stopped being a real judge as soon as she got on television, but that all of the cases featured on her shows have been real? As always, like this video to show your support, and subscribe and hit the notification bell if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

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