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Kathy Ireland Shocks Fans With Her Confession About Jesus

Kathy Ireland is a name synonymous with the fashion industry, having graced countless magazine covers and runways during her modeling career. Notably, Ireland was a famed supermodel back in the 80s and 90s. She rose to fame after appearing in 13 consecutive Sports Illustrated Swimsuits, three of which she was featured on the cover. But her achievements go far beyond modeling. From building a multi-million dollar brand to becoming a philanthropist, Kathy Ireland has shown that with faith, hard work, and determination, anything is possible.

What sets Kathy Ireland apart from many other successful individuals is her unyielding faith in God. Throughout her life and career, she has relied on her faith to guide her decisions and actions. In this video, we will take a closer look at Kathy Ireland’s career and her unwavering belief in the power of prayer and faith. We will examine how her faith has influenced her life and career, and how it has helped her overcome challenges and obstacles along the way. So, let’s dive in and explore the remarkable journey of Kathy Ireland, a woman who has never lost sight of her faith, even in the face of adversity.

Facts Verse Presents: Kathy Ireland Shocks Fans with Her Confession About Jesus

Kathy Ireland’s Spiritual Awakening

Kathy Ireland was born on March 20, 1963, in Glendale, California. She grew up in Santa Barbara, California, in a tight-knit family with three sisters and one brother. Her parents were devout Christians, and faith played a central role in their family life.

When Ireland was sixteen, she was scouted at her high school by Elite Model Management. By eighteen, Ireland was a lonely up-and-coming model living in a drab rundown French apartment at the end of a dreary hallway that she and her housemates nicknamed “the dungeon”.

While she would one day become one of the most sought-after models in the industry, Ireland had to fight her way tooth-and-nail to the top in a notoriously cutthroat industry. Before her efforts would be rewarded, she had to pay her dues and prove her worth. No doubt, she questioned her career path on numerous occasions during those uncertain times, but fortunately, she was able to find a glimmer of hope that kept her going.

It was during this time that the future-entrepreneur developed a new relationship with the divine.

In 2021, Ireland told Fox News that while she was living in Paris, she was struggling to keep her head up. While modeling in France might sound pretty glamorous to some, it wasn’t at all what she expected when she first boarded a flight out of California en route to Europe. She was all alone and didn’t have much of a plan to speak, but she still knew that it was an opportunity that could potentially lead her to bigger and better things.

While modeling, Ireland could save money for college or perhaps start a business. At the time, she was fresh out of high school, and unlike today’s youth, she had little in the way of technology or other distractions to hoid her back from remaining focused on the prize.

During one evening in 1981, Ireland was going through her suitcase when she discovered a bible that her mother had secretly packed for her. While she had grown up in a religious household, she admittedly didn’t even know how to read the Bible.

Still, she felt strangely drawn to the book, so she decided to just open it up and start reading. After turning to the book of Matthew, she proceeded to read throughout the night. She knew at that moment that she was holding, and we quote, “truth” in her hands. While there wasn’t anyone else in the room telling her that she needed to join any particular church or denomination, she knew right then and there that she wanted to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

Something about Jesus and the words that she was reading in that old Bible seemed to come alive. She felt a strange sense of power and comfort sweep over her for the first time in her life.

Ireland told Fox that in her industry, especially back then, it was filled with “a lot of really sketchy guys”. But after reading the Bible, she felt drawn to how powerful Jesus was. After reading the Gospels, she especially felt comforted by how loving and respectful Jesus was to women. So, right then and there, she confessed Christ as her Lord and Savior. Looking back on that moment, Ireland says that the experience forever changed her life.

As Ireland continued to pursue what would eventually become a very successful modeling career, she felt like she was failing in business. Although she would one day be the brains behind a multi-billion dollar company, she had yet to arrive at that first breakthrough moment. If she had, likely her modeling career would have never taken off. So, looking back on things, she probably feels like things played out precisely as they were supposed to. Even so, those initial failures really rattled her. While she easily could have lost hope, she was able to keep trudging forward while relying on her faith in God.

Studying The Bible Wasn’t Simple

The Bible can be a somewhat intimidating book to anyone that’s never read it before. After all, it’s comprised of 66 smaller books and letters written by dozens of writers over the course of a couple of millennia. Without having an understanding of it’s ancient context, some of the Bible’s passages are hard for a new believer to fully grasp.

Still, Kathy Ireland remained steadfast and determined to understand it’s message as her modeling career skyrocketed. After finding success, she could have put her faith on the back burner, but she knew that if she did that, she would be neglecting one of the most powerful things in her life.

While reading the Bible, Ireland found many of it’s passages to be very uplifting and inspiring while others seemed very perplexing and hard to grasp. At first, she was simply picking and choosing what she liked while neglecting the rest. She later admitted to trying to mold God into what she wanted him to be instead of surrendering and letting him mold her into the kind of person she was made to be.

It wasn’t until Ireland was 44 that she finally read the entire Bible from cover to cover. Ever since then, however, she says that the Bible continues to teach and guide her every day.

Today, Ireland is 59 years old and has three children, a loving husband, and a thriving business. Though she very easily could have prioritized her career above everything else throughout her life, she has remained committed to putting her faith first.

Years ago, she started setting her morning alarm to make time for 10 minutes of prayer. In time those ten minutes of prayer and Bible study turned into an hour or more. To her, spirituality and faith isn’t merely something that she pencils into her schedule. Rather, it reflects a deep and longing need within her to get to know her creator. She prays and studies not out of a sense of duty, but rather out of joy. She even likes to call it her ‘daily bread and water’.

Her Faith Kept Her Going

In 1993, Kathy pursued her lifelong dream of becoming a businesswoman when she founded the Kathy Ireland Worldwide brand. In 2015, it was reported by Forbes that she had grown into one of the most successful women in America while building a $420 million fortune. At the time, her name, style, and marketing was attached to some 17,000 products.

To become successful in the realm of business, one has to develop a thick coat of armor. As Ireland developed her brand, she learned that she had to rely upon her faith to keep going when doors were initially being slammed in her face.

Looking back on things, Ireland attests that the gospel was and still is at the core of every decision that she makes. Even so, she’s quick to point out that her company isn’t an explicitly Christian one. She employs team members from all sorts of different backgrounds and beliefs and never attempts to force her faith on anyone. That said, she’s not ashamed of her beliefs, nor does she do anything intentionally that contradicts them.

She Wants To Give Back

Kathy Ireland feels like God has blessed her immensely throughout her life. As such, she has always been passionate about giving back to those in need. Her philanthropic work spans across a wide range of causes, from helping children and families in crisis to advocating for animal rights and environmental conservation.

One of the most notable organizations she has been involved with is the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. For World AIDS Day in 2017, Ireland donated $100,000 to Taylor’s foundation.

Kathy Ireland has also used her platform to raise awareness about important social and environmental issues. She has been a vocal advocate for animal rights and has worked with organizations such as the Humane Society of the United States. She has also been an outspoken supporter of environmental conservation efforts and has worked with the Rainforest Foundation and other similar organizations.

In addition to her charitable work, Kathy Ireland has also created her own philanthropic initiatives. In 2005, she founded the Kathy Ireland Worldwide Charities, which supports a variety of causes, including education, health, and safety. Through her philanthropic work, Kathy Ireland has made a significant impact on the lives of countless individuals, and her legacy of giving back continues to inspire others to do the same.

Isn’t it inspiring to learn how Kathy Ireland’s faith has continued to play an active role in her life even after finding so much success? It makes you wonder where she even would be today if her mother hadn’t tucked that Bible away in her suitcase as a teenager.

On that note, we’ll go ahead and wrap things up, but that just means it’s now your turn to let your voice be heard. Did you know that Kathy Ireland was such devout Christian and do you think her faith has helped inspire others to seek out a relationship with God? Let us know in the comments. And as always, thanks for watching!

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