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Kevin Costner’s Daughter Is His Spitting Image

Everyone knows that Kevin Costner is one of Hollywood’s most respected actors, but did you know that he’s also a country singer? Kevin takes his country singing pretty seriously, having started out in a country band before his career took off and returned to his country roots recently. Kevin has seven children, and several have followed him into the entertainment industry. However, there’s only one kid so far that has followed Kevin into the world of country music, and that would be Lily. Join Facts Verse as we explore how Kevin Costner’s daughter is his spitting image.

Kevin Costner Started Out as a Singer

When one thinks of Kevin Costner, the first thing they think of is liable to be the star’s impressive career as both an actor and a director. The actor has starred in an insane number of successful films, and has even directed one or two of them! Kevin’s most famous movie role is arguably the part he played in The Bodyguard. Though Kevin didn’t direct the film himself, it did give him the chance to grace the silver screen alongside Whitney Houston. Another of Kevin’s most popular films is Dances with Wolves, which he also directed.

The Bodyguard features Whitney Houston as the love interest of Kevin Costner’s character. Of course, Whitney was coming from the world of music. The theme song that she performed from the movie was arguably a bigger success than the film itself, making the work as a whole the perfect crossover between the worlds of cinema and popular music. Though Whitney didn’t have much experience acting, Kevin Costner certainly did. However, many people probably don’t realize that, like Whitney Houston, Kevin Costner started out as a musician before becoming an actor.

Before finding success with Hollywood, Kevin Costner was the singer of a band that went by the name of Roving Boy. Kevin certainly had a lot of fun with the group, but the band didn’t end up finding much commercial success. Once Kevin’s acting career started up, the celebrity realized that his roles in Hollywood films were going to be much more lucrative than his role as the lead singer of Roving Boy. Because of this, the band came to an end around the time that Kevin Costner started finding success on the screen.

Kevin Got His Band Back Together in 2005

Over the course of the 1990s, Kevin Costner was one of the biggest actors in Hollywood. By the time the 2000s rolled around, the actor was ready for a bit of a reprieve from the film industry. Because of this, he ended up getting his old band back together in 2005. In 2004, Kevin married second wife Christine Baumgartner after being divorced from his first wife for around a decade. It has been suggested that Christine played a large role in inspiring Kevin to get his old band back together. Upon their revival, Roving Boy became known as Kevin Costner & Modern West. Given that Kevin is a much bigger celebrity now than he was during the 1980s, his musical endeavor has found a good deal more success.

According to Kevin Costner, he wasn’t intending to find any commercial success by bringing his old band back together. Instead, he simply wanted to see if music still had the power to make him as happy as it used to. As it turns out, it does! Another positive impact that Kevin Costner getting back into country music has had is that it opened up the pathway for daughter Lily Costner to follow in his footsteps.

Kevin Costner fans may already be aware of the actor’s relatively large family. Kevin has seven different children from three different relationships, and a few of those children have followed their father into the public sphere. For the most part, the kids that have chosen to follow Kevin into the entertainment industry have done so via film work. However, Lily Costner has followed her father both onto the screen and into the world of country music. Like her father, Lily Costner has made a name for herself as quite the country singer.

Lily Costner Has Followed Her Father Into Country Music

It seems that Kevin Costner passed his love of country music onto his daughter Lily early on, but she didn’t start making waves in the country-music scene until around 2013. That year, the singer could be seen performing in a television special by the name of CMA Country Christmas. In the television special, Lily performed the Christmas classic “Silent Night” alongside big-name country-music star Trace Adkins. It was quite the star-studded debut for the singer!

In addition to her appearance in 2013’s CMA Country Christmas, Lily Costner has also provided backup vocals on a few notable country albums. One of those albums would be “Nothing More” which was released by the group the Alternate Routes in 2015. Lily has also provided backup vocals on a number of songs from her father’s band.

According to Lily Costner herself, she’s less interested in fame and more interested in garnering the respect of her peers in the country-music scene. It seems that Lily is more interested in the world of music than she is in the world of film, but Lily has also worked as an actress on multiple occasions since she was a child. In 1995, Lily appeared in the film The Baby-Sitters Club, which was based upon the popular book series of the same name. A few years after that, Lily appeared alongside her father in his directorial effort The Postman. Since making the transition from acting to singing, Lily worked alongside her father yet again on the 2014 film Black and White. While Kevin Costner starred in the film, his daughter Lily sang the opening song. According to Kevin, he didn’t initially intend to hire his daughter for the job. However, the personal that he initially asked wanted too much money. Kevin then relented to have his daughter perform singing duties, and he was happy with the result!

Kevin Has Some Other Kids in the Industry

Lily is one of Kevin Costner’s three children from his first marriage. Kevin’s first marriage was to a woman by the name of Cindy. Kevin and Cindy were married from 1978 to 1994, and they had three children together over the course of that time period. Besides Lily, the other two children that Kevin had with his first wife are Annie and Joe. Like Lily, both Annie and Joe have followed in their father’s footsteps.

While Lily is the child of Kevin Costner’s whose career path has most resembled her father due to the fact that she has dabbled in both film and music, both of her full-blood siblings have also followed their father into the entertainment industry. Annie is Kevin’s oldest daughter. Like Lily, she appeared alongside her father in his 1997 directorial effort The Postman. However, unlike Lily, she also got the chance to appear aside her father in one of his more successful directorial efforts, which was 1990’s Dancing with Wolves.

Nowadays, Annie Costner has found her niche in the entertainment industry outside of her father’s looming shadow. Annie founded a production company by the name of Sound Off Films, and the production company is known for it’s documentary output. Annie and Lily’s full-blood brother, Joe, also appeared in The Postman. Nowadays, he works on films as an audio engineer and sound mixer.

Kevin Has Seven Kids from Three Relationships

All three of Kevin Costner’s children from his first marriage followed his footsteps into the entertainment industry. However, the same can’t be said for Kevin’s other four kids. It seems that, since the birth of his fourth child, Kevin has put much more work into keeping his kids guarded from his role in the entertainment industry. In between his first and second marriages, Kevin was romantically involved with a woman by the name of Bridget Rooney. Kevin and Bridget had a child together in 1996, and that child was named Liam. Of all of Kevin’s seven children, Liam is the one that the public knows the least about. Liam has never made any moves towards following in his father’s footsteps, though there doesn’t appear to be any bad blood between the father and son.

After his romantic relationship with Bridget Rooney came to an end, Kevin Costner finally decided remarry. As we’ve already established, Kevin’s second wife is Christine Baumgartner, and the two marred in 2004. The two are still together, and they’ve had three children since getting married. Kevin and Christine’s first child was Cayden. Cayden was born in May of 2007, several years after his parents first tied the knot. Following Cayden came another boy, named Hayes, in February of 2009. Finally, Kevin’s most recent child is Grace, who was born in June of 2010.

According to Kevin Costner, his three youngest children are barely even aware of what their father does for a living. However, Kevin has shared a funny incident wherein he watched his aforementioned 2014 film Black and White with his daughter Grace. Kevin put on a little bit of weight for the film, as the character that he was playing wasn’t meant to be in the same physical shape that he was. When Grace was watching the film, she was quick to point out her father’s belly. Kevin had a hard time explaining to his youngest daughter that this was simply good acting on his part.

Kevin Costner Is Still a Big-Name Star!

Kevin Costner has spoken in the past about how difficult it can be two have three sets of children from different relationships. However, the actor does his best to make sure that all of his seven children feel included and loved. Kevin is still doing pretty well for himself when it comes to his acting career. Kevin has been the star of the hit Western television series Yellowstone since 2018. The show is currently on it’s fifth season, and it will likely stick around for a few more!

Though several of Kevin Costner’s seven children have followed their father’s footsteps into the entertainment industry, Lily Costner is the only one that has done so both in the world of music and the world of film. Now it’s time to hear from you: did you know that Kevin Costner moonlights as a country singer, and that his daughter Lily is also involved in the country-music scene? Comment down below!

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