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Kim Kardashian Opened Up About Falling For Kanye West – And Why He Was Warned To Stay Away From Her

The Kardashians- Pre-KUWTK

Everyone knows who the Kardashians are. Some love them, and some hate them. The family’s name began to appear in the media way before their reality show premiered. The first time America heard the name Kardashian was during the OJ Simpson trial. The Kardashian sisters’ father, Robert Kardashian, was OJ Simpson’s roommate in college, his best friend, and a member of his defense team.

A Family Divided

The whole family was close to OJ and his wife, Nicole. They took frequent vacations, and the Kardashian sisters’ mother, Kris, was best friends with Nicole. Kris and Robert were divorced when Nicole, and her friend, Ronald Goldman, were found murdered outside Nicole’s Brentwood home. Despite the divorce, Kris and Robert remained close. When Nicole was found dead, and OJ was the primary suspect in the murder, Robert believed in OJ’s innocence, and Kris was sure that he killed her best friend. This created a divide in the family. Half the family was Team OJ; the other half was Team Nicole. The Kardashians agree that it was a terrible time for their family.

Media Attention

The Kardashian sisters were strangers to media attention until OJ was arrested. The crime was the biggest news at the time, and the trial was known as the trial of the century. When then, girls were out with their father, there were cameras everywhere. The media interrupted the family during dinners and outings. When Kim went to visit her father, they mistook her for Robert Kardashian’s “mistress.” All of the media attention took a massive toll on the family.

Paris Hilton and Sex Tapes

A few years after the trial, Robert Kardashian was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, and he died shortly after. The family was devastated, but they tried to move on. Kim started hanging out with the mega-famous socialite, Paris Hilton. After the two became friends, Kim was photographed by the paparazzi often. When a sex tape was released that Kim made with her former boyfriend, Ray-J, she became famous in her own right. Some people believe that Kim and Kris released the tape themselves to make Kim memorable so that their reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, would be successful.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians

Keeping Up With the Kardashians is a reality show that follows the lives of the Kardashian-Jenner family. The show made every member of the family fame and millions of dollars. The show was suggested to Kris by talk show host, Kathy Lee-Gifford, and Kris worked hard to get the show on the air. Thanks to their fame, the sisters began dating famous people, including actors, singers, and athletes. This was how Kim met her husband, Kanye West.

The Meeting

Because Kim was on TV and on magazine covers, she caught Kanye Wests’s attention. When he first asked about her, he was told that she had a boyfriend. When news of her breakout was reported, Kanye invited her to a fashion show in Paris. She accepted, and the two became friends. It would be years before the couple started dating.

The Wedding

A year after Kim and Kanye had their first child, a daughter named North West, they got married. The wedding was said to be taking place in Paris, and then the guests were secretly flown to Florence, Italy, for the actual ceremony. The wedding was filmed for Keeping Up With the Kardashians. While the couple was happy to be getting married, many people weren’t. In fact, Kanye was warned to stay away from Kim.

Bad For the Brand

Kim Kardashian Opened Up About Falling For Kanye West – And Why He Was Warned To Stay Away From Her. When the couple started dating, Kanye was told to stay away from her. They had different careers and different brands, and many thought that Kim would ruin Kanye’s brand, his reputation, and his career. While people were warning Kanye to stay away from Kim, they were warning her as well. She was told that her lifestyle would harm Kanye’s brand, and his career would never recover.

Kim and Kanye Today

The couple ignored the warnings, and they dated and married. Today, they have a large family, including their daughter, North, their son Saint, their daughter, Chicago, and their son, Psalm. They are still filming the show, Kanye is still making music, and both of them have many business ventures.

Love Them Or Hate Them

People have very strong opinions about the couple. Some people love them, and some hate them. Kanye has been surrounded by controversy for years, and Kim has had her own share of public scandals. Despite the warnings, in the beginning, the rumors in the tabloids, and Kanye’s erratic behavior, the couple is still going strong. They are dedicated to their lives together and their family, despite the way they are portrayed in the media.

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