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Kim Kardashian Revealed Where Her Dad Stashed Secret O.J. Simpson Evidence In Their Home

A Murder in Brentwood

When OJ Simpson’s ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman, were both found stabbed to death outside of her home in Brentwood, California, on June 12, 1994, a media frenzy began that wouldn’t end for years. Talks of the murders would continue for decades. The case was so high-profile because OJ Simpson was the main suspect in the murders.

The Simpsons’ Relationship

OJ Simpson married his first wife, Marguerite L. Whiley, in 1967, when he was just 19-years-old. Ten years later, he met a waitress at The Daisy nightclub, Nicole Brown. While still married to Marguerite, he started dating Nicole. OJ’s marriage ended in 1979, and he waited six years before marrying Nicole. They had two children together, Sydney and Justin. The couple didn’t have a happy relationship, and they broke up often. There were many times that the police were called to the couple’s home for domestic violence. Simpson was charged once with spousal abuse in 1989, and he pleaded no contest. Three years later, Nicole wanted out of the marriage, and she filed for divorce.

Back Together With OJ Simpson

Just because they were divorced, the couple didn’t stay apart. They got back together a few times, but quickly, things went back to the way they were. On October 25, 1993, Nicole called the police. She could be heard on a recording crying, warning the dispatcher that her husband was going to beat her up. After that incident took place, Nicole ended things for good. Less than a year later, Nicole and Ron were found brutally stabbed to death. Nicole had been stabbed so many times in the head and neck that her head was barely attached to her body. She also had stab wounds on her hands from trying to protect herself. By the time the police found her, she and Ron had been dead for two hours.

Media Coverage

The case resulted in round-the-clock coverage. The media was all over the story, and for 300 days, it received front-page placement in the Los Angeles Times. Between the time of the murder in 1994 and 1997, there were over 2,000 televised news pieces about the murder, the case, and the trial.

Evidence Of OJ Simpson

At the scene, the police found a bloody glove. When officers went to inform OJ of his wife’s murder, they found a second glove on the property, with blood on it. The blood contained DNA from both victims. This gave the police enough evidence to arrest OJ, and he hired attorney, Robert Shapiro to lead his defense team. Shapiro brought on other attorneys to form what the media dubbed, “The Dream Team.”

A Suicide Threat and a Low-Speed Chase

When OJ wrote letters to his mother and his children, Robert Shapiro worried about his mental state. He asked his longtime friend, AJ Cowlings, to drive him up Interstate 405 in a white Ford Bronco. When the police caught up to them, AJ told them that OJ has a gun to his head, threatening suicide. Over 20 police cars followed the Bronco going 35 MPH. Every television station cut into their regularly scheduled programming to televise the chase. They even cut into the 1994 NBA Finals.

Robert and Kim Kardashian

Robert Kardashian was OJ Simpson’s best friend and his former college roommate. He was also one of Simpson’s lawyers during the trial. Robert and his former wife, Kris, were very close friends with both OJ and Nicole. When the murders took place, the family was fractured because Robert supported OJ, and Kris was sure that he was guilty of killing her best friend. Sadly, their children were stuck in the middle of the whole thing. Robert worked hard to prove his friend’s innocence, and he often kept piles of evidence in his home. He left everything in a place where his daughter, and future reality star, Kim Kardashian, could find them and then go through herself.

The Trial Of OJ Simpson

The trial was considered to be the trial of the century. It was televised live on television and was one of the most-watched programs on television. The evidence against Simpson was overwhelming. Stunningly, 100 million people tuned in to watch the jury send down their verdict on October 3, 1995, and they found him not guilty on all charges. Some believed that they found him not guilty in fear of riots that could break out, similar to the riots a few years earlier. One person who was no longer sure of OJ’s innocence was Robert Kardashian. He said that the blood evidence was a thorn in his side, and he doubted his friend. This is what ended the friendship.

Fast Forward

Fast forward 25-years. Robert Kardashian had long since passed away from esophageal cancer. His ex-wife and his children are the biggest reality stars in the world and are all worth millions. His daughter, Kim Kardashian West, interviewed with Vogue magazine, where she admitted to having a firsthand look at the trial. She said that on weekends, the Dream Team used her father’s home as an office, and she was often there on the weekends. Her father hid plenty of evidence from the case in his house, and Kim knew where it was.

A Hidden Closet

Kim Kardashian revealed where her dad stashed secret O.J. Simpson evidence in their home. He had a library in his house, and if you push on one of the walls, it will open up to a hidden closet, which was all the files were placed. When her father wasn’t around, she went through the records trying to figure out if this man she once called her uncle was a murderer.

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