Life Hacks That Will Save You A Lot Of Money

#1 Buy Prescription Drugs At Membership Warehouses Without a Membership

The pharmacies at stores like Costco and Sam’s Club offer excellent prices. Most people don’t take advantage of these deals because they are not members at these stores. What you may not know is that you don’t need to be a member to have access to these drugs. Medications are regulated by the federal government, which means that stores cannot deny your service if you are not a member. You don’t need to buy an expensive membership to take advantage of the low prescription costs.

#2 Use a Clothesline on a Nice Day

Most people dry their clothes in an electric dryer after they have finished their laundry. Running your dryer several times a week can be costly. If you set up a clothesline in your backyard and hang your clothes to dry, you can save up to $200 every year. This is money that can be spent on other things. It especially helps if you are living on a tight budget. Some people don’t like to hang their clothes to dry because they won’t be soft. To rectify this problem, use fabric softener. When the clothes are dry, they will feel like they just came out of the dryer.

#3 Save Money Using Your Swiffer Wet Jet

Many people love their Swiffer Wet Jet. It makes washing your floors much easier. Unfortunately, it can be expensive. The pads can cost up to $10 and the cleaner can cost up to $5. If you want to save some money using your Wet Jet, remove the cap from the fluid canister and replace it with a cheaper cleaner mixed with water. To save money on the pads, use dryer sheets instead. You can still use your favorite cleaning tool without breaking the bank.

#4 Get Cash Back By Scanning Your Grocery Recipes

This is one of the smartest life hacks that will save you lot of money. There are apps for your Smartphone, such as Ibotta and Checkout 51 that will give you cash rebates for shopping. All you need to do is scan your grocery receipt after you shop. This can help you earn up to $5 with each shopping trip. Over the course of a year, you can save $260 or more. The best part is that these apps are free to download. it won’t cost you any money to save money.

#5 Test Your Toilet For Leaks

If you have a slow leak in your toilet, it can waste water, which in turn wastes money. Some slow leaks are very difficult to detect. If you want to see if your toilet is leaking, dump a package of grape Kool-Aid in the tank of your toilet and don’t flush. If after an hour you see purple water in the toilet, it means that your toilet is leaking and wasting water.

#6 Use a Basket, Not a Shopping Cart

If you are going to the supermarket to pick up just a few things, you should use the basket that you carry and not a shopping cart. If you are carrying a basket, you will buy as few items as possible to keep it from getting too heavy. If you use a carriage, you will have enough space to buy things that you don’t really need. This can cause you to spend more money than you can afford to.

#7 Zip Up Your Clothes Before Washing Them

Before you put your pants, sweatshirts, or any clothing with zippers in the wash, you should zip then up first. When zippers are rolling around in the washer or a dryer, they act like tiny little teeth that can tear up all of the other clothes that the zippered clothing is being washed and dried with. When your clothing is torn, you would need to replace it. Replacing clothing can cost a great deal of money.

#8 Shop With Discount Gift Cards

There are several websites that sell gift cards at a discounted price. You can find cards for just about any store that accepts gift cards. If you stock up on these cards and use them to purchase items that you buy every day you can save yourself hundreds of dollars each year.

#9 Buy the Store Brand

Most people know that the store brand is cheaper than the name brand. What you may not know is how much cheaper the store brand is. You can pay up to 25 percent less for these products. This can result in a savings of over $1,100 each year. The best part is that the ingredients in the store brand are almost identical to that of the name brand. The only difference is the packaging.

#10 Save Around the House

If you need to hang pictures, you don’t need to go out and buy photo hangers. All you need is an empty soda can. Simply remove the tab from the can and put a screw in the bottom hole The top of the tab will lift up a bit, making it easier to hang a picture.  Next, rather than spending money on expensive cleaners for a DVD, CD, or a Blu-Ray disk, all you need is a banana. Wipe the banana over the disc and use a smooth paper towel to wipe off the residue. This is a great and inexpensive way to keep your discs clean.

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