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Lisa Marie Presley’s Daughter Is Her Spitting Image, Now She Has Her Mother’s Fortune

It came as a shock to us in January 2023, when, at the age of 54 – Lisa Marie Presley died in her California home – due to cardiac arrest, following hospitalization from earlier that day. Since her passing, condolences and tributes alike have poured in. A lot of attention has been given to her incredible life and career as well as her philanthropic contributions.

But in the weeks since her passing, there has also been a lot of attention given to her estate and the disputes over it. It seems like not everyone is inheriting Lisa Marie Presley’s fortune.

However, her daughter Riley Keough has and this has caused a rift in the Presley household…

Lisa Marie Presley’s Daughter is Her Spitting Image, Now She Has Her Mother’s Fortune. Join FactsVerse to learn the full story…


Lisa Marie Presley was suffering from health problems during the final years of her life. Nevertheless, her death did come as a shock to her family. When a celebrity dies prematurely one can expect that they didn’t get a chance to sort out all their affairs. This is when disputes surrounding their estate occur. This has become the case with Lisa Marie Presley’s estate. Apart from her own successes as a singer, she has inherited much of her father’s fortune and all of this is now due to get passed on to her heirs.

In 2004, Lisa Marie Presley, who was the only child of singer Elvis Presley and his actress wife Priscilla Presley, had sold 85% of her share in Elvis Presley Enterprises. The sale was life-changing for her, and it was reported that she had earned $100 million from it.

While many fans and analysts have expressed surprise at the sale, it is not entirely unexpected given Lisa Marie’s recent financial troubles and legal battles.

Lisa Marie Presley had inherited her father’s estate in 1993. However, during the last few years of her life – she had a number of financial struggles and legal battles – not to mention problems with her physical and mental health. These troubles included a bankruptcy filing in 2016 and this was topped off with messy divorce from her fourth husband, Michael Lockwood.

As a result, much of her fortune was used to handle these financial troubles. When so much of a fortune is spent, then the number of heirs naturally decreases.

Lisa Marie Presley’s decision to sell her share in Elvis Presley Enterprise had sparked renewed discussion and debate about the legacy of Elvis Presley. It brought up discussions regarding the role of his estate in managing his legacy. Some fans had criticized Lisa Marie for “selling out” and betraying her father’s memory. No doubt these vulgar accusations took their toll on her.

However, many others had expressed sympathy for her financial troubles and the tough decisions she had to make. Since her passing, many are asking why there wasn’t more attention given to Lisa Marie Presley while she was struggling financially.

In 2020, however, it was estimated that Lisa Marie Presley had been earning a lot of interest from her father’s estate and that this had accumulated close to $500 million! As a result, one isn’t surprised that there’s a dispute over her estate.

Her estate has been given to her daughter, the actress Riley Keough. While this has made Riley happy – there has been an issue with Lisa Marie’s mother Priscilla Presley. Priscilla Presley was heavily involved with managing her late husband’s estate.

She was also in charge of Lisa Marie’s estate and – according to her – she feels that she was removed without her consent. She was removed as a trustee and then Riley and Benjamin Keough were the only trustees. Benjamin died in 2020 so now Riley is the sole heir to the Lisa Marie Presley estate.

This is what has captured news headlines in the weeks following Lisa Marie Presley’s untimely death. Priscilla Presley is trying to fight to halt the transfer of the estate. So far, we haven’t heard a comment from Riley Keough on the matter and as a result, the dispute continues for now.

So, what’s the relationship like between Riley and her grandmother? After all, she’s followed in her grandmother’s footsteps to become an actress…


The death of a loved one is always a difficult event for the whole family to bear. But when a celebrity dies, the family’s internal strife becomes public record. Such has been the case with Lisa Marie Presley’s daughter and mother.

The amendment that’s intended to remove Priscilla Presley from Lisa Marie Presley’s estate is being disputed and the actress has asked for it to be declared invalid. If it does, then it’s likely there’ll be a dispute on how the estate will get divided between mother and daughter. But for now, it seems that the estate solely belongs to Riley Keough.

The issue of inheritance and wealth is complex and is often an unpleasant affair. This is especially true when it comes to celebrity estates – and this isn’t the first time there’s been a dispute over a celebrity’s estate. But what we’ve seen so far from the aftermath of Lisa Marie Presley’s passing is that Priscilla Presley and Riley Keough don’t seem to get along.

It should be noted that her daughters Harper and Finlay are also recipients of the estate and son Danny was also an heir, until his death in 2020. However, as Riley Keough is also an actress and celebrity in her own right – there seems to be much more attention given to the fact that she has inherited her mother’s fortune – not to mention that she’s the spitting image of her mother!

A source close to the family gave an interview on February 16th, 2023, a little over a month after Lisa Marie Presley’s passing. The source discussed how both parties are grief-stricken over the loss of Lisa Marie Presley. They are further saddened that there’s a dispute over the late singer’s estate. They’ve also stated that both parties are preparing to go to court if necessary to resolve this matter.

Allegedly, Riley Keough is unhappy that this event has become an issue and she’s particularly upset that it’s become a public issue for everyone to know and gossip about. Priscilla Presley also feels the same but allegedly feels that she is doing the right thing and she believes that “old documents had been forged” – according to the source close to the family.

Priscilla Presley has also urged fans not to pay too much attention to rumors regarding the incident. For now, all we can do is wait and see what will happen…


While we await what will happen next, we lament the fact that this incident has caused such as issue for the Presley family. We can only hope this issue gets resolved as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, we expect that this incident will bring even more attention to actress Riley Keough. While she’s been acting for several years, she’s now getting more publicity due to the incident. She’s now the new face of stardom in the Presley family and all eyes are on her to see what impact she’ll make.

Let’s have a look back on what she’s done so far. Riley began modeling in her teens and at age 15 she participated in fashion shows for Dolce & Gabbana as well as Christian Dior. At 16, she appeared on the cover of several magazines including Elle, Vogue, and L’Officiel.

But her true calling was acting – following in her grandmother Priscilla Presley’s footsteps. At the age of 20, she made her debut in a 2010 film called The Runaways. She portrayed the singer Marie Currie and won praise for her role. This was a supporting role, as the lead role of Cherie Currie was played by Dakota Fanning. Nevertheless, Riley Keough still won praise and was deemed to be a talented actress with a bright future.

This was followed up by a dramatic role in the film The Good Doctor which starred Orlando Bloom. But she really became a star when she joined the ensemble of Magic Mike – Steven Soderbergh’s hit film about male strippers. She played a stripper named Nora and her beauty and talent were fully on display. With this role, she was no longer seen in her family’s shadow – but rather she was a talent in her own right who didn’t need to live off her family’s glory in order to seek her own.

Since then she’s worked regularly in cinema. Her latest role is in the 2022 film War Pony – which she also co-wrote, co-directed, and produced. She’s also had a brief but significant role on television. She’s best known for her role as Lauren Reece on The Terminal List and Daisy Jones in Daisy Jones and The Six. She’s also portraying Canadian author Rebecca Godfrey in an upcoming TV series called Under the Bridge.

Her notable films include Yellow, Kiss of the Damned, Mad Max: Fury Road, Dixieland, Logan Lucky, American Honey, We Don’t Belong Here, The House That Jack Built, The Lodge, Earthquake Bird, Under the Silver Lake, The Devil All The Time,  Zola,  and The Guilty. If her past is any indication, then her future as an actress certainly seems bright.

In the meantime, we expect that we’ll still see a lot of news regarding Lisa Marie Presley’s estate. Her mother and daughter may have to go to court to settle her estate. We can only hope that everything goes well and that everyone can move on from this incident. We wish them well!

 So, now let’s hear from you:

Are you a fan of Lisa Marie Presley’s? What do you think about this seemingly endless issue surrounding her estate?

In fact, here’s what we want to know:

Do you think that children of stars have an easier time making it in the entertainment industry?

Or do they need to work even harder to prove themselves and step out of their parents’ shadow?

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