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Lucy Liu & Bill Murray Will Never Work Together Again

In the late 1990s, Hollywood began work on a big-screen adaptation of the beloved 1970s action series Charlie’s Angels. The film released in the year 2000, and became a huge hit! Starring Lucy Liu, Drew Barrymore, and Cameron Diaz. The film was so successful that it spawned a sequel three years later. Bill Murray played the character of Bosley in the first film, though he chose not to return for the sequel. Bill said not to have returned due to a couple of altercations that he had taken part in on the first film’s set. And including one with costar Lucy Liu. Join Facts Verse as we explore why Lucy Liu and Bill Murray will never work again.

During the filming of 2000’s Charlie’s Angels, stars Lucy Liu and Bill Murray apparently got into an altercation on set that made production very uncomfortable. The film was an adaptation of the beloved 1970s television series of the same name. Lucy Liu played Alex Munday, while Bill Murray played the character of Bosley. Besides Lucy Liu, Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore played the film’s other two Angels. The film also boasted a unique supporting cast, featuring such actors as Sam Rockwell, Matt LeBlanc, Tom Green, and Crispin Glover, not to mention Bill Murray. Like the television series that inspired it, the film followed the exploits of it’s three titular Angels. Which the codename given to a group of female spies working for a man named Charlie.

The film became a massive success upon it’s release. And pleasing both fans of the series and newcomers alike despite not being a big hit with critics. Part of what made the film work it’s eclectic cast. Though it appears that some of the cast members didn’t always get along. Though Charlie’s Angels was successful enough to generate a sequel in 2003, Bill Murray didn’t return for it. One of the reasons often suggested as to why the actor chose not to return for the sequel is that he didn’t want to work with Lucy Liu again. However, he has claimed that this isn’t the case.

There were always rumors that something had gone down between Lucy Liu and Bill Murray on the set of Charlie’s Angels. And the actress herself has recently substantiated these rumors. While the altercation oftentimes rumored to have ended with Lucy Liu physically attacking Bill Murray. And both stars have since claimed that this wasn’t the case. Instead, the altercation between the two stars on the set of the film is said to have purely verbal in nature.

According to Lucy Liu, the altercation between her and Bill Murray sparked by the fact that the latter had made changes to the script that he hadn’t run by any of the creative department. Because of Bill’s immense stature in Hollywood, his script changes allowed. However, the script changes put pressure on the other actors. Given the fact that they had already rehearsed and memorized the script as it written. Lucy ended up confronting Bill during filming. And believing that he was abusing his power and overstepping his boundaries by rewriting the script without asking for anyone’s approval. In response to this, Bill began chastising Lucy, calling her a television actress.

Lucy Liu had recently come out of television. And her role in Charlie’s Angels proved one of her early big breaks in film. The actress had yet to achieve the same star power as the actresses playing her fellow two Angels. Let alone Hollywood legend Bill Murray. Lucy infamously paid millions of dollars less than her costars but took the opportunity anyways. And knowing that it was going to be good for her career. On top of all of this, there’s the fact that Lucy is Asian American. And had to overcome stigma in her career in order to attain the position that she had at that point.

This context made it so that Lucy Liu took called a television actress by Bill Murray very personally. Witnesses, including Lucy and Bill themselves, remain adamant that no physical altercation ever took place. However, it would be hard to blame Lucy for lashing out after such an insult! Filming continued, and no further altercations said to have taken place… at least, between the two stars. In more recent years, Lucy and Bill have apparently been able to get along when they run into each other in public. Though Lucy stands firm in her belief that she did the right thing.

Although Lucy and Bill seem to have made peace by the time that the filming of 2000’s Charlie’s Angels was over. Bill Murray still didn’t return for the film’s 2003 sequel. If his feud with Lucy Liu wasn’t the reason Bill didn’t return for the sequel. Then it could’ve been his even worse feud with the film’s director. That director is the strangely named McG, whom Bill rumored to have headbutted during Charlie’s Angels’ production. If you’re enjoying this video so far, be sure to hit the like button to show your support! Also, subscribe to the channel if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

After Lucy Liu recently revealed more details about the altercation that occurred between her and Bill Murray on the set of Charlie’s Angels. And costar Drew Barrymore came out to give her support. Allegedly, Drew Barrymore offered up some kind of video evidence of the altercation that proved Lucy didn’t get physical and was in the right. And though Lucy claimed not to have needed it. Drew shared that she had supported Lucy on the set of the film and still feels that her costar was in the right when defending herself against Bill. However, she also shared her belief that Bill was simply letting his dark comedy get out of hand. And ended up being respectful to Lucy after she put him in his place verbally.

Whether Lucy Liu simply told Bill Murray off or legitimately physically attacked him. And whatever she did seems to have won the comedic legend’s respect. However, the same can’t be said for whatever altercation went down between Bill Murray and Charlie’s Angels director, McG. Like Lucy and Bill, Bill and McG rumored to have gotten into a physical altercation on the set of the film. And though this altercation seems to have left a much more negative impression on Bill that lasted past the film’s production.

When director McG hired to direct the first big-screen adaptation of Charlie’s Angels. And he had never directed a feature film before. Instead, the director had only ever helmed music videos up until that point. While McG had been incredibly successful in the realm of music videos, directing hits for bands such as Smash Mouth and Barenaked Ladies. And no one knew if he could successfully helm a whole entire movie. The film turned out to be a success, and McG hired back on to direct the 2003 sequel. However, McG’s lack of experience made him the easy victim of bullying on the original feature’s set.

If Bill Murray didn’t have a huge problem with Lucy Liu by the end of Charlie’s Angels’ production. And it appears that he still had a problem with McG. When Bill Murray provided unwanted script rewrites and forced them on the production staff, McG was likely the most offended party of all. Bill and McG said to have gotten into a physical altercation on the set of the film that ended with Bill headbutting McG in the face. However, it remains uncertain whether or not these rumors are any truer than the rumors of Lucy attacking Bill. Still, Bill Murray and director McG certainly didn’t get along.

Bill Murray has claimed that he never headbutted his director on the set of Charlie’s Angels. Though he certainly hasn’t held back about his negative feelings towards him. According to Bill, McG may not have deserved a headbutting. But he doesn’t mind the idea of the director being physically attacked in some other way. Many critics at the time derided the film. And it’s direction was one of the things that many pointed out as being flawed. Music video directors are often looked down on in the world of film due to their preference for superficial aesthetics and fast editing. While this vision seems to have worked well for audiences in the case of 2000’s Charlie’s Angels. Bill Murray had a sensible reason for being skeptical of McG’s skills on set.

Whether due to the altercation he’d experienced with Lucy Liu, the altercation he’d experienced with McG. Or simply general ennui about the direction of the franchise, Bill Murray opted out of returning for 2003’s Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. Lucy Liu received a slightly bigger paycheck for the sequel. And though still made far less than either Cameron Diaz or Drew Barrymore. Lucy’s star continued to rise in the years since, and she has recently ventured into directing.

When Bill Murray decided not to reprise the role of Bosley for Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, the creative team went the interesting direction of hiring Bernie Mac to be his replacement. Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle received much more weakly than it’s predecessor in terms of both critical and audience approval. And a second sequel never made. Instead, the franchise given a reboot with a 2019 film that aimed to take the premise of the television a little bit more seriously than the previous two adaptations had. Sadly, the film performed even worse than Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, leaving the franchise’s future uncertain.

Although Lucy Liu and Bill Murray certainly got into a battle of words on the set of the 2000 film adaptation of Charlie’s Angels. And both stars remain adamant that the altercation never got physical. Now it’s time to hear from you: do you think that Lucy Liu physically attacked Bill Murray on the set of 2000’s Charlie’s Angels. Or do you believe both stars’ claims that their disagreement was purely verbal? As always, like this video to show your support. And subscribe and hit the notification bell if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

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