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Mama Dog Gives Birth To Rare Puppy, Only 3 Known To Ever Exist


Anyone who has ever had a dog who had puppies knows that they don’t always look the same. Some look alike, and others can look like they came from a completely different litter. This isn’t uncommon, but what a woman in Scotland experienced was more shocking than your typical different looking puppy. This Mama dog gives birth to rare puppy, only 3 known to ever exist.

Louise Sutherland

The puppy in question was born in July 2017. The Mama dog’s owner was Louise Sutherland from Scotland. She lived in Golspie in the Scottish Highlands. Louise loved animals, and for as long as she could remember, she was surrounded by pets. Growing up, she always had pets. As an adult, her house was full of cats and dogs. Each had their own personalities, and nothing that they could do would surprise her. When Louise found out that her golden Labrador was pregnant, she was ecstatic.


Louise had many dogs under her room, but Rio, the golden Lab, had a special place in her heart. There was a special story about three-year-old Rio. Her first litter of puppies cam around a year ago. The first litter was typical. There were no issues during her pregnancy or the birth. All of the puppies looked similar, and they were perfect.

The First Litter

Rio was in labor for five hours, which is relatively fast for a dog. Louise kept the puppies long enough for them to mature a bit. Louise and her family decided that when the puppies were old enough to leave Rio that they would sell them to loving families who would give them the love and attention that they deserved. Although letting the puppies go would be hard, Louise and her family knew that it would be best for the puppies. They each needed a family who could devote all their time to them. Louise already had enough pets, so the puppies would be better off in new homes.

Rio’s Second Pregnancy

When Louise discovered that Rio was pregnant again, she knew that she was ready for it. She had already gone through the experience once, so she knew what to expect and what she would need for the new pups. When Rio was getting close to the end of her pregnancy, Louise went out and bought everything that they would need for the birth of the puppies. Fortunately, Louise had already gone through this, so she knew exactly what she would need to care for them until they were old enough to leave Rio.

July 2017

Rio went into labor in July 2017. She was all set in her safe area, and things were progressing normally. Louise and her family waited patiently for the puppies to arrive. Finally, Rio gave birth to nine cute little puppies under the watchful eye of Louise. She and her daughter, Claire, had front row seats to the magical moment. Louise understood that it wasn’t her job to intervene.

Nature would take its course, and they were just there for support. They knew that if anything went wrong, they would need to intervene. They didn’t want anything to happen to the mother or her puppies. Louise and Claire started to worry when Rio began to look very uncomfortable. They could see that one of the puppies was stuck, and the ladies started to worry. Louise knew that the only way to get the puppy out was to step in and help.

Louise and Claire helped the first puppy come out, which helped Rio. When the first puppy came out, Rio checked to make sure that the baby was alive and healthy. When she was sure that the puppy was alright, she delivered eight more puppies. Fortunately, Rio delivered these puppies on her own without needing help from Louise and Claire. Even though Louise had been through the birthing process before, she was still a bit anxious and overwhelmed during this delivery. This is perfectly natural since giving birth is a big deal.

The Litter

Rio was exhausted but proud. Louise and Claire wanted to make sure that Rio’s puppies were all healthy, so they checked them out one by one. They all looked alright, but there was one puppy that was a bit off. He was very distinct and looked much different than his siblings. The puppy actually looked different than any other dog she had ever seen in her life.

A Rare Puppy: Mint Green

When a golden Lab gives birth, the puppies tend to be golden in color. One of Rio’s puppies wasn’t golden. It wasn’t black, brown, or white either. The puppy was mint green. It was unlike any other puppy that Louise or Claire had ever seen. They couldn’t figure out how and why the puppy was mint green. They also started to worry that it might not be normal.

Serious Concerns

When Louise saw the mint green puppy, she was very concerned. She wasn’t sure if the green color meant that there was something wrong or that the puppy had a serious medical condition. Louise and Claire didn’t know if the puppy needed medical attention. Because it wasn’t a good idea to separate the mother and her babies at such a crucial time, Louise decided to go online to see if she is she could find any information about this strange phenomenon. Louise and Claire hoped that they could find something online to point them in the right direction.

Nothing Serious

Shortly after going online, Louise realized that her green puppy wasn’t in any serious danger. They also found out that Rio’s green puppy was very rare puppy and unique. They found out during their research that there were only a few green puppies in existence in the entire world. The odds of a dog giving birth to a green puppy were astronomically low. When a green puppy is born, it is very exciting. Louise and Claire were thrilled that the puppy wasn’t in any danger medically, but they wanted to know why their puppy was green. The two women did a bit of digging and discovered that there was a scientific reason behind the puppy’s color.


Female puppies have a green bile pigment called Biliverdin in their womb. The actual purpose of this pigment is unknown, but all female puppies have it. It is believed that the pigment plays a part in the pregnancy cycle, giving essential food and nutrients to the puppies. Many vets believe that the pigment is necessary for the puppy to develop and flourish in the womb, making it essential for the survival of the puppies.


Dogs aren’t the only creatures who manufacture Biliverdin. Humans also have the pigment in their bodies. It is what causes our bruises to turn green as they heal. If there is too much Biliverdin in the human body, it can be very dangerous. Too much bile can trigger jaundice in your blood, body tissue, and circulatory system. This is more common in newborns and children than it is with grown adults.

Other Creatures

Besides humans and dogs, butterflies also have this bile pigment. Moths, fish, and frog eggs also have traces of it. Since Biliverdin is common in other creatures, why is it so unique in puppies? Also, how did it influence the puppy’s color?

A Very Rare Occurrence

There is always Biliverdin in a puppy’s bloodstream, but the pigment is often tucked away and not noticeable to the eye. In some very rare cases, Biliverdin can get mixed into the amniotic fluid in the womb. Rio’s strange color was due to his amniotic sac being mixed up with the green pigment. As he grew in the womb, it stained his fur. While this isn’t unusual, it has only happened a few other times in history.

The Puppy’s Future

While Rio’s green puppy is incredibly rare puppy and unique, he isn’t going to stay green. He will only be green for a few months. Over time, the green tinge will become less noticeable. As the puppy’s fur develops and he is washed and licked by Rio, the green will start to fade. Eventually, he will look just like his brothers and sister. Within a couple of months, nobody will ever know that the puppy was ever green.

The Name Of The Rare Puppy

When Louise and Claire did their research, they understood that the puppy wouldn’t stay green, but it was still unique. They were both thrilled that they were there to witness something so rare. Although they knew the color would eventually fade, the women still wanted to give the puppy a fitting name. Because the puppy was green, they decided to name him Forest. Louise and Claire watched as Forest, and his brothers and sisters got bigger and stronger. It didn’t take long before the puppies were old enough to leave Rio. Louise knew that she couldn’t handle caring for nine dogs. She also knew that the financial burden alone would be too much. Louise decided to sell all the puppies like she did the first litter, but they were going to keep Forest. She believed that the puppy’s rare green color was a sign that they were destined to give Forest a forever home. Best of all, Rio would be able to watch one of her puppies grow up.

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