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Man Moves Out Of His House After He Found A Secret Room Containing This…


A man named Jerry bought his first home in 2015. Like many young people, he had to save his money for a long time to afford his won home. The house that he chose was on the market because the previous owner had passed away. The house was not in good shape and in serious need of repairs. This didn’t bother Jerry. He knew that he could fix it up and turn it into his dream house.

Fixing Up the Place

It took two weeks for Jerry to move his belongings into the home and to renovate the main floor. When things were in order in the main living area, he focused his attention on the unfinished basement. The basement was filled with junk because the owner didn’t have any family to move the things out. While he was cleaning the basement, he noticed a piece of plywood against one of the walls. He pried the wood down and found a huge hole that led to another room.


As Jerry cleaned out boxes and crates that littered the floor of the small room, he couldn’t help but wonder why it was there. Jerry let his imagination run, and he started to wonder if the room held a secret that the man took with him to the grave. When he turned on his flashlight, he discovered gun cases stacked on top of each other, and they were all empty. Next, he found a sentry safe, which he thought was an amazing find. He wasn’t sure if he should try to find the previous owner’s relatives to find out what the room was for, or if he should try to open the safe himself. He wasn’t sure if opening the safe would be ethical, and he worried about what he could find in the safe.

A Bunker?

Jerry decided to deal with the safe later and investigate the secret room further. Inside, he found hundreds of live rounds of ammunition. They were in unlocked cases, which led Jerry to believe that the previous owner was either a collector or this could have been some type of a doomsday bunker. There was a lot to go through, and it was getting late, so Jerry decided to go to bed and start fresh in the morning. Unfortunately, going to sleep wasn’t easy because he couldn’t figure out what secrets were hidden right below him.

Military Grade

When he went back down to the basement the next day, Jerry realized that the crates and boxes were all military grade. Jerry wondered why he would have all of this military stuff. He knew that if he were going to learn anything, he would need to open up each case. After searching a bit, Jerry found items that he never thought he would see in his lifetime. The things he found included an SKS air rile, crates of blank ammo, two crates of rifle ammo, a box of 19mm grade ammo, and a dead grenade. As if this weren’t strange enough, Jerry found pennies. There were tons of them, and it appeared that the previous owner had been holding onto them for years.

Doomsday Preppers

Jerry learned that many doomsday preppers wanted to be ready for the collapse of society due to war or disaster, and they stockpile ammo in secret rooms. Some of the pennies that he found were dated before the ’80s when they were made of copper. When the dollar became worthless, people believed that they could use old pennies to trade for copper.

The Safe

After Jerry went through all of the containers and boxes, he focused again on the safe. It was too heavy to move, so he was going to need to crack the code from the room. When this didn’t work, he got some tools from his father to get it open. He was hoping that since it was old, it would open easily. Nothing worked, so he decided to call a locksmith to see if they could help. Jerry had been posting all of his finds on his Imgur page. His last update mentioned that the locksmith would be coming the following Monday, but then he stopped posting. Two years went by with no word from Jerry. People were wondering where he was, and a thread began to speculate about his disappearance.


Some people believed that the safe was full of cash, and he ditched the thread to spend his money. Others thought that the thread brought him unwanted attention, and he had to lay low for a while. Finally, after two years, Jerry resurfaced. The post was titled, “If anyone remembers or cares.” He wrote that his story was so horrifying that he had to go into hiding from Imgur for years before he felt safe enough to return and tell his tale.

Strange Occurrences

Jerry described strange things that started at his home. He mentioned strangers knocking on his door, his dog growling and barking at night, and his neighbor’s house being broken into. This caused him to worry that the burglars were looking for his house instead. After weeks of strange things happening, Jerry decided to move. Man Moves Out Of His House After He Found A Secret Room Containing This… Jerry says that he had no idea who was trying to get to him or why, but he just didn’t feel safe.

The Safe?

The contents of the safe will always remain a mystery. He says that he didn’t want to mention what he found so that he didn’t put the new owners in danger. Who the previous owner really was, and what he was doing will always be a mystery.

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