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Man Renovating His Home Discovered A Tunnel… To A Massive Underground City


A man in Turkey was unhappy with the size of his home. Multiple generations lived in his house, and they were always cramped and crowded. He wanted a bit of extra space, and he decided to try to make some extra space in his basement. He figured that it would be a simple DIY project. And he didn’t make a lot of money, which meant that he couldn’t hire a professional builder to do the work for him. He figured that he could do it himself if he just knocked out a wall in the basement to build another room. He had no idea what he would find when he started. Man Renovating His Home Discovered a Tunnel… to a Massive Underground City.

An Opening

When the man started breaking through the wall, he noticed something strange. When an opening appeared, he thought that maybe there was a secret room there, and he wouldn’t need to do as much work as he thought. As he continued to chip, he could feel the cool air on his face. As he broke away at the wall, he made a hole that was large enough for him to enter. It was pitch dark, and he was a bit nervous about entering the hole.

Entering the Chamber

The man got a flashlight and noticed that the room was very narrow and cramped. He was disappointed. He was hoping that there would be a big room in front of him. As he moved his flashlight, he noticed a crevice father down. He decided to follow it, having no idea what lurked up ahead.


The man was worried when he started to walk down the small hall. Turkey is home to poisonous spiders, snakes, and scorpions. He was afraid that he would encounter something deadly. As he turned the corner, he found that the narrow hallway led to a cavernous room. As he looked around, he started to think that he stumbled upon an underground hideout. At the end of the room, he saw that there were more systems of passageways that included cave storage areas, tombs, and ancient templates.


It was clear that humans cut the cave. The stone was natural, and the stone had been worn down smooth. He couldn’t believe the size of this underground cavern and the things that he found inside. He was trying to explore the whole place, but he was a bit worried. And he didn’t want to lose his way down there and never find his way back to his basement. Then, he pressed on regardless of his fear, and he came upon a stairwell. He couldn’t believe that this place was behind his basement all this whole time.

Something Amazing

The more the man walked through the cavern, the more he realized that he stumbled upon something amazing. After exploring for a while, he decided to head back to his basement and call the authorities. He knew that he had found something significant, and he was sure that the experts would want to see what he found.

Turkish Authorities

The Turkish authorities arrived at the man’s house to see what it was that he found. At the time, they had no idea that they were about to walk into one of the most significant archaeological discoveries ever. After bringing in the experts, it was determined that they found the lost subterranean city of Derinkuyu. Many people thought that this city was a myth, but thanks to the man remodeling his home, they found out that it really exists.

Massive Underground City

The experts believe that the city started out as a few caves during the 7th and 8th century BC. After exploring the area, they found that the city was 18-stories below the ground, and is one of the largest man-made sites in the world. The city extends 200-feet into the ground.

Many People

The experts believe that the city once housed over 20,000 people, and provided them with the basic necessities. The inhabitants of the region were the Hittites. After the empire fell, so did the city.

Incredible Massive Underground City

It is incredible that one of the most astounding archaeological discoveries of our time was made during a typical home renovation. This man simply wanted to make some more room for his family in his basement, and he found a lost city that nobody ever even knew existed. Today, the area is a tourist attraction. Even though he was the one who made this amazing discovery, he asked that his name ever be released. He was a humble village man, and he didn’t want any of the attention that giving his name would have caused. The next time you are planning a DIY remodel in your old home, be prepared. You could end up stumbling on something incredible the way that this man did.

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