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Man’s Bold Reply To An Accidental Text From A Stranger Quickly Spirals Out Of Control


Gone are the days where we sat down at the table to make a call using a wall on the phone, tethered with a cord. Today, just about everyone uses a cell phone. Also, many people don’t make phone calls anymore. Instead, they send texts. It is a simple way and a fast way to communicate. Texting is great, but it doesn’t always go as planned. Just about everyone can say that at least once, they texted the wrong person. A woman named Abby Fink is one of these people.

Noah Jakeman

Noah Jakeman is the son of Alex and Shaun Jakeman. He is one of five children, and he doesn’t always have it easy. When Noah was born, he was diagnosed with Lennox Gasteau Syndrome, which is a rare form of epilepsy. As if that isn’t enough, he also has autism and brittle bones. His bone condition completely inhibits his mobility.

Round the Clock Care

Because of Noah’s health problems, his parents need to be there to care for him around the clock. They also have their close friend Abby Fink there to help out with Noah’s care. Noah’s immune system is weak because of his medical problems, and when he had trouble breathing, his parents rushed him to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital. There, Noah’s family received terrible news.

Struggling to Breathe

When Noah got to the hospital, he was having trouble breathing. The doctors told Alex and Shaun that his respiratory system was failing. Without immediate care, Noah would die. The doctors admitted him to the Intensive Care Unit, and all Alex and Shaun could do was watch in horror. While Noah was being treated, his family wasn’t allowed to be with him. The doctors didn’t want his already weakened immune system to take another hit.


When Noah’s breathing finally stabilized, his family was allowed to go into his room. They prayed all day and all night that their son would get better. Abby saw how worried Alex and Shaun were about their son, and they didn’t want to leave his side. With four other children at home, only one parent could be with Noah at a time. Abby wanted to do something to help, so she started cooking meals for the family. She figured that she could relieve some of their stress if they didn’t have to worry about cooking for their other children every night.

Coordination Drop Off Via Text

Abby had to find out what would be the best time for her to drop off that evening’s meal, so she sent a test to Shaun. The text read, “Hey brother Jackman, this is sister Fink, we are bringing you dinner tomorrow. I was wondering what time would be a good time to bring it over.” After sending the text, she waited for a response. The response was not what she expected. The text read, “Oh, what are you bringing me; I don’t like seafood.” Abby realized immediately that she accidentally sent the text to the wrong person.


When Abby realized that she sent the text to the wrong person, she replied. She just let the sender know that she knew a sick boy in trouble who was in fighting for his life in the hospital. She thought that it would be the end of it, but the stranger texted her back to find out if there was anything he could do to help Noah. He told Abby that his name was Bill, which was an alias. He didn’t know who Abby was, but he wanted to help Noah. Abby asked him to pray. Bill told Abby that he wasn’t religious, but he would find another way to help the family.


Bill went on his Facebook page and created a status for all of his Facebook friends to see. He asked people to send donations to the hospital so that Noah would see how much love and support he had. Bill asked his friends to send gifts and cards to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital. The results were terrific, and it was not at all what he expected.

Deliveries For Days

For days, deliveries were arriving at the hospital for Noah. People sent stuffed animals, books, games, and cards wishing him well. Shaun and Alex couldn’t believe it. Abby told them about Bill, and she was sure that he was responsible for the fantastic gestures of support.

An Angel

When the local news caught wind of the story, they interviewed Abby. During the interview, she told the reporter that Bill was an angel sent to help this sweet family. She was right. When Noah finally woke up and saw all of the cards and gifts, he felt nothing but love. A man’s bold reply to an accidental text from a stranger quickly spirals out of control, and it made a young boy happy.

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