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Martha Stewart Wants Her Friends to Die for This Bizarre Reason

Whether you know her as a perennial taste maker, or her fun and bizarre friendship with Snoop Dogg, or her stint in jail for insider trading, Martha Stewart has certainly lived an interesting and prominent life. But as she gets up in years, she has been searching for romance more and more. It’s certainly reasonable to think that a successful and beautiful woman like Martha would want to continue to pursue a love life, even as a senior. After all, she’s someone who has always sought to improve herself, her own life, and the lives of those around her. But did you know that Martha Stewart recently divulged that she might want her friends to die, all in the name of having a successful love life? It’s a fun and funny twist to Martha’s search for love in her later years. Want to find out more? Stick around, as Facts Verse presents, Martha Stewart wants her friends to die for this bizarre reason!

Originally named Martha Kostrya, Stewart was born in 1941 in Nutley, New Jersey, to a Polish Catholic family as the eldest of six children. As a kid, Martha got a taste for succeeding in business, as she earned money as a 10-year-old by becoming a birthday planner. She’d plan the parties of all the neighboring children who lived nearby. That certainly showed her from an early age that the had some natural business acumen.

As a teen, she began to develop into quite a beauty, and she immediately set to using this asset to her advantage. She starting modeling, earning around 50 bucks an hour as a model for companies ranging from Tareyton cigarettes to Chanel. She was tall (5 foot 9) and gorgeous, and yet had a knack for posing in somewhat distant seeming ways. And yet, at the same time she exuded charm and sexuality. It was this vibe that she’d later use in both her business success and her love life.

Martha’s dating history

Flash forward to today, Martha is now enjoying the many fruits of a lifetime of success. Of course, that includes her stint in jail for insider trading, so it certainly hasn’t been all wine and roses. But as she ages, she has continued to search for love. She was in a long time marrage from 1961 to 1990 with Andrew Stewart. They got together when he was a student at Yale Law, and she was still an up and coming star. They had their daughter, Alexis, in 1965. After her divorce to Stewart, Martha started seeing venerated actor Anthony Hopkins. However, that fizzled after Martha watched the Oscar-winning film, The Silence of the Lambs. While she certainly appreciated his performance, apparently it creeped her out to the point where she had trouble not linking Anthony and his character, Hannibal Lector, in her mind. Later she dated a billionaire named Charles Simonyi, who had made his money working for Microsoft. The two saw each other on and off for around 15 years, but that ended in early 2008.

She told Chelsea Handler she wanted her friends to die

In more recent times, Martha hasn’t found anyone that she wants to seriously date, let alone settle down with. However, this isn’t because she doesn’t want to. Nor is it because she’s not on the lookout for eligible men. She seems to be running into a different sort of roadblock. Martha was recently a guest on Chelsea Handler’s podcast. During their chat, Chelsea inquired about Martha’s dating and love life. Martha revealed that she still very much meets and is around men she finds attractive. She even noted to Handler that she’d recently felt crushes on two different men within the last month. The problem, she revealed, is that her crushes are usually unavailable men. She noted that one of the men she recently was crushing on was actually married to a friend of hers. In response, Handler pointed out that Martha probably didn’t want to be a home wrecker, which Martha agreed on. She made sure to insist that she’s never been a home wrecker, despite opportunities in that vein that have arisen over the years.

She doubled down on her current issue, saying that often when she meets men, she finds that they are married to friends of hers. Handler certainly understood how frustrating that must be for Stewart, because she told Stewart that they are both at an age where they wonder whether or not their friends’ relationships will be only temporary. She pointed out that, whenever they have a crush on a man in a relationship, they have a secret hope that his current relationship will fizzle.

And while Martha might have agreed with that sentiment, she actually replied with a more shocking take. She said, “Or maybe they’ll die.” She continued, saying, “I always think, oh gosh, couldn’t that person just die.” Handler asked if she was referring to the wives, aka Martha’s friends. Martha confirmed this, saying that hopefully it wouldn’t be a painful death. But a death nonetheless.

Now, it’s clear that Martha was being tongue in cheek and likely wasn’t actually wishing her friends an early death, just so she could swoop in and take their man. But this was still a remarkable thing to hear from a legendary celebrity. Hopefully, Martha can find an eligible man and get into a relationship without anyone having to die!

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A pool photo is also why Martha is still single

Fans of Martha Stewart or Chelsea Handler might be aware of some fun photos they took recently, both showing off their glamourous faces as they swam in their home pools. First Stewart posted her selfie on social media. The shot was a close up of her face, by the edge of her backyard pool. Though the background is fairly blurry, it looks to be as elegant and tasteful as you’d expect the style-guru’s backyard to be. Then, for a bit of fun, Handler did a recreation in her own pool, with the same exact setup. The two women are clearly friends, and it was all meant as a bit of Instagram-based fun. Martha even posted an online comment in response to Handler’s photograph, pointing out that her pool was a little more elegant looking than Chandlers, and that Chandler was far too young to be comparing herself to Martha.

Later, in a preview video for her show Martha Knows Best on HGTV, Martha and Handler were seen chatting about that photo exchange. Martha noted that the two of them “became very famous” from the two photos. Obviously the two were already quite famous, but Stewart was having some fun with the topic. She pivoted though, saying that because of her photo, she’s been receiving marriage proposals. She asked Handler if she’d been getting the same from her own photo. Handler replied that she hadn’t. But she asked Stewart if any of the proposal were from men that she’d actually consider marrying. Stewart replied that she didn’t even pay attention, because she was having too much fun basking in the glow of Instagram-fame that came because of her pool selfie. She poked fun at herself for doing so, saying that was what was wrong with her, and was the actual reason she’s still single after a long marriage.

Martha and Larry King

Late last year, Martha went on “Watch What Happens Live” and spoke to host Andy Cohen about her love life. During the interview, she talked about an evening she once spent with legendary TV journalist Larry King. She said that she and King went to dinner at a New York City restaurant called Elios. During what she assumed would be a more business-like dinner, apparently King took things to a more ‘amorous’ place. Stewart revealed that as they chatted about the things you’d expect for them to talk about, such as journalism, King changed the vibe a little bit. He started getting ‘amorous.’

Stewart didn’t qualify to Cohen exactly what she meant by amorous, but she did remember that everyone in the restaurant took notice of the two of them. She theorized that it was perhaps because they were potentially an odd pairing. She pointed out that Larry King wasn’t the type of guy she’d usually go for. Cohen responded that he’d heard that King was known for being quite well endowed. Stewart replied that she wouldn’t know, since things never reached that point on their date. She did make sure to say that King, who died in 2021, was a very nice man and one of the “kindest” television hosts out there. 

In the same interview with Cohen, Martha revealed that she is, in fact dating someone new! But she quickly added that she had no intention of telling Cohen about it, or revealing who he is publicly. So we’ll all have to wait to find out who the mystery man in Stewart’s life is!

Martha Stewart has certainly lived a notable and interesting life. She’s built a style-business empire, and is regarded as an American icon in business and the American lifestyle. Now it’s time to hear from you. Do you think Martha Stewart will end up getting married again? Let us know in the comments section below. And before you go, be sure give this video a like, and subscribe to Facts Verse if you haven’t already. Click the bell icon to stay updated on all our latest content!

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