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Massive Yellowstone Secrets From Behind-The-Scenes

Are you a fan of the TV series Yellowstone? If so, you probably think you know everything there is to know about this fantastic show. But there are many Yellowstone secrets from behind the scenes that’ll make you appreciate this great show even more!

For example, what do you know about Taylor Sheridan – the show’s talented creator? Did you know that Kevin Costner got involved with the production when it was still just an idea?

How did the other stars get involved with the show, and what were their careers like before? And have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in the famous Dutton lounge?

Let’s look at a few of these massive Yellowstone secrets which have been hiding behind the scenes…


If you’re a fan of Yellowstone, then you’ve got to thank Taylor Sheridan for his brilliant writing and vision for the show.

The Texas native began his career as an actor, playing bit parts in TV shows ranging from Walker, Texas Ranger to Star Trek Enterprise to CSI. His best-known role was as David Hale in Sons of Anarchy.

But his true talents lay in writing and directing. He had the genius to create a great story that would tell the tale of a family in the Old West. He began screenwriting in his forties.

His first-produced screenplay was the 2015 film Sicario – directed by Denis Villeneuve. His first foray into writing Westerns came with the 2016 film Hell or High Water.

But how did he get started with Yellowstone? His screenwriting career really took off when he received award nominations for his excellent writing. It was clear that he had a great knack for writing Westerns.

He also knew that the best way to tell a story was through a television show. A series could follow a group of characters and expand upon their lives. Thus, Yellowstone was born in 2018 and has become one of the most popular Western shows we’ve seen in a long time. Taylor Sheridan is also behind Y: 1883 – which is a prequel to the show.

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Kevin Costner has given one of his career’s best performances as John Dutton.

But many fans may not know that Kevin Costner involved with the production since it’s early days. Taylor Sheridan had met Kevin Costner before he wrote the pilot for the show. Kevin Costner has a great reputation for playing characters that are heroic and who stand up against tyranny.

Whether it’s Jim Garrison in JFK or as Robin Hood, we can count on Kevin Costner to play protagonists we can aspire to emulate. Taylor Sheridan wrote the character of John Dutton with Kevin Costner in mind and showed him an early version of the pilot’s script.

Interestingly enough, Kevin Costner has had little experience working on a show – focusing mainly on feature films. However, he’s always had a passion for Westerns and a knack for playing characters from the Old West.

Watching his performance as John Dutton, one can say for certain that it will be remember as one of his finest roles.



So, what about the other cast members and their fascinating characters? How these stars chosen, and what do they think about their roles in Yellowstone? Two of the supporting characters who have become iconic are Chief Thomas Rainwater and Beth Dutton.

Since the genre’s inception, Westerns have almost always shown Native American characters. Sometimes, these noteworthy characters – while other times, these characters weren’t exactly portrayed in the best light.

But one of the most fascinating Native American characters in any Western remains Chief Thomas Rainwater. The character play by Gil Birmingham – a fellow Texan who had worked in Hell or High Water and Wind River – both written by Taylor Sheridan, with the latter also being directed by him! In fact, Taylor Sheridan wrote the role of the Chief with Gil Birmingham in mind.

Apart from his role in Yellowstone, he’s perhaps best known for his role as Billy Black in the Twilight films.

What about Beth Dutton? She’s the only daughter of John and Evelyn Dutton. She’s a ruthless financier who tries to manipulate others. Nevertheless, she’s also a complex character who is highly emotionally unstable.

Watching Kelly Reilly’s performance, you’d think that she actually lived in the Old West in a past life. Well, in this life, she’s not even an American! Kelly Reilly is an English actress who was born in Chessington, London.

Her film debut was in the British comedy film Maybe Baby which also starred Hugh Laurie, Joely Richardson, and Rowan Atkinson. Kelly Reilly TV credits included roles in the British series Prime Suspect, The Ruth Rendell Mysteries, and Pie in the Sky.

Her more recent TV work from the UK includes roles in the Above Suspicion series and Britannia. She also appeared in the American series Black Box and True Detective. But she’s now become a household name in the US because of her role in Yellowstone.

She thoroughly impressed with her character and Taylor Sheridan’s overall writing. She recalls how she loved reading the pilot and feels just as amazed with Beth Dutton as the audience does.

Another great character in the show is Rip, played by Cole Hauser. Interestingly enough, Cole Hauser didn’t need to audition for the role. As with Chief Thomas Rainwater, the character of Rip written specifically for Cole Hauser. Taylor Sheridan was a fan of Cole’s previous acting work and decided he’d be perfect for playing the character.



The Dutton’s Lodge has become a fascination for Yellowstone fans. Scenes at the Dutton’s Lodge film at the Chief Joseph Ranch in Darby, Montana.

It’s a historic landmark and is open for tourists! You can make a reservation to take a guided tour to see the set and learn about the making of this incredible show. We can expect there to be many more visitors to the Dutton’s Lodge in the coming years!

In the show, the Dutton family owns the largest ranch in Montana. Similar themes have often use throughout Western films and TV shows. Most notably, the TV series Bonanza dealt with the Cartwright family protecting their land – known as the “Ponderosa.”

The Dutton’s Lodge has almost become a character in itself. If you’re a fan of Yellowstone, you should consider visiting it next time you’re in Montana!

In fact, you might even be able to catch the cast and crew working more often in Montana now. Until the fourth season, most of the production actually filmed in Utah. However, Montana has now become the primary shooting location due to favorable tax incentives for film and TV productions.

It should also mention that the decorations at the Dutton’s Lodge don’t get taken down when production wraps. They stay their all year long to give the impression that the family has lived in the lodge for generations!



Yellowstone originally intended as a mini-series. The show would have lasted for 10 episodes just like another popular Western series, Hatfields and McCoys. But with Kevin Costner agreeing to play John Dutton for several seasons, the show just completed its 4th season – with the most recent episode airing on January 2nd, 2022.

The popularity of Yellowstone also led Taylor Sheridan to create a new show that serves as a prequel. Y: 1883 premiered in December 2021.

Yellowstone renew for a fifth season that’s currently expected to air in November 2022.



Watching an episode of Yellowstone gives the impression that the cast have actually lived as cowboys outside of their acting life!

But the cast all had to undergo rigorous training to become cowboys. Jake Ream plays ‘Jake’ in the show and works as a horse trainer outside of acting. He taught many of the cast members how to ride horses, work on a ranch, and embody the cowboy lifestyle and ethos.

One of the most ironic things about the show is that Kelly Reilly had the most experience with riding horses. Yet, in the show, we see her riding horses the least often!



With the fifth season coming up later in 2022, it’s hard to imagine that Yellowstone almost didn’t get started!

The show originally slated to be an HBO original series. Taylor Sheridan enthusiastically wrote the first two episodes hoping that they’d soon become a part of HBO’s collection.

But HBO eventually decided that they didn’t want to go forward with the show. The senior vice president of HBO even sat down with Taylor Sheridan and told him frankly that nobody would want to see his program.

Luckily, Paramount was willing to take a chance on Yellowstone. Now, after the fourth season has wrapped up and fans are eagerly awaiting the fifth season – we know that Paramount made the right decision!

Paramount realized the appeal of the Dutton family and their story and decided to also produce the prequel series, Y: 1883, on their Paramount + service.

We’re glad that Paramount gave Yellowstone a chance, and we’re sure the next season will be great!

Are you looking forward to watching the upcoming season of Yellowstone? Do you still have some catching up to do?

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Do you think that Yellowstone is getting its due as one of America’s best Western shows? Or is it still overlook by other popular Westerns from critics?

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