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Mom Gave Birth To Her New Baby, Then The Doctor Tells Her To Look Between The Legs

Kim and Travis Guiley

Kim and Travis are a happily married couple from Santa Cruz, California. At the age of 28, Kim was working as a doula. It was her job to offer non-medical support to families before, during, and after pregnancy. Three years after Kim and Travis got married, Kim got pregnant with their first child, Hazel. Two years later, the couple wanted to have another baby. Kim grew up with a brother, and she wanted Hazel to have a sibling as well. Kim hoped that her second pregnancy would go as well as the first, but things didn’t go according to plan.

A Miscarriage

Kim found out that she was pregnant in 2015. She and Travis were very excited about the pregnancy, but it didn’t last long. Kim had a miscarriage, which left her and Travis devastated. They may have suffered a tragedy, but they weren’t going to give up. When Kim got pregnant again, she was worried. She knew that she and Travis couldn’t handle the heartbreak of another miscarriage. Kim was worried all the time time.

Plagued With Issues

Kim made it through her first trimester, so she thought that she might be out of the woods, but as her pregnancy progressed, she was dealing with many issues that seriously worried her. She had problems with her gallbladder, there were concerning images on the anatomy scan, the fundal measurements were small, she had too much amniotic fluid, and then she found out that the baby was breech when she was 36 weeks pregnant. As if all of these issues caused Kim and Travis a great deal of anxiety.

The Baby’s Gender

The one thing that Kim and Travis didn’t worry about was the baby’s gender. Many couples find out what they are having as soon as they can. Kim and Travis were different. They wanted to wait until the baby was born to find out the sex of the baby. Kim says that after her first miscarriage, she was more worried about having a healthy baby than the gender. Kim may not have asked the doctor about the sex of her baby, but she had a feeling that she was having a girl. She had the same feeling when she was pregnant with Hazel. From her experience of being a doula, Kim knew that problem pregnancies were common with girls.

Turning the Baby Around

Because Kim’s baby was breech, it meant that the delivery would be challenging. To try to turn the baby around, she saw a chiropractor and an acupuncturist, but her baby was stubborn. She wanted a home birth, but with a breech baby, she knew that this wouldn’t happen. When Kim started having contractions, she and Travis were getting ready to head to the hospital. Unfortunately, the baby had other plans. It was too late for her to get there because the baby was ready to come.

So Many Complications

Kim and Travis couldn’t believe that they were about to suffer from another complication. Between the problems during the pregnancy, the breech baby, and now Kim had to give birth at a very inconvenient location. It was a lot for the couple to handle. Kim knew that she had no other choice, so she just let her body do its thing. She prayed that if she let nature take its course, that everything would be fine.

5 am

At 5 am on July 26th, Kim gave birth to her baby at home. It was the way that she hoped to give birth. She pulled her baby up to her chest, but the couple didn’t look down to see if it was a girl or a boy. Kim was sure that it was a girl. All they had to do was look down and check. Mom gave birth to her new baby, then the doctor tells her to look between the legs. They looked at the baby and were shocked when they saw that it was a boy. Kim’s intuition was wrong, and little Hazel had a baby brother.


Kim was thrilled that she gave birth to a boy. She grew up with a brother; now, Hazel could have the same experience. It took a while to choose a name, and in the end, Kim and Travis named their son, Theo.

The Luckiest Mama

When Kim held her son, all of the stress and anxiety she felt during her pregnancy was gone. All she felt now was happiness. Kim says that she feels like the luckiest Mama in the world. She has her daughter and now her son. Because Kim had a miscarriage and such a difficult pregnancy with Theo, the couple decided that their family was complete with a son and a daughter. It was a long and challenging path, but now, Kim and Travis have the perfect family.

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