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Mom Takes A Picture Of Son On Military Respite, The Woman Behind Him In The Picture Has A Surprise

The Armed Forces

Those who choose to join the United States Army, Navy, Marines, or Coast Guard, make huge sacrifices for their country. Not only do they leave their friends and family behind to fight for their country, but they also risk their lives doing so. The sacrifices that our armed forces make to keep our country safe are incredible. Every United States citizen should appreciate the sacrifice, and many do. Some people even show their appreciation.

Having a Child In the Military

Parents who have children in the armed forces often have mixed feelings. They are proud that their child has decided to dedicate their lives to fighting for their country, but they worry every single day. There is no guarantee that a soldier will make it home safely, and this is something that all parents of children in the military understand. It is something that Heather Almond knows all too well.

Gavin Almond

Right after high school, Gavin enlisted in the United States Army. His mother, Heather, was proud, but like any good mother, she was worried about her son, but she was proud of his choice. Just a few weeks after graduation, he headed to Fort Benning in Georgia for basic training. It was just the beginning of his military career.

Family Weekend

When Gavin was almost done with his basic training, Fort Benning held a family weekend. This would be a chance for Heather to finally see her son after several weeks apart. When she found out about family weekend, she booked a flight for herself and her daughter so that they could spend some time with Gavin.

A Dinner Together

After the ceremony at Fort Benning, the soldiers and their families were free to leave the base to spend some time together. Since Gavin’s favorite food was sushi, Heather decided to take him and his sister to a sushi bar near the base. They sat down together and enjoyed a great meal together. They enjoyed a meal together as a family, the way that they used to at home. It was great for Heather to have her family together again.

A Big Meal

The family ordered many types of sushi. Since it was their first meal together in weeks, Heather wasn’t worried about the cost of the bill. It was a special day, so money was no object. When the check came, it was $100. Heather didn’t mind because it was a nice meal. When she reached into her purse, the waitress told her that the bill had been taken care of. When Heather asked who paid the bill, the waitress said that the group who paid had already left. All that they asked was that the waitress thank Gavin for his service. The whole family was touched. It was an amazing gesture, and Heather wished that she could have said thank you. After looking at the photos she took of the dinner, she realized that she might be able to say thanks.

The Photo

Heather took a picture of Gavin eating his sushi. Mom takes a picture of son on military respite, the woman behind him in the picture has a surprise. In the background of the photo was a woman who was sitting with the group who covered the cost of the family’s bill. She decided to use the photo and Facebook to say thanks.

The Post

In her Facebook post, Heather told the story of her dinner out with her children. She wrote about the group that paid their $100 check and mentioned that the woman in the background was with the group who paid. She wrote, “I don’t know who she is, but I can tell you that it meant the world to us. We will find a way to pay it forward.”

No Expectations

Heather didn’t expect to ever find out who the woman in the photo was. She wasn’t from Georgia, and neither were her friends. She was sure that nobody she knew would recognize the woman. Even though she wouldn’t be able to find the woman, she wanted to say thank you. She wanted to try to give this woman the recognition that she deserved for being so kind to her family.


Those in the armed services don’t expect to be thanked for their service, but when it happens, it can feel great. What that group did for Gavin made Heather even prouder than she already was. She says that she is proud of her son, and when she finds out that perfect strangers are equally proud, it makes her even more proud. While Gavin being in the military, scares Heather to death, her pride is greater than her fear.

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