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Mom Watches Cop Lie On Ground With Her Girls Making Them Never Look At Cops The Same Way Again

Police Perception

People today have a poor perception when it comes to police. A few bad apples have spoiled the bunch. Many people believe that the police take advantage of their authority and that they may even use more force than they should at times. While a few officers have been accused of this, most police officers just want to help others and keep their cities and towns safe.

The Gas Leak

Gas leaks are very dangerous. Gas leaks can emit a hazardous gas called carbon monoxide which is deadly. A gas leak can also cause an explosion. If you even suspect that there is a gas leak in your home, you should get out of the house immediately and call 911. When there was a gas leak at an apartment complex, Mecklenburg Manor, in South Hill, Virginia, one of the residents called the police immediately. Fortunately, all of the children were outside playing when the gas leak occurred, so they weren’t at risk.

Officer C.B. Fleming

Officer C.B. Fleming was on patrol the day of the gas leak. He was a 15-year veteran of the police force. When he got the call over his radio, he rushed to the complex. He knew how dangerous a gas leak could be and he knew that several children were living in the complex. His first priority was to get to the complex and make sure that all of the residents and their children got out safely. Mom watches cop lie on ground with her girls making them never look at cop same way again.

Containing the Scene

When C.B. arrived on the scene, he saw that most of the residents had already left the building. He saw a group of children playing outside and was relieved when he realized that none of them had been exposed to the gas inside of the building. He did a quick sweep of the building, knocking on doors. Nobody answered, and he went back outside. The residents told him that they were all out. The fire department came as did the gas company. C.B. was happy that there was nothing for him to worry about.

Staying On the Scene

As the officers on scene left, C.B. stayed behind. The residents were still outside, and they couldn’t figure out why the officer was still there. What he did next shocked everyone. He walked over to a group of children who were playing with dolls, and he sat down with them and started playing. The children were thrilled that a police officer was playing with them. The children’s parents were shocked. They couldn’t believe that a police officer on duty didn’t return to work when the emergency was over. Many of the parents took photos of the officer playing with the children.

Lesha Roper-Boswell

Lesha Roper-Boswell was one of the parents who took photos of the officer playing with the children. Her niece and some of the children were afraid of the police. They would often run and hide when they saw police cars in the apartment complex. When she saw the officer sitting with the children and playing, it blew her away. She knew that he was one of the good ones and she wanted the world to see this, so she posted the photos on Facebook.

Her Reason For Posting the Photos

Lesha didn’t post her video on Facebook because she wanted to have a viral video. She says that she did it because her niece didn’t break down in tears the way that she always did when she saw police officers. The fact that he could make the children feel safe knowing that they could go to the police if they needed help was terrific. She was thrilled that this officer went out of his way to let these kids know that they didn’t need to fear the police and that they could call 911 if necessary.

Why Did C.B. Play With the Kids

The officer didn’t sit down and play dolls with the children hoping that someone would take a photo and post it on Facebook. When he spoke with CBS News, he said, “I figured if I could let them know that I was an anchor point, that they could come and talk to me and trust me, then I could do some good. I want everyone, not just the kids, but the moms and dads, to know that they can come to me.” The officer knew that the department was called to the apartment complex often. He knew that if he could make the residents feel safe calling him, they would feel safer in their lives.

The Video Goes Viral

Shortly after Lesha posted her video on Facebook, it went viral. This made her happy, but not because she wanted a viral video. It made her happy that the officer was getting the recognition that he deserved. When the local news got wind of the story, they went to interview Lesha and the officer. C.B. was more than happy to do the interview. He knew that if he did, that the other residents of South Hill, Virginia would understand that they could trust him also.

The Importance Of This Story

What this police officer did that day was amazing, and the world needed to know about it. Many people look at the police as the enemy. This story shows that most of the officers on the job are just there to protect the citizens, not hurt them. This is a fantastic story, and Officer Fleming is terrific.

YouTube Description

Many people look at police officers as people who abuse their power to get what they want. Unfortunately, there are cases when this happens. Sadly, these are often the only stories that make the news. News stations know that these stories get people watching and newspaper understand that these stories sell papers. These stories give police officers a bad name.

This is why it is so great when there is a story out there about an officer doing something kind and selfless. This is one of those stories. When a police officer arrived on the scene of a gas leak at an apartment complex, he did something incredible. It was so amazing that the parents watching took photos and videos of the officer’s kindness.

This video is proof that there are good cops out there and they aren’t always bad.

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