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Mom’s Twins Born Different Colors. 18 Years After, This Is What They Look Like

Donna and Vince Aylmer

Donna and Vince Aylmer live in Gloucester, England. She is a 49-year-old warehouse worker, and her husband, Vince, is a 55-year-old scaffolder. They already had three children when Donna found out that she was pregnant again. They thrilled about the new addition to the family. It was always their dream to have a big family. With the new addition, they were going to be able to achieve their dream. They were excited on the day of the ultrasound to finally see the new member of the family on the monitor and maybe even find out the sex. On the day of the ultrasound, they got some pretty surprising news, it’s a twins.


Donna and Vince were shocked when they heard that they were having not one baby, but two. Donna was relieved that her babies were healthy and thriving, but she was a bit nervous about the idea of having two babies. She already had three children at home, George, Chynna, and Jordan. Adding two more was going to be tough, but Donna saw the new members of the family as a blessing.

Twins Born Different

Donna gave birth to two healthy twin girls on January 16, 1997. When Donna first laid eyes on her girls, she was a bit shocked. Her daughters were fraternal twins, so they weren’t going to look exactly alike, but her two baby girls couldn’t have looked more different.

Dark and Light

One of the couple’s babies had a very light complexion, blue eyes, and light red hair. They named her Lucy. Her other daughter had a dark complexion, dark eyes, and brown hair. They named her Maria. The girls were so different because Vince is Caucasian and Donna is African-American. Lucy took after her father completely, and Maria took after Donna. Looking at these two girls, you wouldn’t know that they were twins born different. You wouldn’t even have known that they were from the same family.

Dressing Alike

Donna always dressed her daughters the same. When she found out she was pregnant with twins, she bought two of everything. She didn’t expect her twins to look so different. She says that when she would take her daughters out, people would ask her why they were dressed the same. When she explained that they were twins, people didn’t believe her. Most people didn’t even think that Lucy was her daughter.

Their Own Identities

When the girls were about 7-years-old, they told Donna they didn’t want to dress alike anymore. They told their mother that they were two different people, and they wanted to dress that way. They also said that they didn’t feel like twins because they looked so different. When they started school, they were in the same class. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to trade places and confuse people like most twins do because they looked nothing alike. On the first day of school, none of their classmates knew they were sisters, let alone twins.

Inside Edition

When the girls were 18-years-old, they sat down with Inside Edition for an interview. They were asked to be on the show because their unusual story piqued the interest of the media. According to Lucy, the two are complete opposites. Maria is outgoing, and Lucy is the shy one. Maria agreed but said that as they got older, Lucy has been coming out of her shell more. Because Maria was outgoing and loved to be surrounded by people, and Lucy preferred to have just a few people around, the two weren’t very close in their teens.

Personal Qualms

The two girls looked a lot different, which caused them to be jealous of one another from time to time. Lucy hated her pale skin and always wished that she had darker skin like her sister. Maria hated her curly hair, and always wanted straight hair like her sister. The girls both agree that this isn’t very uncommon with sisters, even twins.

Personal Style

The girls say that they have always had very different personal styles. Lucy prefers an edgy style with dark makeup and piercings. Maria prefers a more sophisticated style with a boho twist. They say that their styles are just another example of how they are completely different.

Sisterly Bond

Lucy says that now they have gotten older, they have become much closer than they were when they were teens. When they were younger, they lived separate lives but shared the same home. Today, they both agree that they are more than sisters, more than twins, they are also best friends. They agree that their bond has become much stronger than it has ever been. Mom’s twins born different colors. 18 years after, this is what they look like.

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