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Natalie Wood’s Sister Just Revealed New Details About Her Murder

For decades, the death of famed Hollywood actress Natalie Wood has remained a perplexing mystery. Now, the late legend’s younger sister, Lana Wood, is revealing new details. Lana Wood, a Hollywood actress herself before blacklisted from the industry by Robert Wagner, her late sister’s husband. To this day, Lana maintains that Robert was responsible for her sister’s death. And she has just written a book that reveals more details than ever about what happened the night of Natalie’s supposed drowning. Also, the book finally reveals who the movie star was that Lana has always maintained sexually assaulted Natalie at a young age. Join Facts Verse as we discuss how Natalie Wood’s sister just revealed new details about her alleged murder.

Since the tragic death of older sister Natalie Wood in a supposed drowning, there have been two shocking claims that younger sister Lana Wood has always maintained. Those two shocking claims are that her late sister’s husband, Robert Wagner, was responsible for her death. And that a famous movie star had sexually assaulted Natalie when she was just a teenager. Lana has recently finished work on a book that is intended to present her case to the public about what exactly the truth is behind these two shocking claims. Not only has Lana revealed who the movie star was that allegedly sexually assaulted her sister. But she has also presented more details than ever before about what exactly happened the night of Natalie Wood’s death.

People have been speculating for years about the identity of the movie star that Lana maintains sexually assaulted sister Natalie when the latter was only 16 years old. Many speculators seem to have been right, as one of the most common guesses that people tossed around was Kirk Douglas. As it turns out, Kirk Douglas is, in fact, the movie star that Lana has been alluding to in her claims. Lana had urged by her late sister to keep Kirk’s name out of the presses. And parroting advice that had given to her by her mother immediately after the incident. Now, Lana believes that enough time has passed that she can come clean.

Natalie and Lana’s mother named Maria. And she was the one who set up the meeting between Natalie and Kirk Douglas. According to Kirk, a young Natalie had stopped him on the street and asked him for an autograph. Her mother quickly came up behind her and explained to Kirk that her daughter was looking to get ahead in the industry. The meeting set up afterwards, though it is doubtful that Maria fully aware of Kirk’s intentions.

Lana was in the backseat when her mother went to pick Natalie up from her meeting with Kirk Douglas at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood. Lana had also been in the backseat when her mother dropped Natalie off. According to Lana, Natalie looked incredibly beautiful when she dropped off. But incredibly disheveled when it came time to pick her up. Natalie and Maria whispered, and Lana could tell that they were whispering about something important. It wasn’t until Lana was an adult that she learned about the sexual assault. And realized that her mother had been telling Natalie that she needed to forget about the incident.

Now that both Natalie Wood and Kirk Douglas are dead, Lana Wood has no problem coming forward with the truth that her late sister had urged her to keep under wraps. She feels she has an obligation to the world as well as to her sister to reveal the truth. Although her sister claimed that she didn’t want to get the truth out. There was likely always a part of her that wanted to see justice for what had happened. Although Kirk will never officially punished for what he did to Natalie. His legacy will forever tarnished by the tale.

Natalie went on to become a Hollywood movie star despite this incident. Sadly, this incident wasn’t Natalie’s last brush with tragedy. The incident involving Kirk Douglas is only a footnote to the real story of Lana’s new book. And which is the fact that she adamantly believes that her sister’s tragic death many years later wasn’t an accident. Instead, Lana has always claimed that her late sister’s husband, Robert Wagner, was responsible for her death. Lana’s new book reveals more details than ever before about why she thinks that this is the case. If you’re enjoying this video so far, be sure to hit the like button to show your support! While you’re at it, subscribe to the channel if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

Natalie Wood’s tragic death at the age of only 43 originally attributed to an accidental drowning. However, Natalie’s younger sister, fellow actress Lana Wood, has always maintained that she believes Natalie’s husband was responsible. Natalie’s husband was actor Robert Wagner. When Lana refused to keep quiet about her belief that Robert was responsible for her sister’s death. Robert had her blacklisted from the industry. Some viewed this blacklisting as Robert believing that Lana simply crazy and couldn’t trusted on a film set. And while others took it as a sign that the man truly was culpable and wanted to silence her.

Whatever happened to Natalie Wood occurred while she, Robert Wagner, and Christopher Walken were partying together on Robert’s yacht remains highly debated. Natalie and Christopher had met while filming a movie together. And many believed that the two had romantic feelings for each other. Christopher has routinely been questioned about what occurred the night of Natalie’s death. And he has always remained relatively elusive. Perhaps his elusiveness is due to the fact that he doesn’t want to get blacklisted like Lana Wood did.

Lana Wood doesn’t believe that Robert Wagner premeditated her sister’s murder. Instead, she thinks the two likely gotten into a drunken argument that got too heated. The argument resulted in Robert hitting Natalie, at which point he dumped her unconscious body overboard for fear of facing the repercussions of the crime. Natalie’s body found with fresh bruises. And authorities have said that these bruises seemed to have caused by a human being.

Natalie’s body found washed up on the shore of Catalina Island. And Lana learned about her sister’s death via a phone call from a friend. She turned on the television in disbelief, only to see the announcement of her sister’s death blasted all over the news. Lana, however, became immediately skeptical about many of the details offered about what had supposedly happened to her sister.

Robert Wagner has maintained that Natalie Wood left on his yacht’s dinghy to go party hopping and never returned. Lana has always found this story to be unbelievable. As going out alone to go party hopping would have been out of character for her sister. Furthermore, Natalie found in what looked to be pajamas, which are not ideal party hopping clothes. Despite this, Robert’s story seemed to satisfy authorities at the time.

Revelations in recent years have caused authorities to reopen the case. Some of these revelations came from a man by the name of Dennis Davern, who was the skipper of Robert Wagner’s yacht. Dennis revealed that he had kept information from the authorities after the initial incident. The information that he had kept from authorities included the fact that Natalie and Robert had been drunkenly arguing the night of her death. And that Robert had done his best to dissuade him from filing a missing persons report after it became apparent that Natalie wasn’t around.

The case remains open, with the main person of interest being Robert Wagner. Besides Robert, another person of interest is the aforementioned Christopher Walken. Christopher remains silent about the event. Though he has recently talked more openly to authorities under the condition that nothing he said could be made public. Few believe that Christopher Walken played any intentional part in Natalie’s death. But many believe that he may know more than he lets on. As well, it’s commonly believed that Natalie and Christopher’s feelings for each other could’ve sparked the incident by sending Robert into a jealous rage. Besides having been seen arguing with Natalie the night of her death. Robert had also been seen arguing with Christopher.

Lana doesn’t believe that her new book is going to get the elderly Robert Wagner sent to jail. But she thinks it’s her duty to inform the public about the truth behind her late sister’s death. She also feels she has an obligation to her late sister to solve the mystery.

Natalie’s mother infamously received the reading from that fortuneteller while she was pregnant that her daughter was going to be a movie star and that she was going to eventually die by drowning. This fortune made mother Maria feel that she needed to push her child to superstardom. And it also made Natalie incredibly scared of water from a young age. This fear of water lasted into Natalie’s adulthood, which is another reason why many that were close to the late actress are hesitant to believe Robert Wagner’s stories about her going off alone on the dinghy.

By the time Lana Wood was born, her older sister was already famous. Having been pushed by her mother, Natalie became a child star thanks to appearances in films such as Miracle on 34th Street. It was from here that Natalie Wood went on to meet Kirk Douglas, and later Robert Wagner.

While these recent revelations from Natalie’s younger sister Lana Wood may damage the reputations of legendary actors Kirk Douglas and Robert Wagner, they only serve to bolster the immense legacy of her late older sister. Now it’s time to hear from you: do you think Robert Wagner was responsible for Natalie Wood’s death, or do you think that her death was truly the result of an accidental drowning? As always, like this video to show your support, and subscribe and hit the notification bell if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

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