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New Book Confirms Who Elizabeth Montgomery Slept With

Elizabeth Montgomery may have been no stranger to the male gaze thanks to her time playing Samantha Stephens on Bewitched, but most considered her a relatively wholesome figure until a posthumously released tell-all book revealed that she actually led a fairly salacious life. The book contained information that was shared with the author by Elizabeth herself before her death. This information included the many men that the actress had hooked up with over the years, besides her four husbands. Join Facts Verse as a new book confirms who Elizabeth Montgomery slept with.

Was Elizabeth Montgomery Truly Wholesome?

If your only familiarity with Elizabeth Montgomery up until now has been the late actress’s work on the hit television show Bewitched, then you might think that she was straight as an arrow. Despite the fact that the character that Elizabeth portrayed on the series was a witch, she was an exceptionally wholesome one. That character was Samantha Stephens, and the plot of Bewitched revolved around the character giving up her traditional witch lifestyle to wed a mortal man. That man, then, was Darren Stephens, who was played by two different actors of the course of the series.

Though Samantha Stephens husband was playing by two different actors over the course of Bewitched, she canonically remained unflinchingly faithful to her husband. Whether thanks to her supernatural powers or her stunningly good looks, the character could’ve had any man she wanted. The fact that she chose to stay with Darren made the character all the more appealing to television audiences.

As is often the case, fans of Bewitched grew to believe that Elizabeth Montgomery displayed the virtues of the character that she played don’t he series in her own personal life. However, Elizabeth never found her own Darren Stephens during the course of her life. Instead, she spent her lifetime floundering from one man to another. In addition to her four husbands, these men included a variety of notable stars.

Elizabeth Hooked Up with a Lot of Different Men

It was relatively common knowledge by the time of Elizabeth Montgomery’s death that she had married four times over the course of her life. However, it was until the release of a 2014 tell-all book that the public learned the truth about the Bewitched actress’s debauchery. It seems that the four men the actress was married to was only the tip of the iceberg when it came to the many men that she hooked up with.

Some might think it scandalous that such a tell-all book would be released so long after an actress’s death. However, the release of this 2014 tell-all book came with the approval of Elizabeth Montgomery herself. In fact, it was Elizabeth who dictated the contents to the book’s author. The book in question goes by the name of Twitch Upon a Star: The Bewitched Life and Career of Elizabeth Montgomery. The author is a man by the name of Herbie Pilato, who continues to feel incredibly blessed that he was the person the late Elizabeth Montgomery decided to spill all of her salacious secrets to. The recent book continues to shock those who only know of the actress from television.

There were many men that lusted after Elizabeth Montgomery due to her incredible beauty. Elizabeth’s beauty was so great that she received the advances of none other than Elvis Presley himself. When it came to romantic conquests, Elizabeth had a penchant for older men. This penchant enraged the actress’ father, who was a notable performer himself. Elizabeth’s father was Robert Montgomery. Infamously, Robert protested when his daughter attempted to become a star. He even turned down the chance to play her on-screen father on Bewitched because he couldn’t accept that his daughter was an actress. Robert’s actions only made his daughter that much more adamant that she was going to become an actress, and they didn’t help out in her personal life, either!

Elizabeth Was Married Four Times

The first of Elizabeth Montgomery’s four husbands was a man by the name of Fred Cammann. Though Fred isn’t a notable figure in the entertainment industry, he was a prominent socialite of his time. He must’ve been if he was able to bag a beauty such as Elizabeth! Fred was around 10 years older than Elizabeth. As we’ve already touched upon, Elizabeth’s daughter never favored her proclivity for romancing older men. Robert was infuriated when his daughter married a man that was so much her senior.

Elizabeth arguably only became involved with Fred to upset her father, and this understandably didn’t lead into the greatest marital union. Elizabeth and her first husband clashed early on into the marriage. It was Fred’s desire for his beautiful new wife to become a stay-at-home mom for his prospective children while he made a living for them. Elizabeth had no intention of giving up her dreams of becoming an actress, so the two of them butted heads.

Elizabeth and Fred lived in New York, though Elizabeth took off to California after they divorced. Of course, it was Elizabeth’s goal to become a Hollywood star. Before becoming a star herself, the actress found herself in a relationship with one. It was in California that Elizabeth met and married the famous films tar Gig Young. If Robert Montgomery had been upset and his daughter marrying Fred Cammann, he was even more upset at her marriage to Gig Young. Fred had been a decade older than Elizabeth, but Gig was nearly three! Not only then that, but Gig was also far worse of a match for the aspiring actress. Fred had stifled her creativity, but Gig Young proved outright abusive.

Elizabeth’s Second Husband Was Abusive

At the time that he was married to Elizabeth Montgomery, Gig Young was a full-fledged alcoholic. The actor’s alcoholism caused him to be emotionally abusive towards his spouse, and some sources claimed that he might have also gotten physically abusive on certain occasions. Despite all of this, Elizabeth tried her best to remain devoted to her second husband. Unlike her first, Gig fit in with her acting dreams.

After divorcing from Gig Young, Elizabeth wasn’t proud to have gone through two husbands in such a short period of time. However, it was certainly for the best that the actress didn’t stay with her second husband for very much longer. Gig’s alcoholism only worsened after the divorce, and he ended up dying in a murder-suicide with his subsequent wife. Though Elizabeth’s penchant for pursuing older men had yet to work out for her, she kept it up when picking out a third husband. That third husband was producer Bill Asher.

It was through her relationship with Bill Asher that Elizabeth Montgomery finally became the star that she always desired to be. Bill was the producer of Bewitched. Sadly, both Bill and Elizabeth became involved in extramarital affairs over the course of the show’s filming. In Elizabeth’s case, her affair was with one of the program’s director. That director was named Richard Michaels. Richard was also married.

Elizabeth’s Third Husband Regretted the Divorce

Elizabeth’s affair with Richard Michaels may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back when it came to her third marriage, but Bill Asher played a big part in creating the atmosphere in which the actress felt that it was okay to cheat. Bill was unfaithful himself, and he blamed himself for the marriage falling apart until the very end. Elizabeth moved on fairly quickly, continuing her relationship with Richard Michaels. Despite this, her and Richard never married. Their relationship ended as a result of Elizabeth having yet another affair, this time with ballerino Alexander Godunov.

Elizabeth Montgomery only married once more after divorcing from William Asher in 1973. Her final husband was an actor by the name of Robert Fox. For once, Robert Fox finally represented Elizabeth choosing a husband that was younger than her. Despite the fact that Elizabeth and Robert didn’t marry until 1993, they were together for many, many years before officially tying the knot. Elizabeth and Robert first became romantically involved shortly after the actress’s relationship with Alexander Godunov came to an end.

After Elizabeth and Robert married, they only had around two years together before the actress tragically passed. Despite the fact that the actress and her fourth husband were only married for a short period of time, their relationship lasted much longer than any of her previous relationships overall. Perhaps it was their choice not to rush into things that made the two performers’ bond grow so strong!

Elizabeth Left Behind a Salacious Legacy!

Elizabeth Montgomery passed away in 1995. Her cause of death was cancer, and she didn’t have much warning before her ultimate demise. Elizabeth was only aware of the fact that she had cancer for a few weeks before her passing. The actress took her diagnosis with a grain of salt, and her preparations for the end include spilling the beans to the author of her posthumously released tell-all book.

Besides all of the men that we’ve already discussed, there are also some other notable figures that Elizabeth Montgomery may have been romantically involved with. President John F. Kennedy was said to have been exceptionally smitten with the Bewitched actress, though rumors of them having an affair have been unconfirmed.

There are many stars that Elizabeth Montgomery developed notable crushes on during acting gigs. One of these performers was Gary Cooper, whom she appeared alongside in a film by the name of The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell. Rumors of Elizabeth and Gary having an affair were sparked when a crewmember caught the two alone in the latter’s dressing room.

Elizabeth Montgomery was married four times over the course of her life, and she also hooked up with some notable figures both during and outside of her marriages. Now it’s time to hear from you: did you know that Elizabeth Montgomery may or may not have had an affair with John F. Kennedy, and that she had bad luck in her romantic life due to her propensity for being unfaithful? Comment down below!

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