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New Details About the Infamous Brady Bunch Cast Affair

TIM: Feel free to cut the first two paragraphs if you think they are too much. I was attempting for an edgier, shocking intro to lure in viewers. I admit it’s a bit over-the-top.

Have you wanted to take your mother out on a date? We’re not talking about a sweet Mother’s day outing to her favorite restaurant. A way of showing the one that brings you into this world how much you appreciate her. We’re talking about a full-on romantic dinner date.

Before you disgust by this question, we just want to say that NOBODY in their right mind will desire it. Mothers are sacred, and they should be loved and respected. Period.

It’s downright offensive to suggest that anyone wants to take their Mothers out on anything other than a platonic outing. Barry Williams of Brady Bunch fame never gets that memo. There’s a rumor that he and his TV mom, Florence Henderson’s affair when she is 36 and he is 16.

Before blowing up the comments section ranting about how Henderson isn’t William’s real mother, realize that we know that fact. But that doesn’t make their alleged fling any more palatable.

If the rumors are true and she isn’t only twice his age. She spends the last several years serving as not only his on-screen mom but also as his mentor. You can argue that William’s home life situation, which is far from ideal, she’s kind of like family to him.

Besides, dating his TV mom, Williams spends years having an on-again-off-again affair with Maureen McCormick, as Marcia Brady. Not only that Williams and Henderson take their relationship to a borderline disturbing level, but he dates his TV sister.

Perhaps The Brady Bunch was the show that really should have been titled All in the Family.

Barry William’s pseudo-incestuous with his Brady Bunch Cast Affair, keep watching this revealing and hopefully entertaining video.

The Brady Bunch Shocking Behind-The-Scenes Revelations

Every other television show that’s ever hit the airwaves. The Brady Bunch is just as interesting when the cameras aren’t rolling as when they are. The surviving Brady cast members hold a ton of fascinating secrets about what is going on behind the scenes. As for the ones that pass away, they take more than a few saucy secrets with them to their graves.

From rumors of drug use, illicit romances, and bitter disputes. The sands of time reveal many juicy tidbits about both on and off the set of The Brady Bunch.

Back in the day, the rumor mill starts gossiping about an incestual relationship between the Brady matriarch Carol. Plays by Florence Henderson, and her on-screen son, Greg, plays by Barry Williams.

If this rumor is true, Henderson is 36, and Williams is just 16 at the time of their affair. While that detail makes the rumor that much more sensational, it also casts a bit of doubt on its believability.

It’s difficult to believe that someone as successful and calm as Henderson, puts her entire career on the line. A meaningless fling with a boy that isn’t even half her age. It’s not like she would have been able to keep something like that a secret for very long. Teenage boys are, after all, notorious for bragging to their bros about their “escapades”.

Everything about this rumor, despite how trendy it once was to repeat, looks like it’s a load of horse manure. But you know what they say, behind every lie is a kernel of truth. So, what really happened about the Brady Bunch Cast Affair?

Barry DID Have A Huge Crush On Henderson

In his memoir, Growing Up Brady, Barry Williams revealed that he did have an enormous crush on Henderson. In time, he worked up the nerve to ask her out on a date. Not wanting to reject her co-star and hurt his feelings, Henderson obliges, and the two go on a dinner date.

For years, that date has garnered numerous rumors. Henderson, however, in the years prior to her death tried her best to set the record straight about what really went down.

While promoting Williams’s memoir, Florence and Barry talked about their one-time date in various interviews, yet Henderson still wanted to give a more accurate description of events.

In her own book, Life is Not a Stage, Henderson recalled that Williams had asked her to go with him to see a popular singer perform at a famous yet long since closed nightclub in LA called the Coconut Grove.

She agreed without giving the request much thought. She said that she would have gladly done the same for any of her older children co-stars if they had asked.

While she didn’t find Williams attractive in any kind of way, she wanted to encourage him to pursue his musical aspirations. She saw her role in their relationship as more of mentor than anything. Henderson would go on to say in her memoir that she recognized that Williams was making what she referred to as his first steps into adulthood. She saw his crush as innocent enough, and didn’t want to discourage him.

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And don’t even think about going anywhere just yet. Keep watching to learn all about Greg and Marcia Brady’s romance. Rumor has it, things got so tense onset that the rest of the cast and crew were left feeling incredibly awkward!

Williams And Florence Shared A Goodnight Kiss

Since Barry wasn’t even old enough to hold a driver’s license, his brother had to drive him out to pick Henderson up at the hotel where she was staying. After picking her up, they ditched Barry’s brother and made their way to Coconut Grove.

At first, they were shown to a pretty lackluster table. That’s when Henderson whispered into William’s ear that the maitre d’ was likely expecting a tip. After Barry reached into his wallet and pulled out a chunk of cash, their host suddenly realized who he and his date were and proceeded to show them to the best table in the house. It must be nice being a star.

Anyway, Henderson insisted that the entire evening was entirely innocent. That includes the goodnight kiss that they shared when Barry brought her back to her hotel. Despite maintaining that nothing else happened, Henderson was well aware of how the details of that evening had become a bit twisted over the years. People will always want to see things that just aren’t there especially about the Brady Bunch Cast Affair.

Henderson and Williams Remained Lifelong Friends

In her book, Florence made it abundantly clear that she laid out a set of non-negotiable boundaries for her date night with Williams.

Speaking quite frankly, Henderson said that she fully understood that Barry had a serious crush on her but it was her desire to help him get past it.

“If he had entertained a roll in the hey with me” Henderson wrote, “I would never have done that”.

Florence and Barry enjoyed a healthy friendship until her death in 2016. Even decades after they had worked with each other, she would continue to gush about how solid of a bond that she shared with him.

One of the most touching things that Henderson had to say about Williams in her 2011 book was that the Brady Alums shared a very special connection in which she felt like a surrogate mother to him.

Florence further recognized that on a deeper level, she represented something to Barry that he deeply admired. He had a profound love for music and adored the fact that she could sing. He also had a strong appreciation for her sense of work ethic and tried his best to adopt it in his own life.

Greg And Marcia’s Romance

The most juicy – and entirely true – Brady rumor revolved around Barry Williams and Mureen McCormick, who played Marcia Brady, Greg’s Sister. For years the two star’s enjoyed a passionate on-and-off romance.

In her own memoir ‘Here’s the Story: Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice, McCormick discussed the first time that she shared a kiss with Williams. What makes this account somewhat unsettling is how at one point, McCormick and even described it as feeling as if she were kissing her brother.

Both Brady stars met on the sitcom’s now-iconic set when they were still children. Williams was 14, and McCormick was just 12. As they grew up together on the show, they experienced the same hormonal changes that every adolescent does.

McCormick said that they first time she and he on-screen brother locked lips, that the kiss was ‘long, passionate, and wonderful’.

Years later, Sherwood Schwartz son, Lloyd Schwartz, noted that the attraction between Barry and Maureen had started to cause trouble on the set and became noticeable even when the cameras were rolling. Everyone started feeling really awkward and uncomfortable about it since the two young stars played each other’s siblings.

Their lust for each other started getting in the way of their ability to do their jobs. At the peak of their….tension….a scene had to be interrupted mid-take because the two stars simply couldn’t control their emotions.

Various attempts were made to get the two on-screen siblings to just shoot the scenes, but ultimately Schwartz and company just had to take a step back and let things unfold naturally. In time, the tension between the two began to cool down.

At the time, neither actor was really able to commit to a serious relationship since their budding careers were just getting started. Instead of pursuing a full-time romance, they settled on an on-and-off-again kind of thing.

Later on, however, McCormick developed a far more serious problem. Not long after production of The Brady Bunch had wrapped up, the actress fell into drug and alcohol abuse and wrestled with negative self-image and insecurity issues.

Thankfully, she managed to get sober in the 80s, and has been on the straight and narrow ever since.

Well, that about wraps up this one. Did you know that Barry Williams and Maureen McCormick dated each other? And do you think that Florence Henderson did anything wrong by going on a date with Williams when he was still a teen? Let us know your thoughts in the comments about the Brady Bunch Cast Affair.

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