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New Details From Elizabeth Montgomery’s Autopsy Change Everything

The late Elizabeth Montgomery an American actress best known for her leading role as Samantha Stephens on the hit ABC television series Bewitched. Montgomery embodied that role masterfully for eight seasons between 1964 and 1972. The program was immensely popular and finished as the second-rated show in the nation during it’s debut season; and stayed in the top ten for it’s first three seasons. The show continues to air throughout the world in syndication; thus introducing Montgomery to a whole new generation of audience members who can appreciate her quirky, witchy ways.

Elizabeth Montgomery became a household name for her portrayal as that beloved, nose-twitching character. But she didn’t just hobble into her prolific four-decade-spanning career by happenstance. Her father was also a star of the screen. Robert Montgomery honored with two Academy Award nominations for his work in cinema. And Elizabeth’s mother, Elizabeth Allen, an equally gifted Broadway star.

Elizabeth Montgomery Outstanding Work

For her outstanding work as an accomplished and heavily-applauded television, stage, and film actress; Elizabeth Montgomery earned herself nine Emmy Awards nods and four Golden Globe Nominations.

But all of that came crashing on to an abrupt halt on May 18, 1995. When Montgomery unexpectedly passed away after a relatively short battle with colon cancer. She was only 64 when she died; leaving her fans to mourn her loss while scratching their heads, wondering what just happened.

Montgomery is said to have only experienced worrisome symptoms for six weeks before her biopsy results indicated that her cancer had already reached stage IV. Oddly though, colon cancer is typically consider as one of the easiest to prevent forms of cancer. And beyond that, it’s normally regarded as one of the easiest to treat. So, why on earth did she seem to be hit with it apparently out of the blue at a point where it was already much too late to do anything about it?

Join Facts Verse as we take a look at some startling new revelations from her autopsy that just might change everything we thought we knew about her untimely death.

The Plot Thickens

Esteemed forensic pathologist and medical examiner Dr. Michael Hunter believes that there is probably a lot more to Montgomery’s story that needs to examined. For one thing, we need to take a closer look at what kinds of complications the actress might have had that contributed to her bewilderingly swift demise.

In 2014, almost twenty years after Montgomery’s death, the Reelz Channel put out the docu-series “Autopsy: The Last Hours of..” – a program that deals with the deaths and autopsies of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. In June of 2021, the show did an episode about Elizabeth Montgomery and the tragic circumstances surrounding her death. In it, Dr. Hunter revealed his shocking findings after examining the late actress’s medical files while combining that info with firsthand testimonials.

What Dr. Hunter discovered throughout his investigation was a series of unnerving events that he firmly believes forced Montgomery; who was otherwise in good health, to fall victim to the disease so rapidly.

Dr. Hunter revealed that in the weeks and months leading up to her death. Montgomery had been experiencing unexplained weakness and fatigue. She also had persistent abdominal pain. All of these symptoms should have red flags that something terrible and life-threatening going on; something that could have potentially been prevented. These are exactly the kinds of symptoms that doctors are on the lookout for that could indicate that someone might be suffering from colon cancer. Sadly, these symptoms can also be easily mistaken for other ailments – which seems to have been the case with Montgomery.

Elizabeth Montgomery Health Diagnosis and Death

Leading up to her diagnosis, Montgomery had ignored her symptoms. Thinking that perhaps she deals with something as comparatively benign as influenza. By the time she actually diagnosed with colon cancer in early 1995. It had already spread to her liver, and it was far too late for any kind of medical intervention. If only she had undergone a few simple blood tests and scans sooner. She just might have been able to fight the cancer more effectively and potentially even beat it.

With no hope of recovery and being entirely unwilling to die in a hospital. Montgomery chose to return to her home in Beverly Hills that she shared with her husband actor Robert Foxworth; whom she had married in 1993 after having already had lived with him for 20 or so years.

She ultimately passed away in the early hours of the morning on May 18, 1995 – just eight weeks after her terminal diagnosis.

A memorial service held one month later on June 18th, at the Canon Theater in Beverly Hills. The star-studded sendoff included a performance by renowned jazz pianist Herbie Hancock and writer, investigative journalist, and producer Dominick Dunne spoke about their early days together as friends in New York City. Others who spoke at her memorial were her late husband, who read tear-jerking sympathy cards from her fans, as well as her brother, daughter, stepson, and her nurse.

Montgomery’s remains cremated per her request.

Her Family Later Revealed Details Of Her Final Days

Not long after she passed away, Elizabeth Montgomery’s family came forward and discussed what it was like in the days leading up to her death. Not only did they reveal that she wanted to die quietly and privately. But that’s also when it came out that she had only been diagnosed with cancer eight weeks prior to her death.

It was while she was filming the CBS television film Deadline for Murder: From The Files of Edna Buchanon that she apparently started experiencing those flu-like symptoms that seemed particularly severe. While she had experienced similar symptoms before, these were accompanied with extreme fatigue and weight loss. But instead of taking these warning signs seriously, she reportedly chose to ignore them.

After she finished working on the film, she checked herself into Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in LA. She then underwent exploratory surgery. That’s when her doctors finally realized that she was dealing with late-stage colon cancer and determined that she was likely too weak to undergo radiation therapy. All they could do was send her home.

According to William Asher, Montgomery’s third husband and the father of her three children, Elizabeth was in a state of shock after learning about her diagnosis, although that shock soon turned into anger.

Just four days later, she had to go back to the hospital as the pain and weakness were getting worse. That’s when she underwent a second surgery that made it crystal clear that things too far gone, and all hope lost.

William Asher says that’s when Montgomery said that she just wanted to go home and that that was her ‘her final acceptance’.

Elizabeth’s Final Days

According to her widower, Robert Foxworth, Montgomery’s final days were ‘loving and intense’. Asher likewise recalls that even though Elizabeth would joke that she wanted pina coladas to be pumped into her IV while cheering on her favorite sports team, the New York Knicks on TV, she knew full well that she’s ‘losing the battle’.

On the day that she finally died, Montgomery told her three children and her husband to wait in the living room because she couldn’t bear for them to have to see her in such a bad way.

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Is There A Bewitched Curse?

Whenever multiple stars who appeared on the same television series die within a short period of time from one another, rumors inevitably begin to swirl about a ‘death curse’ related to the series that they were on. So, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that Bewitched received this same kind of treatment.

Prior to Elizabeth Montgomery’s death in 1995, two of her Bewitched co-stars also passed away not long before she did. The first was Dick York, who died in 1992. Then you have the death of Dick Sargent, who passed in 1994.

According to rumors, which are admittedly vague, the reason for the supposed curse is the show’s basic premise. Proponents of the theory believe that the stars of the show cursed because Bewitch had been about witchcraft. According to this line of reasoning – if you can call it that – someone or something wanted to punish these poor celebrities for dabbling in the devil’s dirty work…or something like that.

All three of these stars said to have left this mortal coil well before their time. Other than the kids that appeared on the show, the trifecta of Samantha and the two Darrins were the youngest characters to appear in the series.

Dick York died of emphysema. But instead of the illness taking him out with a quickness, he had been ill for several years before finally losing his battle with it. Sargent, who died after being diagnosed with prostate cancer, likewise had been diagnosed with his illness years before his death. He found out what he was dealing with in 1989 and fought it tooth and nail until his death in 1994.

So while it’s certainly unfortunate that these stars all went out the way that they did, there is little reason to say that their deaths were in any way unusual or out of place. Even so, subscribers to a Bewitched curse still are vocal about their beliefs to this day.

Is Bewitched Curse true?

Do you believe in the supposed Bewitched curse? If so, what makes you think that something sinister might have been going on beneath the surface to bring about these three tragic deaths? Also, what are some of your favorite memories of the late Elizabeth Montgomery? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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