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Nurse Fired From Job After Handing Bible To Cancer Patient


There are many people who are religious. Some people go to church only on holidays and other special days, while others attend church for every service. These very religious people often pray, read the Bible, or whatever book is associated with their religion, and they surround themselves with people who share their faith.

Too Much?

There are some people who are incredibly religious, and they force their religion on others. These people will bring up their faith in every discussion, and try to get friends and family members to attend church with them. There are some regions who send people from door to door, trying to “spread the word.” While there are some people who can ignore this type of behavior and move on, there are others who think that it is too much. Some even believe that this type of behavior is offensive.

Sarah Kuteh

Sarah Kuteh is a devoted Christian, and she was a nurse at Darent Valley Hospital in Dartford Kent. For years, she had been working there, not keeping her faith a secret. There were a few times where she was warned about talking to her patients about God and Jesus. Even though she was warned, she didn’t change her behavior. She didn’t think that she had to. Finally, she went too far. This time, the hospital fired her.

The Incident

On the day of the incident, Sarah was working with a cancer patient. Her patient was suffering from late-stage cancer and didn’t have much time left. Because Sarah always turned to her faith for comfort during difficult times, Sarah decided to try to help her patient using her faith. She offered the patient a Bible and asked them to pray with her. When her supervisor saw what was happening, Sarah was fired. According to the hospital administrator, it wasn’t the first time that she had been warned, which is why she was fired.

Fighting Back

Sarah couldn’t believe that she was being fired for offering a patient a Bible. She was so sure that the administrators were wrong, that she filed a lawsuit against the hospital. She wanted her job back because she didn’t think that she did anything wrong.

Code Of Conduct

According to the hospital, Sarah violated the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s code of conduct and professionalism, which is why she was fired. She disagreed, so she waited for her court date.

The Ruling

“The court ended up ruling in the hospital’s favor. They released a statement that read, “She told him she would give him her bible if she didn’t have one; gripped his hand tightly and said a very intense prayer and went on and on. She asked him to sing Psalm 23; The Lord Is My Shepherd.” He said that the encounter was very bizarre. When asked how the man felt about what Sarah did when she tried to pray with him, he said, “I felt as though I was on a Monty Python skit.”

Sarah’s Rights

Sarah was angry when the judge ruled against her. She says that she feels that her rights were violated. She believes that she has a right to free speech, which meant that she had every right to speak to her patient about her faith and also to give him a Bible. She believes that the hospital was wrong for firing her and that the courts didn’t see that she has a right to free speech.


People are torn regarding Sarah’s case. There are some who believe that Sarah is right. People who share her faith don’t think that she did anything wrong by offering to pray with her patient and to give him a Bible. These people believe in the power of prayer, and they don’t think that Sarah did anything wrong. There are others who agree with the hospital and the court. They don’t believe that Sarah had the right to force her religious beliefs on anyone, regardless of their physical health. This is the type of case where people will always disagree, and they will always feel that their beliefs are the right ones. There is no right or wrong in a case like this.

Sarah’s Future

Nurse fired from job after handing Bible to cancer patient needs to move on. Sarah may have lost her job, but she didn’t lose her nursing license. Although she violated the hospital’s code of conduct, she didn’t violate the nursing code of conduct. She believes that she is a great nurse, and she will find another job. There are many people who believe that she would be a good fit in a hospital where religion is held in high esteem. Sarah believes that she has the right to work anywhere and say anything. This could end up costing her another job, but she says that it doesn’t matter because as long as she has her faith, she has everything.

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