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Old Hollywood Actresses Who Are Still Beautiful Today

Aging is just a part of life. As the years go by, we start to notice those little pesky crows’ feet start to form around our eyes. The lines on our foreheads begin to take on more definition. Our skin may start to sag a bit too– losing the taunt youthful elasticity that we once took for granted. When our metabolisms begin to slow down, we discover that we no longer can eat quite how we used to. All of that is natural though. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

There are, however, some among us that are fortunate enough to age quite gracefully. The majority of us are destined to lose a bit of the glisten and gleam that we enjoyed before. Some folks are lucky enough to age more like fine wine. With each passing year, they retain their aesthetic beauty. Granted, of course, no one stays the same. Change is inevitable, but there are some that walk this earth whose physical changes are more like upgrades than downgrades.

Vanity and the obsession with youth are no stronger than in the wildly lavish and ridiculously self-absorbed land of Hollywood. The ‘Karens’ over at your local PTA meetings can be snarky and judgmental. Imagine what it’s like living like a star in a place as superficial and shallow as Tinseltown.

For celebrities, their look is their lifeblood – especially for actresses who end most of their time. There are all of these insanely hard to live up to expectations placed upon them. Everything about their outward appearance is scrutinized and picked apart piece by piece by the predatory tabloid rags. As well as the unforgiving and quick-to-condemn arena of social media.

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and actresses feel so much pressure to hold on to their good looks for as long as they can. Just do a Google search for ‘plastic surgeons in Hollywood, California’ and you’ll see just how big the industry is built around these societal and cultural expectations. While some stars spend millions of dollars on surgical cosmetic intervention, others are fortunate enough to be in that golden category of people we talked about before that age magnificently. Let’s see who some of these folks are. Join Facts Verse to know Old Hollywood Actresses Who Are Still Beautiful Today.

Mae West

Here’s a picture of Ms. West taken back in 1930. She was 37 years old when the photographer captured her radiant glow.

Mae West is famous as much for her unabashed sensuality as she was for her bold, blonde hair. She made a name for herself in the vaudeville scene before making the transition into the budding film industry at the age of 39.

Now take a look at this picture of West captured 30 years later when she was 67. Honestly, she doesn’t really look like she aged much at all.

Throughout the rest of her life, West continued wooing audiences with her magnetic charisma, lush golden locks, and bold makeup. She published a best-selling autobiography in 1959 that she aptly titled Goodness Had Nothing To Do With It.

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Greta Garbo

Alright, now here’s a snapshot of a very young and sultry Greta Garbo at age 25. Garbo came to America departing from her native land of Sweden at the age of 20. She came to the states at the behest of director Mauritz Stiller. And even though she didn’t speak a word of English, she eventually became one of the premier starlets of her generation – although she felt a strong aversion towards the publicity that went along with her newfound elevated social status.

Fast Forward another 30 years to the year 1960 and we that Greta Garbo looked just as dazzling as ever. Sure, she no longer looked like a little girl, but she retained her sophisticated beauty nonetheless.

Greta never really warmed up to being in the limelight. She remained an elusive figure towards the paparazzi and reporters after she retired from acting at the age of 35. Eventually, she purchased a luxury seven-room apartment in New York City where she lived out the rest of her days.

Diahann Carroll

Back in the 1950s, Carrol appeared in supporting roles as a gifted singer and actress in productions like Porgy & Bess and Carmen Jones, but eventually, she landed the title role of Julia in 1968. This triumphant achievement made her the first Black actress to star in her own series on TV in a role other than a domestic worker.

Take a look at this picture taken in 1955. Diahann was 20 at the time and was clearly easy on the eyes. Just look at how smooth and silky her complexion was.

Diahann, with her golden locks and glowing skin, continues to wow the audience for years – including her memorable appearance at the 2013 Emmy Awards when she speaks about being nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award. Sadly, she passed away in 2019 at the age of 84. But here’s a pic from five years before her passing when she was 79. Can you believe that she was even old enough to hold an AARP membership? Join Facts Verse to know Old Hollywood Actresses Who Are Still Beautiful Today.

Katharine Hepburn

Not only is Hepburn considered to be one of the most influential female stars of all time, appearing in iconic films like The Philadelphia Story and Morning Glory, but she also had impeccable taste in fashion that left a lasting impact on society at large. She wore pants ages before most women would even think about doing so in public and refused to pander to the press.

This photograph snaps in 1931 when Ms. Hepburn is 24. Honestly, she was almost flawless in every single way. When she was in her prime, she no doubt felt like she was on top of the world.

But here, we have a picture of Katharine at 83 taken in 1990. While she no longer had the face of a young, up-and-coming celebutante, she exuded grace and elegance.

Katharine continued starring in films and TV programs for the remainder of her life. She even received a Screen Actors Guild nod for her role in One Christmas at the age of 87. While her hair color faded, her sharp sense of style and her envy-worthy bone structure never did. Join Facts Verse to know Old Hollywood Actresses Who Are Still Beautiful Today.

Rita Moreno

This Puerto Rican actress broke boundaries and shattered records as the only Latina actress ever to win the quadfecta of entertainment awards, taking home an Emmy, Tony, Grammy as well as an Oscar to proudly display on her mantle. She’s perhaps famous, however, for her role in 1961s West Side Story. Even though that was her crowning achievement, Rita appeared in dozens of other productions throughout her career due to her wide range of talents.

This is an image of Moreno in 2015. Even at 83, she is still a force to reckon with.

These days, Rita is still a fixture in the entertainment industry. In 2015, she appeared in the much-touted show Jane the Virgin as well as the TV film A Gift of Miracles which ran on the Hallmark channel. Join Facts Verse to know Old Hollywood Actresses Who Are Still Beautiful Today.

Bette Davis

With those piercing steely blue eyes and that seductive ‘come hither’ stare, Bette Davis is a uniquely beautiful – not to mention memorable – presence in Hollywood She becomes one of the most profitable stars when she contracts with Warner Bros. She appeared in box office successes like Marked Woman and Jezebel. Check out this Instagram-worthy photo from 1932 when she was 24, now compare it to this one taken in 1983 when Davis was 75.

Now, she longs for the days when she still got carded at the grocery store, but you can’t deny that she still looked pretty damned good for her age, right?

Bette continued receiving acclaim and accolades throughout her long and accomplished career. She lands her final Academy Award nomination in 1962 when she is 54 for her role in Whatever Happened To Baby Jane. While that character wasn’t particularly appealing, she maintained the same resplendently distinctive look from the 60s onward. Join Facts Verse to know Old Hollywood Actresses Who Are Still Beautiful Today.

Shirley Temple

So, maybe this one is kind of cheating. This picture takes of little miss Temple when she is just six years old. Of course, she was cute! But that’s one of the reasons why she became one of America’s quintessential child stars. With her curly little looks and irresistible dimples, she won over the hearts of audiences everywhere starting at the age of 3 with her role in the Education Pictures film Baby Burlesques.

After making waves at the box office with successful films like Heidi, The Little Princess, and Curly Top, Temple announced her retirement from the world acting at 22.

Shirley made the occasional appearance in films and television shows over the next few decades, but eventually, she decided to shift gears and pursue another one of her passions instead, politics. In 1976, she appoints as the first female Chief Of Protocol of the United States – thus proving that not all former child stars turn out to be washed up reality show star wannabes and morbid alcoholics.

Check out this photo from 2006 when Shirley was 78. It’s nice to see she still had those signature dimples of hers and someone should give her skincare supplier a raise, because – WOW!

Ingrid Bergman

In 1937, when this picture was taken, Bergman was 22 and living her best life. It’s almost as if she were staring beyond the camera and straight into our souls.

The Swedish actress first made a name for herself starring in 1939s Intermezzo: A Love Story, but was elevated to eternal icon status for her breathtaking role as Lisa in 1942s Casablanca alongside Hollywood hunk Humphrey Bogart.

But here in 1980. even though she was 65 years old, she looked just as bright and beaming as she ever did.

After Casablanca, Ingrid went on to enjoy an enormously prosperous career. She won numerous awards including three Oscars and four Golden Globes. Her last major role was as Golda Meir in the television mini-series A Woman Called Golda in 1982. Later that same year, she passed away from breast cancer. Join Facts Verse to know Old Hollywood Actresses Who Are Still Beautiful Today.

Well, here we are once again at the end of another facts-packed video. But you got to admit, all of those ladies we just highlighted looked phenomenal at every point of their careers. And yeah, some of them probably did get a little nip/tuck to maintain their aesthetic, but if they did, they must have had some world-class surgeons because you can’t even tell.

Anyway, now’s your turn to let your voice to hear. In the comments section below, let us know which star you think aged the most gracefully and why.

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