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Old Hollywood Movies Where the Stars Got Caught Hooking Up

With modern television shows like The Bachelor, Love Island, and Big Brother, it is no secret that society has had a real fascination and adoration for celebrities for a while. But what was the deal with celebrity obsession before there was social media? Clearly no one was live tweeting the Bachelor or binge-watching the newest season of Love Island; so how did celebrities get so famous? Before social media, people spread their rumors by mouth, and while they certainly did not spread as fast as today, most people found out eventually. The concept of wanting to know the dirty details of a celebrity’s love life isn’t new, in fact, it has been going on since the beginning of time. Today we are going to take a look back at some of the most popular Old Hollywood Movies where the stars got caught hooking up!


Cleopatra is a classic film that encaptures one of the most famous affairs of all time between Cleopatra and her Roman love Marc Anthony. The movie aired in 1963 and made waves in the Hollywood community. Famous Actress Elizabeth Taylor starred as Cleopatra while Richard Burton played the love interest. The pair of actors met while shooting promotions for the movie before production truly began. Burton complimented Taylor on her appearance during the photo shoot and reportedly made her blush while everyone else within ear-shot rolled their eyes. At the time of filming, Taylor married to Eddie Fischer and Burton married to Sybil Williams. At first the acting duo appeared to dislike each other but that soon changed. While they were filming their first on screen kiss, the director said “cut” numerous times before the pair actually finished kissing.

Word on the set quickly spread that the pair had more than just an on-screen romance. Eventually the whole world knew about the couple so they would no longer have to keep their love a secret. Taylor and Burton both divorced their respective partners and married each other instead. Taylor soon became addicted to prescription pills while Burton was a raging alcoholic. The pair divorced each other only to get married once more. As they both spiraled out of control their relationship hit rock bottom and they divorced each other for good. Today we are going to take a look back at some of the most popular Old Hollywood Movies where the stars got caught hooking up!

To Have and Have Not

In the 1944 Romance and Adventure film titled ‘To have and have not”, Humphrey Bogart played the main role with his co-star Lauren Bacall. At the time Lauren was only 19 years old and acting in her first film role. Humphrey on the other hand was 44 years old and married. No one would have ever expected the couple to pair up but everyone on set could feel the romance brewing from the very first moment they spent on set together. Throughout the movie their chemistry was visible through the screen. Surprisingly enough, Bogart divorced his wife and married Lauren Bacall.

They had a child together and named him after Bogart’s character (Stephen) in the film. The couple stayed together until Bogart passed away 13 years later. Today we are going to take a look back at some of the most popular Old Hollywood Movies where the stars got caught hooking up!

Woman of the Year

Woman of the year film released in 1942 starring Kartherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. The pair originally met when they sat down for lunch to discuss their roles in the upcoming feature film. Apparently, the first thing Hepburn ever said to Tracy was that she believed herself to be too tall for him. On and off screen the pair had a very flirtatious and playful relationship. The couple is known for having one of the most scandalous affairs of all time; after all, Spencer Tracy married for the entirety of the time he’s with Hepburn. For decades the secret couple had lunches together in their dressing rooms and snuck away to quote-unquote “rehearse”. Even when they weren’t starring in films together they made up excuses to be in each other’s vicinity. Even though each of them married or partnered to others, they never let up on their scandalous affair.

Flesh and the Devil

John Gilbert best known for his roles in silent films on the silver screen. He often gazed at beautiful women with his large eyes. His co-star Greta Garbo known for her stunning beauty. The couple was first paired together on screen when they starred in the 1926 romance film called Flesh and the Devil.

Apparently, during the shooting of thr very first love scene their attraction to each other was so intense and intimate that the director was afraid to interrupt. Though Gilbert in the middle of a gruesome divorce he still proposed to Garbo.

Garbo accepted his initial proposal but never showed up to the wedding. Determined, Gilbert made several more proposal attempts and rejected each time. Though the starred in several more movies together after the Flesh and the Devil, they never married. Gilbert passed away from alcoholism when he was only 36 and Garbo never married anyone. Today we are going to take a look back at some of the most popular Old Hollywood Movies where the stars got caught hooking up!

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Hot Saturday

Hot Saturday came out in theatres in 1932. Cary Grant met his co-star Randolph Scott on set where they each played men going after the same woman. Though they disliked each other on-screen, these two gentlemen were closer than usual off set. Apparently, the two men would take women out on dates, drop the women off at home, and then continue to go out on the town, just the two of them. Eventually, the men moved into a large mansion they named Bachelor Hall. Though the only evidence of a relationship between the men some mild photos of them living together, gossip made its way around town until it’s a full blown scandal. They both went on to marry several women but stayed close friends for the remainder of their lives.

Cuban Rebel Girls

Cuban Rebel Girls is famous for some reasons that might not first come to mind. The main reason the film has so much name recognition is due to the fact that it’s the worst movie actor Errol Flynn ever made as well as the last. Not to mention, Flynn was getting together with his fifteen year old co-star at the time. You heard that right, 15. Flynn saw Beverley Aadland nearby his filming set when he had a gut feeling she would fit the role he needed for his film.

He proceeded to take her virginity and continue sleeping with the young girl while filming on set. Flynn claimed the couple had plan to marry and have children but everything fell short when years of substance abuse caught up to Errol Flynn. Errol passed away from a heart attack before the film released and before he got to marry his child bride.


Some couples just meant to be together despite all of the circumstances. Joan Crawford was a Hollywood big-shot who eventually ended up starring in 8 films with her love Clark Gable. In an interview Joan recalled that there was an immediate attraction between the two when they first met. Joan saw what she wanted in Clark and Clark saw the same in Joan, there’s only one small problem…they both married to other people. They starred together in the 1931 film possessed and the film sealed their bond together. No one in Hollywood denied that the pair of actors were hooking up off-screen and certainly almost everyone loved the drama besides their spouses. The head of the MGM studio was displeased about the affair but couldn’t say much since he’s making money off of the duo time and time again.

Some Like It Hot

Following the trend of many of their peers, Tony Curis and Marilyn Monroe had an affair while filming “Some Like it Hot”. Yet again, another pair of married actors were cheating on their spouses with one another. Curtis recalled his time with Marilyn as mysterious for she was always playing a part so he was never quite sure what she was thinking. Curtis even claims that Monroe was pregnant with his child before she miscarried soon after. When asked what it was like to kiss Marilyn Monroe, Curtis told the press that it was like kissing Hitler. This quote blown out of proportion when Curtis simply meant it to be sarcasm. Why would kissing the most beautiful actress in Hollywood be anything but fun? Today we are going to take a look back at some of the most popular Old Hollywood Movies where the stars got caught hooking up!


The movie entitled “Louisa’ caused a lot of drama in Hollywood back in the day. Unlike many of the other movies previously discussed, this tale includes a past president with a very famous name. The actress Piper Laurie was just 18 years old and living with her parents when she landed her first film gig. Laurie cast to play the part of President Ronald Reagan’s 16 year old daughter. At the time, Reagan had just divorced his wife Jane Wyman, and was casually dating around town. When Reagan met Piper Laurie, he was immediately smitten with her. Years after the movie was released, Piper wrote a memoir titled “Learning to Live Out Loud”. In her work Piper describes the time when Reagan invited her to his home, cooked her a meal, and then took her virginity without hesitation.

Following the encounter with the soon-to-be President, Laurie recalled that he was insensitive and had no manners between the sheets. Piper Laurie went on to receive 3 Oscar nominations over the span of her acting career.

It should come as no surprise that actors and actresses have been hooking up off screen for decades. Due to the closeted culture back in the day, lustful glances and heartfelt moments were as close as audiences could get to the movies like 50 Shades of Gray that we have today. Though many of the older romances may seem rated PG, several of them managed to cause quite an uproar in Hollywood at the time. Which on-screen romance do you think was the most scandalous at the time?

Was it the affair between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in Cleopatra? Or did Ronald Reagan and Piper Laurie take the cake for the most unexpected off-screen encounter? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below! If you enjoyed this video be sure to give it a like and click the bell icon below to subscribe to facts Verse!

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