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Olivia Newton-John Gives an Emotional Cancer Update

Over the past three decades, pop legend Olivia Newton-John has been engaged in a tumultuous war with cancer. The beloved icon has faced several diagnoses. Though she has fought each episode into remission, the cancer seems to continue coming back. Thankfully, Olivia remains ready for the fight each time. Join Facts Verse as Olivia Newton-John gives an emotional cancer update.

After 72 years of living, actress and singer Olivia Newton-John is no stranger to life’s many ups and downs. In addition to persevering through numerous career stages, the beloved icon has successfully fought with cancer for nearly three decades. Olivia has been diagnosed with cancer many times. Although she has found a way to fight it into remission again and again, it keeps coming back. Currently, the actress has found herself engaged in the battle for a third time. This time, she’s more prepared than ever.

One of the reasons that Olivia has so successful in continually abating cancer is that she is open to trying new methods. Since being first diagnosed with breast cancer nearly three decades ago, Olivia has founded the Olivia Newton-John Foundation. Which works to find new and interesting solutions for those dealing with the disease. Although no official cure has been found. The organization has done plenty of interesting work to help find ways that those battling cancer can help turn the fight in their favor. Join Facts Verse as Olivia Newton-John gives an emotional cancer update.

One of the things that Olivia has used in her fight against cancer is cannabis. Her husband, actor John Easterling, introduced Olivia to the drug. John had been a fan of cannabis use for many years. And Olivia became interested in trying it out for herself after her cancer diagnosis. Although she was initially skeptical, she found that cannabis use truly helped alleviate many of the struggles that she was facing due to the cancer. Including inflammation, anxiety, pain, and insomnia. Soon, John was making Olivia specialized tinctures from cannabis he was growing in the greenhouse. This is part of what inspired Olivia to create the Olivia Newton-John Foundation. As she became curious as to why the plant was having such a positive medicinal effect on her.

Increased cannabis use isn’t the only lifestyle change that Olivia has made since her most recent cancer diagnosis. The singer has recently taken up a vegan diet. Olivia became enamored with the lifestyle when her vegan daughter came to visit. And soon began eating a vegan diet herself. Apparently, this dietary change has had plenty of health benefits, and Olivia believes that it is playing a part in helping her overcome her current battle with cancer.

Another lifestyle change that Olivia has made recently is that she’s spending more time outdoors. She has several miniature horses and other animals that she enjoys spending time with, and has also started maintaining a robust garden of vegetables. It was apparently a goal of the actress to someday grow and eat her own vegetables. And it’s a goal that she has now accomplished! She has shared that this time that she is spending outdoors allows her to get back in tune with the natural world, which helps fight the cancer.

After her initial diagnosis, Olivia underwent the same traditional methods of treatment that most other cancer patients do. Olivia has undergone both surgery and chemotherapy in the past to varied results, but is currently more interested in alternative methods. According to Olivia, traditional methods, such as chemotherapy, can be a little bit too hard on patients. She believes that there are better cures out there that won’t have the same negative effects.

Olivia’s positive attitude is another big part of why the renowned entertainer has managed to successfully fight back cancer time and time again. Even after thirty years of continued struggle, the actress maintains an optimistic and thankful outlook. In addition to spending time outdoors, the actress loves to continue singing. She does so both professionally and for fun. She can be heard singing positive healing mantras around the house, and recently recorded and released a single with her daughter.

Olivia has certainly come a long way since having to relearn how to walk in 2018. After her third cancer diagnosis in 2017, the disease spread to her legs and caused the base of her spine to weaken and then fracture. The actress had to get around with the help of a walker for a time, but was eventually able to make a full recovery. Today, she is walking around normally, and she has also claimed that her tumors appear to be shrinking. If you’re enjoying this video so far, be sure to hit the like button to show your support! As well, subscribe to the channel if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

The first time that Olivia Newton-John was diagnosed with breast cancer was in 1992. The news came soon after the death of her father, which made the diagnosis doubly devastating for the beloved singer. She underwent therapy, and was eventually able to fight the cancer into remission. However, it came back many years later, in 2013.

Much like with the first diagnosis, Olivia’s second diagnosis coincidentally coincided with some other devastating events in her life. The first event was the death of her older sister. The second event was a car accident, during the treatment for which Olivia actually received her second cancer diagnosis. It goes without saying that both of these periods were dark times for the beloved icon.

After her second diagnosis in 2013, Olivia was once again able to successfully fight the cancer off. However, it came back again in 2017. Olivia has shared that she wasn’t surprised when the cancer returned a third time, as she was already expecting it to be something she was going to have to deal with for the rest of her life. Still, that doesn’t mean that Olivia isn’t willing to fight as hard as she can to guarantee that she continues living for as long as possible!

At 72 years of age, Olivia has lived a long and fruitful life. The actress grew up in Cambridge, England. And was the granddaughter of a Nobel prize-winning physicist that was close friends with Albert Einstein. Olivia started a girl group with her friends during high school, and they won a talent show. The prize they won was a trip to England, and Olivia nervously went. The trip to led to opportunities in the industry, and Olivia was soon recording pop singles.

Olivia eventually moved out to Los Angeles and found her niche in the country music scene. It was during this period that Olivia was offered her role in the film Grease. Though Olivia initially believed that she was too old for the part, the producer talked her into it. The film made her a bigger star than ever before. Olivia’s costar in the film was John Travolta, and the two remain friends to this day.

Much like the character of Sandy in Grease, Olivia had often been seen as being too clean-cut and boring during her early recording career. However, this changed with the release of “Physical”. The hit single and accompanying music video solidified Olivia as an unlikely sex symbol. However, the icon would go on to downplay this later in her career. After that song’s success, Olivia gradually began returning to the same type of music that she had made in the days before Grease.

Olivia continues to credit much of her success in the battle against cancer with her husband’s cannabis tinctures. However, cannabis isn’t the only drug that John has introduced his wife to. Many years ago, John and Olivia went to the Peruvian rainforest and took part in a ritual that involved an incredibly powerful psychedelic drug. Olivia apparently enjoyed the experience, and has said that she experienced hallucinatory visions that gave her many revelations about her life back home. Upon returning from the trip, Olivia and John officially tied the knot.

As she continues her fight against breast cancer, Olivia also continues working. She has appeared alongside John Travolta at several events celebrating Grease, she has also appeared in a few films. In 2017, she appeared in Sharknado 5: Global Swarming. In 2020, she appeared in The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee. The latter film featured the long-awaited return of Paul Hogan’s Crocodile Dundee character, and released on Amazon Prime.

Despite her continued work in the entertainment industry, Olivia’s true passion remains her work with the Olivia Newton-John Foundation. As the organization continues it’s work to research alternative therapies for cancer patients, Olivia’s family has also begun working in the cannabis industry in other ways. John Easterling founded the Amazon Herb Company in 1990, and now uses the label to sell the cannabis tinctures that he makes from his greenhouse marijuana. Meanwhile, Olivia’s daughter operates a marijuana farm of her own somewhere in Oregon.

Olivia still keeps in touch with John Travolta, both at anniversary events for Grease and on her own personal time. John is often asked about Olivia and her cancer struggles during interviews, and the actor never has anything but kind words to say. John’s wife was actress Kelly Preston, who passed away from breast cancer in 2020. Kelly’s fight with the disease, and her ensuing death, gave John and Olivia a reason to rekindle their friendship. They are now closer than ever in their old age. Hopefully, Olivia will once again be successful in her ongoing fight against cancer so that she can reunite with John for many more fan events!

Although Olivia Newton-John has battling breast cancer for nearly three decades, she has more successful in her fight than many other actresses that have had to deal with the disease. Comment down below to share if you think that Olivia’s cannabis use is to thank for her success against cancer, or if you think there’s something else that is keeping Olivia going after all these years. As always, like this video to show your support, and subscribe and hit the notification bell if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

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