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On-Set Controversies of Two and a Half Men

Two and a Half Men aired on CBS between 2003 and 2015. The show originally starred Charlie Sheen as Charlie Harper, a hedonistic jingle writer, and Jon Cryer as Alan, Charlie’s right-minded but too naive brother. Angus T. Jones played the role of Jake, Alan’s gluttonous and adorable son. The story begins when Alan and Jake move in with Charlie in his beachfront Malibu house after Alan is thrown out of his home by his manipulative wife, Judith.

In a day and age of sitcoms, very few shows enjoy the c that Two and a Half Men managed to achieve during its twelve-year run. The show has developed a cult following and even after going off the air in 2015, continues to be one of the most-watched TV sitcoms. Of course, this adult-themed comedy has many jokes that one may find inappropriate for family-viewing but the show will surely make you chuckle often. More importantly, with each season, you will grow along with the characters and also grow more fond of them. Unlike the sitcoms of yesterday, present-day sitcoms do nor have a predictable story and character development, and that works for the best.

Two and a Half Men kept the audiences laughing for twelve years. However, the behind-the-scenes story wasn’t the same — the cast and crew members did not always get along well. Many controversies surrounded this show. After all, when you have Charlie Sheen playing the lead, controversies are bound to happen.

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Cryer Always Tried His Best to Make Charlie See Logic in Difficult Situations

Staying true to his on-screen persona, Cryer always tried to his best make Charlie Sheen see the logic in situations that he found irritating and annoying. It turns out that in real life the two actors are very similar to their on-screen characters — while Charlie Sheen is quick to react like Charlie Harper, Jon Cryer is calm and patient, much like Alan.

Cryer Once Broke up with a Girl Because She Had Dated Charlie Sheen

We are certain that men have some secret code of ethic that stops them from dating their friend’s ex. It is, therefore, no surprise that Jon Cryer once broke up with a girl because she had dated Charlie Sheen in the past.

Cryer Looked up to Sheen for Relationship Advice

Cryer and Sheen got along really well, especially during the first few seasons when Charlie was sober and still married to Denise Richards. This was a time when Cryer actually trusted Charlie Sheen for advice on relationships and often discussed his dating life with Sheen. Surprising, isn’t it?

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Charlie Sheen Spent a Christmas in Jail

In 2009, when he was still a part of the Two and a Half Men cast, Charlie Sheen spent Christmas in jail. Sheen and his then-wife Brooke Allen began their Christmas morning with an early round of booze. Sometime during the day, Charlie Sheen lost control and grabbed his wife by the throat and pushed her. Brooke Allen make a frantic call to the police and assault and Charlie puts behind bars. That’s why they say — never start drinking too early in the day!

Sheen Once Offered to Pay an Ex an Exorbitant Amount of Money Just to Shut Up

Sheen has done a lot of questionable things in his life and some of them are capable of ruining his career. The public knows only a small portion of these things and of course, Sheen wants things to remain that way. It is thus not very unsurprising that Charlie Sheen once offered to pay an ex an exorbitant amount of money just to keep her mouth shut and not spread any more ‘rumors’ about him.

Despite Everything, Charlie Sheen Got a Raise

Charlie Sheen’s latter years on Two and a Half Men filled with controversies. The show’s producers are, therefore, rather surprise when Charlie Sheen asked for a big raise in spite of everything that says about him in the media. The funny thing is Charlie Sheen did end up getting a raise. Hollywood Reporter reported that though Sheen did not get the raise he was expecting, he did get a raise nonetheless.

And Then Charlie Sheen Called Chuck Lorre a Clown

Chuck Lorre has given us some amazing sitcoms over the years, including Modern Family and Big Bang Theory. He is also one of the most successful modern-day television producers. However, Chuck’s elaborate resume and successes weren’t enough to elicit respect from Sheen, who once called Lorre a clown because he did not agree with him.

And Then He Went up Against Kutcher Too

Charlie Sheen’s attitude and his hundreds of different controversies were in every way responsible for the actor being ousted from Two and a Half Men. However, when it was finally announced that Ashton Kutcher will be taking on Charlie Sheen’s role in the series, Sheen could not take it and he lashed out at Kutcher. Funny thing is Kutcher did not stay quiet and decided to give it back to Charlie Sheen fully.

Sheen Shared His Girlfriend’s Photos with Other Cast Members

Charlie Sheen has never pretended to be your normal, committed good guy. However, many things he did or does still continue to surprise his fans. One such thing was sharing questionable photos of his girlfriends. In an interview, Cryer told Ranker that Sheen would not show entire pictures of his girlfriends, but just pictures of parts of them. That’s certainly questionable behavior.

Cryer and Sheen were originally cast in each other’s role

Two and a Half Men registered many controversies through its 12-year-run and though critics have found many faults in the show, they can’t fault its casting. Both Cryer and Sheen perfectly fit their role. However, you will be surprised to know that Cryer was initially offered Sheen’s role and vice versa.

Alan’s Hair Was Not Real

In the series, Alan is often seen setting his hair. In truth, Alan’s hair was fake throughout the show. Daily Mail once reported that for Alan, the make-up team used hair that could be painted on like shoe polish.

Charlie Sheen Is a Gifted Actor

The king of controversy is always in the news for some of the other bad news. Unfortunately, these controversies draw the light away from the good things about Charlie Sheen. One such good thing about Charlie Sheen that not many of his fans know is that Charlie Sheen excels at memorizing lines. You give Sheen whatever lines and irrespective of how complicated they are to learn, he will say them word by word and beat by beat if he wants to.

But He Was Very Difficult to Work With, Especially Towards the End

Somewhere in the middle of Two and a Half Men, Charlie Sheen hit rock bottom and was in no control of his life. During this period, Sheen created quite a ruckus on the sets one day when he refused to get up from the couch and complete a shot.

At One Point, He Wanted His Salary to Be Three Million Dollars per Episode

Remember we told you that Sheen got a raise even after everything he did outside of his work life? Well, that raise wasn’t enough for Sheen. Ranker reported that Charlie Sheen demanded the show’s producers and creators to increase his salary to three million dollars. Of course, the producers denied.

And He Refused to Do the Finale Because He Didn’t Agree with the Writers

We also told you that Sheen’s bad attitude was responsible for him being ousted from the show. Charlie Sheen refused to do the season finale simply because he did not like the script that the show’s writers had written and wanted the script to be rewritten to include his suggestions. That is the height of unprofessionalism!

Charlie Sheen’s Loss Was Ashton Kutcher’s Gain

Ashton Kutcher is a brilliant comedian but filling in Charlie Sheen’s shoes is not an easy job. In any case, when Ashton Kutcher tool on Charlie’s role in Two and a Half Men, he had no plans to make the audience forget Charlie Sheen. Since the very beginning, Kutcher was quite open about the fact that he did the show because it fetched him good money. Well, all actors do some gigs in their life just for the money. So, a smart decision, Ashton Kutcher!

Angus T. Jones Asked People to Avoid the Show

Angus T. Jones is ten years old when he casts in Two and a Half Men. He was a kid and did not fully understand the show. However, as he grew old, he began to realize that the show wasn’t a great watch for kids and sometimes, even adults, which is why he asked people to avoid the show. In 2014, calling himself ‘a paid hypocrite’, Angus T. Jonas formally resigned from the show and only appeared for a small cameo in the final season.

Throughout its twelve-year-run, the show may have stayed mired in controversies but the truth is, even with all the controversies Two and a Half Men still has a cult following and is one of the most-watched shows. It’s funny and it’s hard not to fall in love with the characters, even with all of their flaws. And though Kutcher did a fine job as Walden, there is no denying that no one could have played Charlie Harper better than Charlie Sheen did. What are your thoughts? Are you team Walden or team Sheen? Please let us know in the comments section.

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