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Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee’s X-Rated Relationship

Pamela Anderson has always been notorious for her rocky romances, and it all started with her marriage to musician Tommy Lee in the 90s. Pamela rose to prominence as a sex symbol after her appearances in Playboy magazine before gaining mainstream fame in television shows such as Home Improvement and Baywatch. Tommy Lee, on the other hand, is a musician known for being the bass player in the metal band Motley Crue. The two met each other and got married in 1995. While the marriage wasn’t meant to last, it’s story has managed to stick around. Join Facts Verse as we take a look at Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s X-rated relationship.

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee met in February of 1995 and were quickly married. The marriage occurred on a beach, with Anderson wearing a bikini, her trademark work uniform from her hit show Baywatch. Those close to Pamela Anderson may have been shocked, but it appeared that the actress was madly in love. She demanded to be known as Pamela Anderson Lee, and it looked like her spouse was here to stay. However, Pamela’s mother didn’t learn about the wedding until after it was publicized in People magazine.

Pamela and Tommy met at a supper club on the Sunset Strip that went by the name of Sanctuary. Several weeks later, the two were married. They met at the height of their partying days, with Lee specifically being known for his wild behavior, both off the stage and on it. Due to the excesses of their lifestyle, the two went on to have a fairly rocky relationship. Lee recalls that he was high on the drug “ecstasy” when the two met, as well as under the influence of alcohol. Pamela Anderson, who was a regular at Sanctuary and even owned a piece of the supper club, sent over shots to the rock star. Apparently, Lee was ecstatic at the gesture, and went over and thanked Pamela. However, his method of thanking her was to grab her and lick her face. While many might not take kindly to such an act, Pamela found the gesture charming. She recalls that afterwards she gave Lee her number.

Apparently, Lee was quick to put that number to use, and the two ended up going on a date that notoriously saw the drummer spend over $400 on sex toys. Afterwards, when Pamela said she needed to leave to Mexico for a photo shoot, Lee demanded to come along. His insistence paid off, and the two ended up getting married on the beach only a few days later.

Their unconventional and spontaneous marriage was mirrored in Pamela’s strange wedding ring. Instead of a traditional marriage band and diamond, she simply had the name “Tommy” tattooed around her finger. When questioned, the actress pointed out that she felt that large diamonds are only meant to compensate for when a man is not well enough endowed. According to her, Tommy didn’t have this problem. While at the time the public simply had to take her word for they, they eventually saw for themselves these intimate details in the form of a leaked sex tape.

To that effect, Lee received his marriage tattoo both on his finger and below the belt. It truly appeared that the two were personally devoted to each other, at least for the time being. People close to Pamela report being shocked by the events, However, the relationship made sense. As well, many felt that the two had good chemistry, with Lee using his years of stardom to help Pamela navigate her newfound fame.

When they weren’t partying and having wild sex, the two could be seen playing tennis, or going antique shopping. Pamela has shared that, behind closed doors, both Tommy Lee and some of his friends had an affinity for cross-dressing. In this sense, Pamela and Tommy could bond over fashion, as well. Pamela says she bought him presents in the form of high heel shoes that were custom-fitted to his large male foot size.

While Tommy’s initial insistence on tagging along to Pamela’s photo shoot may have been the catalyst for their marriage, that controlling aspect of his personality soon became a good deal less romantic to Pamela. Pamela recalls one time when Tommy was mad at her and she managed to calm him down. She says that she went to her bedroom, changed into nothing except for a three-foot-tall top hat, and came back down. Something calmed Tommy down, whether it was her nude form or the silly hat. If you’re enjoying this video so far, be sure to hit the like button to show your support! As well, subscribe to the channel to be among the first to know when new Facts Verse videos are on their way!

While Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee certainly appeared to have a great and active sex life, that apparently wasn’t enough to keep their marriage working. Their marriage, which lasted only a few years, was notoriously rocky. While Pamela was shooting the movie Barb Wire in 1995, rumors began to circulate that her husband was keeping her captive in her trailer for long periods of time. Pamela was quick to rectify this false assumption, telling the press that she and her husband were simply having sex for long periods of time per her own consent. Still, it became apparent to many that Tommy Lee was perhaps a little too infatuated with his new wife for his own good, oftentimes keeping her from doing everything she wanted to socially.

Lee’s jealousy was perhaps increased when X-rated photos of the couple were leaked to certain international editions of Penthouse magazine during their first year of marriage. However, Pamela had positive feelings towards the photos, saying “[they] were good shots”. However, both Pamela and Tommy had a negative reaction when an eight-minute long sex tape featuring the two of them was leaked to the public. They hired a private investigator to find out who the culprit was. It turned out to be an electrician who had taken ire against the two while working at their home. While the couple pursued legal action against the assailant, it was too late for them to prevent further online distribution of the tape. The tape became known as Pam & Tommy Lee: Stolen Honeymoon, and was one of the first notable instances of a celebrity sex tape making waves in the public forum.

Throughout the course of their short marriage, Tommy and Pamela had two sons. Those sons were Brandon, born in 1996, and Dylan, born in 1997. As well, Pamela had a miscarriage during their first year of marriage. According to many involved, Tommy became agitated when Pamela’s time was spent with the babies instead of her. Tommy, who had already been exhibiting plenty of jealousy in the relationship, couldn’t take not being the center of attention in the family. The turbulence at home came to a head in 1998, when a physical altercation resulted in Tommy Lee being removed from the premises in handcuffs. From there, it was only a short trip until their divorce the same year. Although Tommy has downplayed his actions in the altercation, physical evidence shows that Pamela had several bruises and a torn fingernail. Tommy ended up serving six months in jail for the event.

Soon after the episode, Pamela went through the motions to obtain a divorce. As well, she had the “Tommy” tattoo on her ring finger modified to say “mommy” instead. It should be no surprise that much of the drama that caused the marriage to dissolve was a result of drug and alcohol abuse. Tommy has always had drug and alcohol problems and continues to struggle with them, a fate that Pamela does not share. It was also later revealed that Pamela contracted Hepatitis C from her husband during their marriage. The two got back together for a small period in 2008, and have always tried to remain close despite their troubles. Tommy’s relationship with his two sons has fared similarly, with him and Brandon having recently been seen living together in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Given that they were only together for a few years, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee sure had quite the wild marriage! Comment down below to share what you think is the most memorable moment from the widely publicized relationship, or if you think that Tommy and Pamela might ever try to make it work again down the line. As always, hit the like button to show your support, and be sure to subscribe and hit the notification bell to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

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