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People Are Hating Gwyneth Paltrow Again (This Time it’s BAD)

Have you wondered what’s up with actress Gwyneth Paltrow these days? It seems that people are hating her once again and it seems that it’s pretty BAD!

But what exactly did she do? It’s actually about what she said that’s upsetting people. Gwyneth Paltrow had been diagnosed with COVID-19 and had felt incredibly fatigued from the virus. Naturally, she wanted to seek ways to help her deal with the symptoms.

She had gotten in touch with a “functional medicine practitioner,” who suggested she eat a plant-based and keto diet. In addition to the diet, the actress also fasted at times and spent time in infrared saunas.

She claimed that these methods helped treat her symptoms. In fact, she shared this information on her site Goop.

And that’s when the outrage began!

Gwyneth Paltrow received criticism for posting misinformation on her website Goop. The website shares content related to beauty, wellness, and lifestyle. It was on this website that she shared what she did to treat her COVID-19 symptoms.

Unfortunately, some people saw this as an irresponsible act. After all, there’s no general consensus that her methods are indeed a treatment for COVID-19 symptoms!

One person who really got upset was Professor Stephen Powis, the national medical director of England’s National Health Service. He felt that it was irresponsible for someone as influential as Gwyneth Paltrow to spread false information.

He felt that celebrities have “a duty of responsibility” to share the real science to their fans. Professor Powis later told the BBC, “In the last few days I see Gwyneth Paltrow is unfortunately suffering from the effects of COVID. We wish her well, but some of the solutions she’s recommending are really not the solutions we’d recommend in the NHS,”

No doubt we can expect more people to get upset at the star’s comments on COVID-19 treatment. But sadly, for Gwyneth Paltrow, this isn’t the first time she’s received flack for her words and her actions.

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In 1999, Gwyneth Paltrow won an Oscar for her performance in the film Shakespeare In Love. Many people felt that the award was unjustified, and that Cate Blanchett or Fernanda Montenegro were more deserving of the award.

Though it’s been over 20 years, it seems as if people can’t move on with their lives and still feel upset about the Oscar! Many people also felt that her acceptance speech showed fake sentimentality, and this has led to people questioning her genuineness. Perhaps the fact that she thanked the now-notorious Harvey Weinstein in her speech also has something to do with it?

Needless to say, since the Oscar speech many people have found reasons to hate on Gwyneth Paltrow without giving her a break!

So, what else led Gwyneth Paltrow to have a falling out with the general public?

Early on in her career, she began dating actor Brad Pitt. They met as co-stars for the thriller film Seven and started dating shortly after. In fact, they would later get engaged but this didn’t last long.

She left Brad Pitt and later stated, “My kind of internal stuff really tripped up that whole relationship. And I felt really responsible, and also like I was the architect of my own misery…I just made a big mess out of it.”

This naturally made her an unpopular figure. After all, she had broken off an engagement. And not just with anyone, but with Brad Pitt!

In the late 1990s, she began dating actor Ben Affleck. He was now a big star after his work on the film Good Will Hunting. During their relationship, she often made statements that came off as rude and insulting to him. These included her saying, that his perfect woman was “any sort of stripper at Scores,” as well as stating that she felt Affleck had a different set of values as she did.

This latter remark also rubbed people the wrong way. It gave the impression that she had a sense of snobbery and a bloated opinion about herself. The couple broke up in the year 2000.

Later on, she would date actors Luke Wilson and Scott Speedman. Eventually, she would settle down and marry Chris Martin, the front man for the band Coldplay. Even with this relationship, she described the perception of their union as being bland. She likened it to rice cakes with a side of lettuce!

She seems to have a reputation for making remarks that upset people or cause them to get outraged!

For example, she gave an interview with NY Rock in 2001 where she stated, “Beauty fades! I just turned 29, so I probably don’t have that many good years left in me!”

On a 2012 interview with British talk show host Jonathan Ross, she stated, “I’d rather smoke crack than eat cheese from a tin!”

She also once said, I am who I am. I can’t pretend to be somebody who makes $25,000 a year!” This especially seems to have upset some people who felt this was a condescending and snobbish statement to make.

But what else has she said or done that has upset people? Gwyneth Paltrow has long been friends with Jay-Z and Beyonce. Needless to say, the rapper and singer are one of the entertainment industry’s most famous “power couples.”

She’s often talked about her relationship with the couple and many people have interpreted this as a form of ‘namedropping’ – where you mention a famous person’s name to boost your own reputation.

Let’s return now to her website Goop. This was launched in 2008 as a newsletter with advice on how to live better.

These kinds of endeavors are always a hit-or-miss with celebrities. Sometimes celebrities are lauded for providing advice or endorsements. Other times they are vehemently chastised by the public.

Goop has garnered a large audience and has many fans. So, she must be doing something right. Nevertheless, you can never please everyone and some of her content – including the COVID-19 “treatment,” – has upset some people.

A lot of people feel that the publication seems to target an exclusive audience without stating that it’s intended for such an audience.

Goop has a Holiday Gift Guide in which they’ve suggested buying a $120 toothpaste and a yurt, of all things, costing $8,300!

The website’s product recommendations have also been controversial, beyond the cost of the products themselves!

Goop promoted a set of jade eggs that were intended to be inserted into the vagina. The purpose of these jade eggs was allegedly to improve one’s sex life and even improve one’s kidney strength! These claims were refuted by doctors, most notably by gynecologist Jen Gunter.

In another incident, the website promoted a set of Body Vibes Stickers. The stickers were claimed to have been made from NASA space suit material. It was stated that these stickers would help “rebalance the energy frequency in our bodies.” This drew the ire of NASA representatives, with one stating that the claims were “a load of BS!”

It seems that much of the ire toward Gwyneth Paltrow is because she seems to present herself as elitist without even realizing it.

In an interview with CNN Money, she stated that she felt she was “incredibly close to the common woman.” But once again, this predictably upset some people.

After all, she is an Oscar-winning actress who earns millions of dollars, runs a successful website, and is a major celebrity. This is as far from being a common person as one can get!

Perhaps one of her biggest blunders is when she made statements that seemed critical of America. She spends some time in England and allegedly told a Portuguese newspaper, “I love the English lifestyle, it’s not as capitalistic as America. People don’t talk about work and money, they talk about interesting things at dinner. I like living here because I don’t fit into the bad side of American psychology. The British are much more intelligent and civilized than the Americans.”

No one knows if this is what she genuinely said or if it was an error in translation as she claims. Nevertheless, people will believe that it was genuine and there’s more hate toward her for that.

So, it seems like no matter what, Gwyneth Paltrow can’t seem to get a break from relentless criticism. But is this outrage justified or is it just childish on the part of her critics? Does it really matter what she says? Is she and other celebrities so influential that they could provide false medical information for treating COVID-19 that the public might blindly accept?

What does the constant ire toward her statements say about our culture? Some people may think it’s important to critique those in public and to call them out on their statements. Others will say there are more important things to worry about and the constant hate toward Gwyneth Paltrow is uncalled for, and frankly pathetic!

So what do think about the flack that Gwyneth Paltrow has received? Was she rightfully criticized for her comments? Or do we waste too much time nowadays worrying about every comment a celebrity makes and we need to focus on more pressing matters?

Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments.

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