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People Are Stunned By What Actually Goes On Within The Worlds’ Oddest Cults


The topic of religion gets people rile up. This is because a person’s beliefs are so personal. When it comes to extremist groups, also known as cults, it’s hard to keep an open mind about what these people believe in and why. People stunned by what actually goes on within the worlds’ oddest cults.

The Ant Hill Kids

Roch “Moise” Theriault believed that the world would come in February 1979. He was the leader of a doomsday cult and became of Canada’s most infamous convicts, which isn’t surprising based on the things that he did. He ordered nine of the women in the cult to have sex with him and the other men in the commune to help their numbers grow. As if this weren’t disturbing enough, one night, he chopped off the forearm of one of his followers. He was sure that she would bleed out and die, but she didn’t. Somehow, she made it to the hospital.

When she told the medical staff what had happened, they called the authorities immediately. The police questioned the woman about what happened to her arm, as well as the things that happened on the Ant Hill. The police got a warrant, and they went to check out the Ant Hill for themselves. Using the evidence that they gathered from the site as well as the testimony from some of the followers, Roch was arrested and convicted of murder. He is currently in a Canadian jail, where he will spend the rest of his life.

Ho No Hana Sanpogyho

This is also known as “the foot reading cult.” It started in 1987 by Hogen Fukunaga. He claimed to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ and Buddha. He also claimed to be able to diagnose problems by reading the soles of a person’s foot. Japanese people paid him thousands of dollars for foot exams, bibles, and religious training courses. Over the course of several years, the cult earned millions of dollars, which Hogen kept mostly for himself. When it was finally proven that he was a fraud, the world’s oddest cult fell apart.

Order Of the Solar Temple

This secret society believed in Christianity, New Age philosophy, Freemason ceremonies, and UFOs. They also believe in the afterlife and thought it to occur on other planets. Between 1994 and 1997, 74 members were involved in murder-suicides took place, and the corpses were found on the floor in the shape of a sun. This is what put an end to the cult, and police investigated all of the living members of the world’s oddest cult.


This cult was also known as the Sons of Freedom. They took nudist living to the extreme. The cult originated in 1902 in Canada. They opposed traditional education, land registers, and materialistic life. Their protests were always done in the nude. During the 20s and 30s, they bombed and burned down buildings.

National Action

One member of this death cult planned to murder a Labour MP, one tried to decapitate a man in Tesco, and one planned a bloodbath at an LGBTQ pride celebration. They were a horrible group. It is believed that this is the group who inspired the anti-Semitic, far-right terrorist death cults.

Aetherius Society

A former British taxi driver named George King founded the Aetherius religion in the mid-50s. He claimed to have been visited by an extraterrestrial being named Aetherius. He claimed that a messiah would come down to our planet in a flying saucer that was strong enough than all the world’s armies combined.

Chen Tao

This Taiwanese UFO cult, also known as the True Way Cult, believed that the Earth is 4.5 trillion years old. They believe that our solar system came about during a nuclear war and that humans have three souls. When Chen told his 160 disciples that God would appear on a North American
TV channel at 12:01 am on March 31, 1998t; his disciples lost faith. Clearly, God didn’t appear on TV, and his followers realized that he was a fraud.


A French sports car journalist Claude Vorilhon created this alien based religion in 1974. He called himself Rael. He believed that it was aliens that created the human species. The cult believed in advocating for peace, democracy, nonviolence, and a liberal view on social issues, including sexuality and gender. He thought that shape-shifting alien messengers would one day come to check up on Earth in a human form. The women were paraded around like sex objects, even though the cult had a sex-positive attitude. In 2000, some of the members of the cult posed with Rael for Playboy. As if this isn’t bad enough, he claims to have cloned a human baby in the early 2000s.

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